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We the People Spend a Few Million on a Queen

We the People, Do We Really Love Royalty the Way Our Government Says We Do?
I was growling like a mad-dog all during the Kaintuck Derby and then all day yesterday on teevee and then all the pomp and circumstance that happened at the White Man's House in Washington, the District of Corruption, last night. It was white tie, folks, and you and me, we weren't invited. This bash was for our betters. This bash was a puredee good old asskissing bash and the ass they were kissing was the big fat ass of old prunish looking ready-for-the-grave Queenie Elizabeth from our White Fatherland, the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the British Commonwealth (or what's left of it). And oh Lordy was Bush Baby and Pickles at their happiest. Finally they were around someone they consider God-like--and the old bitter-looking Queen took it all in looking exactly like Vicki Lawrence's portrayal of "Mama" on teevee--remember that old Carol Burnett Show spin off? In fact, the Queen was even wearing the same kind of dress teevee's Mama wears. They look like twins.

And Holy Shit, the queen was toasting the American soldiers of yesteryear! Hot damn. Hell yeah she praised them; they saved her old pruny ass from being captured by her Nazi cousins in WWII didn't they?--Hitler'd'a hung that whole Anglo-Saxon-Prussian family up by their high-strung necks if we hadn't'a bailed England out. We saved Liz's old wimpy father and her long-lived mamma, too, old Queen Mother Bess--who lived to be like a 100 easy--it's so easy to live a long good life when you are pampered as though you are the most privileged person (individual) on earth--given everything you need and then some. I think the stupid people of England pour out hundreds of millions of pounds to keep their pompous old Nazi-related prune-ass Queen up to the style of life she's used to. I mean, she had 35 attendants on the airplane with her flying over here. And then this warmonger-lyin' bastard Georgie Porgie, our phony dishonestly elected "president," kissed her pompous old ass and was sayin' how this old bitch has eatin' at banquets with 12 presidents now and how she really blessed us during our Bicentennial in 1776--that's what Bush said, I kid you not--then he corrected himself to 1876--then finally he got it right--not bad for the Great Decider. All the while the White Man's House hadn't seen so many British flags since 1812 when the Brits burned the mother down. We eventually beat their royal asses that time, too.

Hey, folks, the Queen ate good at our White Man's House dinner table last night. What did you eat? I think they let Paris out of jail to go to it, too, didn't they? Wasn't Charlie Sheen there, too? Were the twins there? Was Pappy and Mammy Bush there? I mean come on. I was totally pissed. How dare these crooks spend millions of our debt dollars entertaining this old piece of monarchical shit who in truth has no say-so in any damn thing except in defending her truly worthless family that the stupid people of England have to support. By the bye, it seems like Scotland and Wales are sick and tired of paying the way for this old filthy morganatic bastard family-- and they are seriously talking separation from England--England, the cause of all the world's problems today--no matter where in the world you go and there's a problem, the Brits had been there and civilized the poor slobs. Africa? Boy, did the mighty British Empire fuck up Africa. All those wars going on over there today? Darfur? Zimbabwe (Rhodesia when the Brits owned it)? The Sudan? Kenya? Nairobi? Why the blacks still don't own any businesses in South Africa?

The trouble in the Middle East is also due to the Brits and their imperial snobbery F-ing up the area after they with the help of the Arab tribesmen ran the Turks out of that area and overthrew the Ottoman Empire.

Kings and queens. Look at the trouble they've caused? What good have they ever done this earth? What good have they ever done for anybody except themselves--getting so rich and powerful they think of themselves as immune from any laws but those made-up laws of their made-up God that elevated them from lower than dogshit into the Divine.

It would have been a great time last night at the White Man's House to make citizens arrests not only of Bush and his pack of thieves and swindlers but the old prune-ass queen, too--throw her in Guantanemo for a few years. Why not, I ask you?

I have always kept with Ralph Nader in his belief that there is absolutely no difference in the political parties in this country. Even electing a Dumbocrat president now will not end the War in Iraq; it won't end the War in Afghanistan (the sacred war we are currently losing back to the Taliban--of course, you don't hear this on most of our news outlets). Nor will it end the suffering in Africa--in Darfur, in the Sudan, with regards to our coming and trying to take over the oilfields of Kenya and the Sudan--oh yes, there's oil under Africa!

Just this week I heard both Obama and Hill-billy Hillery-dickery-dock say that they would, if elected president, increase both manpower and spending in the military--yep, that's what they both said. Only Kucinich said he would reduce military spending and troop numbers.

