Friday, December 12, 2014

Existing in New York City: Is That Anarchy I Smell in the Air?

In the Still of the Night
I was already in bed reading Lawrence's The Plumed Serpent when a sound outside my opened window caught my attention.  You know how you hear something and at first you know what it sounds like but you're not quite definite about it yet?  That's what happened with me.  I heard this sound and knew what it sounded like but thought no that can't be what it sounds like.  Then, as if on cue, I heard a helicopter flying low and noisy over my building--I'm on the top floor so I got a bird's eye view of it with its exhaust belching out its annoying presence. And then it hit me.  It was what I thought it was.  It was the noise of people in the streets, of people chanting forcefully in that inspiring unison that then I knew was ringing all about my neighborhood as these protesters marched up Broadway toward Times Square.  I immediately turned on the 11 o'clock news (news I normally don't ever watch except during catastrophes or mass protests, those sorts of things).  I was wide awake to first a fairly fair reportage by the local CBS news of what was going on (the local NBC news was sarcastic and pro-police in their reportage).

This all started when Al Sharpton (I don't call him Reverend...that's a bullshit title) announced a televised press conference in which he was going to discuss the day-before exonerating of the cop who choked poor old Eric Garner to death with him hollering "I can't breathe" eleven times--it was all captured on an i-camera by a dude standing right at the edge of the action.

No problem, saith our pious police.  This big Black devil was selling loose cigarettes trying to make a little street money to support his wife and 6 kids.  Tough shit, Black man.  The NYPD can't tolerate such law breakers.  Why not shoot this crooked son of a bitch?  Cops know nothing's gonna happen to 'em if they shoot someone in the "line of duty."

Since I've lived in New York City, almost every few weeks the cops shoot and kill someone, usually, a Black man, though, hell, if you remember Mrs. Bumpers (she was wielding a butcher knife for protection when cops broke down her door and invaded her home), they'll shoot to kill women, too.

Here's a Huffington Post article on a history of the New York police shooting unarmed black men.

Cops are basically cowards.  Cowards carrying high-powered sidearms, wearing bullet-proof vests (they have to buy their own), harnessed in huge leather attire that holds handcuffs, billy club (nightstick they call it), automatic pistol, bullets, pepper spray, and their intercommunication devices (if they are in their SWAT paraphernalia then they are in military garb carrying AKA assault rifles) .  When watching 9/11 on television, while the NYFD did their duty and marched into the falling straight down World Trade Centers 1 and 2 to their possible doom, the big fat overloaded cops were running like hell away from the falling buildings.  Cowards, don't you see.

And, yes, it is dangerous to call an NYP officer a coward.   Yet they are.  Why, for instance, does it take five or six officers to take down one human being who if he or she resists arrest or asks the wrong questions about why they're being arrested or they turn and run when they see the cops, they get blown away without their side of the story or a chance to defend themselves in court)?  Remember back to the famous Rodney King case how 5 or 6 LAPD beat the living crap out of the man and then said he resisted arrest (those cops were cleared of any wrongdoing by a bunch of White jurists).

No, all cops kill with impunity.  Watch the cop shows on teevee where during the course of an hour, these teevee cops shoot and kill upwards of at least 3 or 4 people per episode.  Some of these phony cops are brought to bear by what these shows call Internal Affairs if they've shot and killed a suspect.  But, praise the Lord, even these phony cops end up with impunity in killing the evil enemies of law and order.  Remember when the Republicans trumpeted "law and order" as their main concern while participating in local, state, and federal elections.  I remember when SWAT teams came into being.  Cop shows have always been popular, especially with males because males are taught to be competitive by playing imaginary games of good and evil, like "cowboys and Indians," "cops and robbers," "bad guys and good guys."  (Little girls are taught to want to be princesses and live in fairy tale kingdoms with handsome rich princes a la Disney's concept of Utopia.)

But get used to cops ruling the roost for the Neo-Con Capitalists for many years to come, Capitalism being our true enemy but like we can't deny a God, we can't deny Capitalism is a worn-out, unfair, British-designed, Imperialist economic tool.  Am I promoting Socialism or Communism?  Nope!  Not at all.  I'm promoting reality. I'm promoting thinking positively in a mathematical/dialectical sense.  I'm promoting studying history and how it never changes until the peasants get tired of being run over by the robber barons' carriages and whipped at the post by one of the boss's goons or beaten in an alley by an anti-union goon.  They revolt when they get beaten down enough.  When they start gathering in the streets...well, you get my drift.

So now do you understand why we need a militarized police force?

Our aristocratic Congress is voting on declaring war on ISIS.  Hot damn.  A chaotic world.  Obama speaks backward-thinking speak by being anti-Keystone XL pipeline on Colbert's teevee show, which to me means it could be approved any day now.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Existing in New York City: Gotta Learn How to Think Like a Republican

Into the Republican Mind
Hi, y'all.  I'm Crispy Chris Righteous (not my real name), a representative from the great Confederate State, what'd I say? Well, dammit, it is a Confederate State, by God, and I proudly call the great State of South Carolina a Confederate state.  That rebel spirit still lives on in our souls.  In our WHITE souls, I might also proudly add, 'cause after all, folks, it was rich White folks, rich White plantation moguls, rich conniving representatives of both Dutch and British private equity and joint venture companies that set this country on its amazing course to rising from a British colony that had been civilized by God-fearing and God-ordained Fundamentalist Christian exiles.  Like the brave and wily Puritans and Pilgrims and their believing that God had sent them to this great land to civilize it, to save it from the wildness of the savages who fought madly like wild dogs over the exploitations meant as a gift from the God Jehovah to the coming civilized and God-fearing humble but meanly sincere White, I don't mean to leave the gals out here, but as we men all know, some of the gals need civilizing worse than the worse savage Indian. [He waits for the guffawing laughter to die down.]

With the Republicans kicking ass in the recent midterm elections, I was swept to a big victory over my Communist-Socialist-Democrat-Terrorist-Asskissing opponent, that bitch, Mary Peeples, a lying dog protester who'll protest anything to get her mug in the media, especially on television where she tried to use her perky carnal appearance, and granted she is a perky little piece of charm, to make a monkey out of me, but with the help of God and the good White citizens of Poll Tax County, South Carolina, I put her in her place...and I wanna thank our gracious Secretary of State for removing 20,000 nigger, what'd I say now?  Did I say nigger?  I said 'Knee-grow'--in yore prejudiced mind I said nigger, but in reality I said knee-grow, a proper White way of pronouncing that designation...why, hell, folks, I gotta admit I likes knee-grows.  They can be very funny characters sometimes, but, on the other hand, they can be some contrary sons'a bitches, too...and, dammit, folks, I'm sorry, but if you see a knee-grow teen in one of them defiant hoodies, you damn right, you stand your ground just as our White hero George Zimmerman did, 'cause over in the great southern State of Florida you can legally carry a concealed weapon...hey, folks, I carry one, and so does my wife, and I'll tell you the truth, I wish I could give my two boys, 12 and 14, sidearms so they could protect themselves from these crazy Islamic bastards who under the edicts of Mohammed are out to kill all Americans.  So I say, if they're out to blow you away, you blow them away first.  That's the American way.  That's how the White people were able to conquer this savage land and civilize it.  Why, hell, folks, look how we civilized our faithful slaves.  Look at that snooty, dichty, nose-in-the-air Obama, a nigger, what say?  I said nigger.  My friend, what've I gotta do to convince you knee-grow sounds like nigger to you.  Let's change the subject anyway.

Let's talk about why rich folks shouldn't pay one god-damn dime in taxes. [There are "Amens" reverberating through the audience.] Rich people are our mentors.  They are rich because they are smarter than the average Bubba and some of the best of them, like the Koch Brothers and Warren Buffett, both Middle-American, Silent-Majority true Capitalists, were Bubbas who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. These are the same bootstraps that the family of that great Neo-Con president, the great and spiteful G.W. Bush, pulled themselves up by...OK, so the family got beaucoup rich taking care of Adolph Hitler's finances.  Hitler, by the way, wasn't as bad a guy as the communists, socialists, secularists, and atheists have made him out to, my fellow White folks, there's no real proof there was such a thing as this so-called Holocaust.  Even if there was a Holocaust, the Jews brought it on themselves.  Do I hear an 'Amen' on that?  [Multitudes of Amens fill the room.]