In the cleanup of the Kansas town that was blown away by an Act of God (I love that!!!), they have no equipment to clean up with and are having to hire outside contractors to do the work--why?, why because all the equipment usually used in disaster situations in the state is over in Iraq with the Kansas National Guard, some of whom are also in Afghanistan and deployed along the Mexican Border (have we forgotten Bush's sending National Guard troops to do Border Patrol service--to keep those sleazy Pachuco-Greasers from coming over our precious and God-drawn-up border, a celestial border?). This little Kansas burg was hit by a motherf-er of a tornado, a big boy, a mean boy, a true killer. I don't suppose these ferocious tornadoes are caused by our ruining the atmosphere or the hole we've created in the Ozone. Have you forgot about that one? [Already I see the Repugnicans are bad-mouthing the Democratic governor of Kansas.]

And, hot damn, France now has its nose solidly up Bush's asscrack. France has gone rightwing again. They rejected the Socialist babe. Frenchmen could not vote for a woman no matter their politics. The new French president is supposed to be more of a womanizer than even old Mitterand was before his prostate cut him down to size by having a love affair with prostate cancer. Frenchmen are proud of their masculinity. Of course, a part of that French masculinity probably isn't opposed to getting down on one's knees before a more powerful male and blowing him off in the name of the Republique! Viv la France!

So I was doin' a little relaxin' (with Miles) with the teevee powered up but the sound off and suddenly in the middle of one of those afternoon idiot shows here came a trumpeting--BREAKING NEWS and suddenly there were the male and female talking heads, they all look the same and who cares, and the heads were followed by a puffy lookin' dude in a cheap suit, sweatin' a bit, and the title box under his name said he was the U.S. Attorney for some such district--I lost it--and then the crawl said, "7 followers of the Devil, bin Laden, had been busted by the FBI, the Jersey State Police (the famous profilers), and the Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Police Force as well as this and that and this and blah, blah, blah, bullshit.... I turned up the volume. The Federal attorney, a prosecuter mind you, picked by Alberto "Speedily to Obey" Gonzales (his father was an illegal Mexican immigrant), remember, picked for his cooperative behavior, his pledge of allegiance to the Neo-Con cause, was saying that all those "arrayed" behind him--yep, that's the word he used, and he used it again later--"I want to bring the blessings of God down onto these brave patriots that are ARRAYED behind me." I had to switch channels real quick--you can do it and it works sometimes--and sure 'nuff the Federal attorney was saying it again--time delay--all networks use the same feed on things like this--"...these exalted men arrayed behind me."

It seems, due to the quick thinking of a pimple-faced kid in a video-DVD store, our valiant cop leaders were able to bust up a terrerist attempt to kill soldiers on base at Fort Dix, New Jersey, US Army Training Center. You see, one day these Arab-looking men (right off let's say, most of them are ex-Yugoslavians, 1 Jordanian, and 1 Turk, and they are all Islamic, some legal and some illegal) came into the DVD place and they asked the pimple-faced kid to copy a VHS tape they had onto a DVD. "Shit yeah," said the kid, "that'll be X bucks...." And the Arabs paid him and left the store. While the pimple-faced kid was doing the transfer, he watched the video tape--I think you can do that when copying VHS to DVD so I accepted that--why he watched that one, I don't know. Anyway, the kid watches the Arab guys's tape and sure enough, it's Jihad!!! all the way, with this bunch of Arab-looking dudes dressed up in their best Jihadist outfits, complete with the shawl and headgear what'ya'ma'call'ems--and in some they were shoutin' Jihad Forever, Praise Allah and Pass Me My AKA, Yeehaw! Jeeeehad! And in one, they finally got down to business, they announced they wanted to kill some American soldiers and after careful study of the Philadelphia area (the leaders of this "terrerist cell," as the Federal attorney-boy called it, are from Philly) the mystic potentate, their leader, had decided on attacking Fort Dix, New Jersey, and thus the plot began. The reason they chose Fort Dix was one of them was a pizza delivery boy for his father's, I think the leader, pizza business and he knew Fort Dix like the back of his hand because he'd delivered pizzas on base so many times. Fort Dix is a military training base; it is also the training base for the New Jersey National Guard, soon to be deployed to Iraq. [Bush, by the bye, has managed to deploy not 20,000 more troops to Iraq that he wanted in his "surge" plans--they're already over there--but know, he's sent another 35,000 overthere, making 55,000 new troops in Iraq.]