Back in the glorious days before left-wing LBJ forced the Civil Rights Act on us, we called those left-wingers who came down to the South and tried to enforce that Civil Rights Act on us "outside agitators," which is exactly what they were.  All protesters are ninnies, cowards, left-wingers, communists, atheists, coming from another part of the country, usually the North, Yankeeland, New York City (Jew York City), to agitate against the things that made the South great.  First of all, the Old South had the cheapest labor there is in a Capitalist society: slavery.  You see, folks, there's nothing wrong with slavery when it's working.  Most great civilizations were built on the backs of slaves, mainly, knee-grows.  You see, folks, we White Christians know from reading and studying God's word, the Holy Christian Bible, that the Sons and Daughters of Ham, Noah's son who looked upon his father's nakedness, a mortal sin in those days, according to God's laws, which are the only laws I respect, would be servants to the White man for eternity.  They were banned by God to suffer living in what is now Ethiopia.  Old Christians used to call Niggertowns out of respect for Biblical fairness, Ethiopiantowns.

I got into Libertarianism after meeting Ludwig Von Mises in Alabama and what a great thinker he was.  On coming to the US, he was considered a liberal in Austria, but convinced that liberalism was too close to socialism and communism, he found retreat in the John Birch Society and the teachings of Ayn Rand and then especially after meeting her, promoting her philosophy as a companion way of thinking with Libertarianism, of which Von Mises along with Frederick Hayak were the founders.  I consider these guys next to God.

Libertarianism believes that governments are unnecessary except for maintaining an army and a navy.  Each individual, according to Libertarians, is his own government, his property being his domain, his regulations of himself being the only regulations and "laws" he needs, because in practice, only the laws of the God are the laws he follows.

I'll end my statement by saying, and I think the majority of Americans agree with me, since we have the greatest armed forces ever known, why aren't we using them to their full power? I mean, folks, stop and think about it, one nuclear bomb dropped on the borders of Iraq, Syria, and Iran would solve that crisis in a matter of minutes.  Remember, how tough the Japs were until we creamed 'em with a couple of A-bombs and think how many lives we'd save by eliminating that Middle-East cesspool of Islamic fanatics.  Just my thoughts but I think most Americans secretly agree with me.  I mean, why have these weapons if we're not going to use them?

I must admit, I'm a radical Republican, a Libertarian first, a Conservative always.  What's best for this country is discipline.  Why should an employer, for instance, be responsible for his workers' health?  Should the workers on their own provide their own health care?  And this Social Security mess, too.  Shouldn't old people provide for their own retirement?  Successful people don't need Social Security only the poor and unhealthy need it and I say, hey, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps; that's what made this country great. [A standing and long applause is heard throughout the hall.]

Crispy Chris Righteous (not my real name)
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Existing in New York City: Calling the US Population STUPID as a Whole

From Objectivist Sociologist, William Ogden: "My worship of statistics has a somewhat religious nature, " he noted in his journal at a time when his enthusiasm was fading. Statistics had been his God. "But God only meets an emotional need which has little to do with reason." 

Calling the American People Stupid
I just read a piece by Dean Baker (he calls himself the following: "macroeconomist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. He previously worked as a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute and an assistant professor at Bucknell University.") in which he condemns a fellow MIT Economist, Johnathan Gruber, for calling the American people stupid, in Gruber's sense having to do with the Affordable Care Act.

Baker starts out defending the American people as not being stupid but rather simply just  "ill-informed."  I was immediately hollering bullshit as I read the article, which in a way turned into a defense of Economists. As I have written for six years on this blog, Economics is not a science; it was once studied under Sociology departments as a tool for measuring wealth and poverty in a society using "fact"-gathering observations and statistical conclusions based on "guesstimations."

[What is an Macroeconomist?  Well, here's the Wikipedia definition: "Macroeconomists study aggregated indicators such as GDP, unemployment rates, and price indexes to understand how the whole economy functions. Macroeconomists develop models that explain the relationship between such factors as national income, output, consumption, unemployment, inflation, savings, investment, international trade and international finance. In contrast, microeconomics is primarily focused on the actions of individual agents, such as firms and consumers, and how their behavior determines prices and quantities in specific markets."]

Do you understand the role of statistics in this profession?  The first course I took in Economics, before 101, was a course in Statistics.  The first book I was given to read in Statistics was entitled, How to Lie With Statistics.  In those days before Economics broke away from Sociology to become a part of the Schools of Business, all Sociology and Economics majors depended on calculators (the old fashion kind) to crunch numbers in their statistical studies.  For my first statistical problem, I did a paper on "The Infant Death Rate in Texas." My conclusions in this paper were based on guesstimations as to what was behind the infant death rate and what was the solution to lowering the infant death rate neither of which I supplied in my "rigged" paper.

My point: I have called the American people "stupid" for many years now.  And they are stupid, I don't care if they have 6 degrees from Harvard and 3 from MIT.  Most Americans are stupid not because they aren't smart--there's a difference to me--but because they are full of bullshit reasoning based on their believing in the American Dream (nothing comes from a dream but confusion), believing in gods that don't exist (except in fables, myths, Holy Bibles, and fairy tales), believing we are an exceptional nation, believing that we are a democracy, believing that rich people are the smartest people on earth because they are know, dumb thinking like that.  I call a person stupid who believes in lies over truth (reality is the only truth). Intelligence unused leaves the intelligent one stupid, doesn't it?
The following is an excerpt from a current Counterpunch article by Ismael Hossein-zadeh  explaining how classical economic theories are "old-fashioned" (out of date) in terms of what modern economists are calling FIRE (Financial Investing and Real Estate), where investors are investing in financial markets and real estate rather than reinvesting their profits in capital improvements, borrowing to invest in the real economy, the economy of the classical economists. In classical economics, money is considered merely a means of exchange.  It was in the late 80s with the advent of desktop computing, that money became a commodity.

"The following are a few additional examples of the astronomical growth of the FIRE sector during the past three decades or so: Between 1980 and 2005, profits in the financial sector increased by 800%, more than three times the growth in non-financial sectors. In the early 1990s there existed only a couple of hedge funds; by 2007, their number had grown to 10,000. The number of mortgage brokers, replacing old-style Savings & Loans and regional banks, has likewise mushroomed in recent years/decades: 50,000 thousand of them, employing nearly 400,000 brokers, more than the whole U.S. textile industry [emphasis is mine]. As the (unusually candid) manager of the hedge fund Raymond Dalio of Bridgewater Associates bluntly put it: “The money that’s made from manufacturing stuff is a pittance in comparison to the amount of money made from shuffling money around. Forty-four percent of all corporate profits in the U.S. come from the financial sector compared with only 10 percent from the manufacturing sector."

"As noted earlier, the neoclassical “circular flow” and/or “general equilibrium” model/theory is built on the basis of a near-barter economic paradigm, that is, an economy where money is implicitly treated as largely a means of exchange or circulation, not as an ideal or ultimate repository of the accumulated or concentrated wealth. In this model, financial cycles neatly follow real cycles: they expand when real cycles expand, and contract when they contract. As such, there is hardly any possibility for financial bubbles to emerge and expand independent of the real sector of the economy—the financial sector is treated essentially as a service or subsidiary sector to the real sector.
The circular flow model (like most other models) can, of course, serve as a useful tool or concept for analytical purposes. It is designed to show what happens when/if the circuit, or circular flow, breaks down, and what to do about it. The problem is that mainstream economists seem to have been stuck in the abstract model, in the earlier stages of capitalism, unable to see how in the era of giant banks and other colossal financial institutions finance capital can (and does) grow independent of industrial capital, thereby leading to financial inflations, followed by implosions.