News today, too, noted that an American soldier inspecting the infamous wall We the People have erected surrounding the Shi'ite neighborhood in Baghdad was killed by sniper fire yesterday--and then there was a group of men who were cursing the US and saying they were going to risk death and try and tear that wall down. ["Mister Gore-bah-sheff, tear down that wall"--oh, where's the Great Communicator when we need him!]

Meanwhile, back at the Homeland Security Ranch, the Federal prosecutor said acting on the telephone call from the pimple-faced kid in the video store to the Mount Laurel police, the Mount Laurel cops then called the Philadelphia FBI, and then, and the story goes on and on, by infiltrating this "cell" the cops found out the whole plot--these so-called Jihadists [they aren't calling them Al-Queda, though they did say they had a film of bin Laden that they had danced naked to it or somesuch shit] terrerists, as usual as stupid as jackasses...

I had already stopped and recalled--how come all these terrerists seem to eminate out of New Jersey--like the Blind Rabbi and the first gang of Praising Allah Idiots who tried to bring down the World Trade Center?--what a bunch of idiots those guys were; yet, they managed to rent vans and buy bomb materials and AKAs and shit with no trouble at all...blah, blah, blah. Seems, too, I was thinking don't all these cells consist of 7 always. Like the Canadian Jihadists that the Mounties stopped from blowing up Peace Tower in Toronto and the government buildings in Ottawa. Seems like the Philadelphia FBI were involved in that one, too.

These are things from out of the bins of my memories, but then here we go again with these terrerists scares, especially around New York City, coming out of Jersey, and now coming out of Philadelphia to kill US soldiers at Fort Dix, as many as they could, they said, willing to die trying to kill as many as possible. Whoa, I'm going. How the hell could those guys get through base security?--come on, that's a U.S. Army training base; you mean to tell me it's that easy to hit especially since 9/11? Then the question should be why the hell is an army installation that easy to enter with bombs?--how else were these clowns going to kill Humvies loaded with 4 or 5 soldiers each.

Whoaaaa again I'm going. Do Humvies full of soldiers drive around Fort Dix like that? Where are they going? Humvies? Don't recruits march everywhere they go on a training base?

Then, lo and behold, this guy comes out to take over the praise of the arrayed men behind him--I didn't see any women involved in this. This dude, I swear, he reminded me of Herman Goerring the Nazi SS Leader when he was dressed up in his best gaudy (homosexual-looking, as Goebbels put it) overdecorated uniform (remember, the Bush Family Empire loaned Hitler the money he needed to build the concentration camps--do I hear a comment from the Israeli delegation about putting their cousin Palestinians into those Gaza concentration camps?). This dude was wearing a military-type mellow brown sort of uniform, obviously an officer in whatever military he was representing--he did have a strange Star-Trek-like emblem on his military dress hat, an inverted triangle--no, there was no lightning bolt in it, but I swear he looked about as Nazi or Fascist as you can get military-costume-speaking.

Their message was mixed, these cop types all full of themselves for busting this terrerist cell, 7 Arab (Yugo Islamists)-looking dudes (New Jersey cops are the best profilers there are), including two roofers; and like I said, a pizza delivery boy; the pizza boy's father, I think, the leader, though I thought the leader was from Philadelphia...I'm very confused--then they blurted out right as they were glaring into the public's and broadcasting, "You see, you lefty bastards, this administration knows what it's doing by taking away your rights and surveiling your every move, your every phone call, email, everything--that's the only way we're gonna keep stopping these terrerist attacks that are"--and I thought, yep, here we go--cop logic--"surely going to increase now that the terrerists know we are in a weak position right now thanks to the Dumbocrats not given our Commander and Toy Soldier Chief more and more troops to die in Iraq for our freedoms"--whoaaaaaaa I started growling...shouldn't we BRING OUR TROOPS HOME and protect ourselves overhere if the terrerists are finding it still easy as pie to get into this country and buy weapons and shit and bomb materials and to then just drive their pizza van through the gates of what should be a heavily guarded US Army base in a huge metropolitan area and just leisurely knock off a couple of Humvies carrying 4 or 5 US soldiers.

Folks, I'm sorry. I don't believe nothin' I hear anymore. These bastards are determined to bring destruction to this country--especially the more this country gets to thinking on the right track--ready to throw these government jerks in jail with these stupid tinhorn terrerists (able to illegally enter this country and meet with their legal resident relatives/asshole buddies--who the hell are these people?)...and yet they want let Tea for the Tillerman into this country.

Seems like Jersey really needs its National Guard to protect itself.

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