"It might be argued: who cares whether a financial bubble follows a real sector expansion or whether it is formed ab-ovo, i.e., in the absence of such an expansion. Such a distinction, however, is critically important to an understanding of how in the age of advanced financial markets finance capital has become largely independent of industrial capital, and how it has therefore undermined the neoclassical concepts of general equilibrium, of circular flow mechanism and of national savings as the main source of supply of money—in short, how it has rendered the neoclassical economists’ theory of credit creation, of investment financing and of money supply obsolete. Sucking financial resources from the rest of the economy, as well as generating fictitious capital out of thin air through speculation/gambling, parasitic finance capital feeds on itself—just like a real parasite. Neoclassical economists have not, so far, been able to reconcile the financial sector with their circular flow and/or general equilibrium model. Sadly, instead of trying to incorporate the financial sector into their real sector model, they have chosen to ignore it lest it should disturb their shipshape, convenient model."
Ismael Hossein-zadeh is Professor Emeritus of Economics (Drake University).
Have You Noticed?
My old friend and colleague Barabbas Munn-Dayne noted this to me about how since the Republican sweep of the midterm elections, Koch Industries (yes, that's the evil Koch Brothers) ads are appearing on teevee by the droves.  These ads glorify Koch Industries as a great job source, as fueling the rebirth of the American economy, and as providing research and scholarship in promoting new ideas and industries.  I happened to catch one the other day during a college football game.  It was sickening.  What a bunch of self-promoting bullshit.  Of course, the autocratic Koch brothers don't write these commercials, a bunch of silly souls like I once was (in advertising for over 30 years in NYC) brain-storming away in the war rooms of the biggest advertising agencies in the country.  "How can we make these aristocrat assholes look benevolent?" the account exec swoons.  "How 'bout a pack of lies emphasizing the wonders these benevolent brothers do?"

I say, "Fuck the Koch Brothers," but then they are filthy rich so they must be righteous priests in the Money Theology game, the worship of the great god Moolah.  Money is the Koch Brothers' GOD; hell, MONEY is the GOD of us all.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Existing in New York City Out of Sinc With the Rest of the World

Unfolded 1956 Pacific Jazz Records Catalog showing the early LP releases that introduced the world to West Coast Jazz, which led to "Cool" Jazz, which was the partial invention of Gerry Mulligan (along with Miles Davis), the Pacific Jazz label's biggest star.  Other stars on Pacific included Chet Baker, Chico Hamilton, Cy Touff, Richie Kamuca, Russ Freeman, and Pacific introduced us to the great pianist Dick Twardzik, who died at age 29 of a heroin overdose in Paris while on a European tour with Chet Baker's Quartet.  Chet later said he became a heroin addict because of his depression over Twardzik's death though critics say Chet was already doing heroin when he met Twardzik.  (from the tgw collection) "Trying to Keep Jazz Alive"
Say Goodbye to: Ray Sadecki, first I remember Ray he was on the 1964 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, the team he started his career with as a "bonus baby" (remember them?) and was rookie pitcher of the year when at 19 he went 9-9.  Ray was prominent along with Bob Gibson in '64 in the Cards WS victory that year.  Then next I remember Ray when he turned up as a Met in 1974 as a reliever on a Mets team that had Tom Seaver as their main man on the mound that great Met year. Ray Sadecki, 73, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets), blood cancer.
Say Goodbye to: Alvin Dark, baseball player and manager extraordinaire; originally played for the Boston Braves and the NY Giants and later the SF Giants.  Alvin also managed the SF Giants and the Cleveland Indians.  Alvin Dark, 92, American baseball player (Boston Braves, New York Giants) and manager (San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians), Alzheimer's disease.
"Sittin' Here Thinkin'"
In my way of laughingly reasoning about the Republican's taking over Congress, I stumbled across something from the back of the attic of my brain I've known a long time, since my college days and my acquaintance with James Fraser's The Golden Bough, a book I think should be required reading for growing minds.  That something that I stumbled across while reasoning on that Repug takeover was how totally ruled we are, and I include the world in this, by MYTHS, from whence come mysteries and God-almighty how human beings love mysteries.  I mean most of the whole damn world believes in ghosts.  I've got good friends, one a writer whose work I admire very much, who swear they've seen ghosts. With me, to believe in ghosts is nonsense.  Comical stuff.  OOOOOH, a for your life! (And, F. Scott, I use that exclamation point to actually laugh at my own joke.) [And I wonder how many Americans know who F. Scott Fitzgerald is?  "Isn't he a Kentucky whiskey distiller?"]

Mitch McConnell, who is going to be our supreme ruler for the next Zeus-knows how many horrid years, is a Southern Baptist, the worst kind of Old South Christian 'cause they're tricky slick.  They dance and drink and make sleazy backroom business deals with divine impunity because among Old South Christians, and Mitch was born in Alabama don't forget, the Southern Baptists are stuck up and holier-than-thou or as my dad used to say, "All Baptists are going to Hell, but they don't give a damn 'cause they'll air condition it and turn it into a First Baptist Church." [The First Baptists, by the way, were the holiest of the holiest Baptist.  Why?  Because they were the first Baptist church in town meant they were then the richest (old wealth) Baptist in town.]

So Old Mitch, and he is an old fool, can swindle us and gas us and spoil our waters and give our public lands away and impose the Ryan Budget on We the People Who Elected Them Into Power, a budget that is inhumane and backwards in terms of the ideals that should be governing this right-now being-destroyed nation.  Check out that great old tome, Gibbons' The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  It's all in there, except we haven't yet been taken over by a military coup, but that's certainly a possibility in these coming tragic years.  And, by the way, I want to say, I'm just as scared of the weakkneed, asskissing, all-embracing Dumbocrats, and don't forget, a lot of those Hillbilly and low-populated-states Dumbos voted in lock-step with the stupid Republicans on a lot of issues.

First of all, the majority of us live under the myth that we are not animals.  That we are not the results of natural evolution but rather are creatures created from a supernatural being from up in the clouds or under the seas or down in Hell.  We live among ruins (and preserve them with love) of temples to Zeus, Jupiter, Mars, Dianna the Huntress, Pluto, Jehovah, Hera, Mary, Mary Magdalen, St. Paul, St. Sebastian, etc. all the Saints, and etc. to all the gods I've left out of my Pantheon.  But think of how these mythical creatures have been since the beginning of human reasoning believed faithfully to be real, to be actual beings while being spirits at the same time.  Would I want to have sex with a swan?  Maybe that's why I never wanted to believe in any god or mythical creature.

We live lies.  We have faith in our fabulous gods (and all our gods and Messiahs are fabulous) and we deeply study the writings that have accumulated over centuries that are supposedly sacred writings, interpretations of the various cultural gods' messages, messages on how and what to sacrifice in order to get favors from these gods.  The Jews sacrificed lambs and goats to their god; the Aztecs and Mayans sacrificed young maidens to their gods or they cut out the hearts of their enemies and ate them.  Hey, the gods demand sacrifices.

We sacrifice our people in this country and the people seem to love it.  I mean by electing these Republican goons to rule us, We the People of the USA have given up for good our Bill of Rights; we've approved of Corporations becoming citizens of privilege (the Supreme Court in the late 1800s made corporations citizens--especially Rockefeller's monopolistic Standard Oil); we have OK'd a perpetual war economy; we have given up most of our civil rights and our voting rights will be purposely rigged to make Black, Latino, Asians, and senior voters inconsequential; we have agreed that Corporations and rich people will have their taxes reduced to a nil status (why should they pay any taxes at all?); we've approved a rise in the use of coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, and uncontrolled fracking in every state; we have approved of a privatization of our public schools and most government services--remember, our government is supposed to be "for the people and by the people," though not according to the wealthy Republicans.  To them, our government is a regulatory monster who have their hippy/Communist/Socialist boots on the necks of our heroic Power Elite as they try and swindle us out of ALL our taxes, savings accounts, bank accounts, pensions, homes, cars (the latest bank scam includes selling cars with no money down and no proof of being able to pay for these overpriced foreign automobiles (does that sound like the home mortgage scams that went south on our crooked financial industry?); we've approved of selling our public lands off to billionaire cattle herders, hunters, gold miners (how about privatizing our National Parks?); we've approved raising interest rates on student loans; we've perhaps approved of debtors' prisons; and worst of all, we've approved of the very people whose wildass backward-thinking schemes got us into this mess in the first place.  Reagan's administration put us into perpetual debt; Pappy Bush then put us into deeper debt that Reagan; then came Pappy's dumbest son (which doesn't really mean the rest of the boys and the girl aren't dumbasses) and this little phony bastard put us into the worst debt ever.  But, hey, folks, that's who We the People of the USA want as our rulers.

We live as though our myths are actuality.  We believe God's laws are more important than humanitarian laws (the righteous Republicans calls such laws promote "Secular Humanism," a tag that riles Republican's up worst than Socialists and Communists.  After all, Communist China owns us.  So how did you like the way Obama (who left the country after he fucked up the Dumbocrats chances of winning) kissed Chinese Communist ass in Beijing before he went on down to rightwing Australia to another of those bullshit G20 sessions in Melbourne. [Get ready for the Ten Commandments to suddenly appear in all our courts.]

We're doomed, but, hey, the White People of the USA had rather see the country sink into Third World status (the whole trickbag in the Neo-Con Manifesto) than see equality and democracy work, especially as this country begins to turn brown and put the White man in the minority (NEVER, the White Man screams!).  White people in this country hate Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos (especially Messkins), Asians, any foreigners who aren't White...IN FACT, White people in this country hate themselves.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Existing in New York City: The American Idiots Have Spoken

Well, get used to this sociopathic rich man's dumbass look.  He's going to be dictating policy over the next 2 years and this asshole (he was a champion of Money as a Citizen with First Amendment Rights) will set us back a hundred years with his totally backward thinking.  He's a lying dog.  A lie to him is truth.  He's one of the richest men in Congress thanks to his wife's daddy's money (he's married to his second wife (his first marriage ended in divorce), Elaine Chao, G.W. Bush's Labor sec'y. Mitch, however, is definitely a stone racist when it comes to POOR Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans.   Also he's a stone hypocrite because though he claims to be a Kentucky coal revitalizer, his wife's father, who owns a fleet of ships and is fabulously rich, ships cheap Colombian coal to the U.S. (one load of coal he was shipping contained a large shipment of cocaine, a matter that is still under investigation) thus undercutting the value of Kentucky coal.  Fuck Kentucky, is his father-in-law's attitude about this subject.  And Fuck Kentucky as well as the USA is Mitch the Bitch's attitude, too.  There's only one person in Kentucky and the USA he cares about and that's Mitch McConnell.

The American Idiots Have Spoken
Americans obviously love Chaos even more than I do.  They voted in in both state and national offices the most backward-thinking Chaotic sociopaths in the game.  If you thought the moderate Republicans were going to control the Teabaggers, think again.  Teabaggers won big in the backward dipstick states like Gawjah, Lawsbanana, the Confederate States of South and North Carolina, Rightwing Illinois, backward-thinking Arkansas, ignorant Colorado, truly dumbass South Dakota (Native Americans should own and run South Dakota), and, of course, poor little Wendy got her ass clipped by a Texas what's new in the Confederate State of Texas?  How about Massachusetts going Teabagger! And the Confederate State of Virginia and its Hillbilly relatives in West Virginia.  And the voting idiots elected these creeps in landslide ways.  Mitch McConnell conned his way into power with a victory over a very weak and Obama-ashamed woman.  And Obama was the reason the Republicans took over the House in 2010 and now for the first time in a long time the Senate in 2014.  Obama who has turned out to be the shuckin' and jivinist president since we thought G.W. Bush's dumbass lying and deceiving was our worst president ever.  Obama beats the little phony Texas prick hands down. 

The last time the Republicans had this much power was during the Hoover administration and you know how that turned out.  THE STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1929.  And, yes, this is the scenario We the Dumb People of the USA have locked ourselves into by putting the Republicans back in power.  There will definitely be economic chaos, especially if the Republicans win the 2016 Presidential election with Jeb Bush (wanna bet me?).

Obama could have stopped all of this if he had of stood up firm against this ongoing Republican agenda (an agenda that goes back to Hoover's embarrassing loss to FDR in 1932, a loss the Republicans have never gotten over).  But, no, and Obama admitted in his book that he was a fan of Ronald Reagan's, especially Reagan's free trade bullshit and his trickle-down economic theories (the theories of Milton Friedman) and the beginning of tax-breaks for the rich, who by the bye have always ruled this country.  So Obama was the Republican-Democrat and his agenda was to bring the two parties together.  "Yes, we can," he shouted in his best Black preacher imitation, copycatting Martin Luther King and his Black preacher method of repeating taglines over and over...three times at least..."Yes, we can...Yes, we can...Yes, we can."  Of course, yes, we can meant, yes we can keep this Bush Imperial ball rolling.

The dumbest voters in the world voted in the rich bastards because from childhood in this White man's land, we're all told with the right breaks and following the Capitalist rules of the game, we can all be RICH as Rockefeller.  That's the true American Dream.  We the Dumb People of the USA worship the rich man.  We envy the rich man; we may even hate the rich man; but we will always idolize the fact that he is rich so he must be doing something right.

Again The Daily Growler Advises
Now is really the time to take all your savings and whatever other monies you can scrape up...sell your house, sell your car, you dog, your wife or husband if you have to...and invest in the stock market (it will go to absurd heights until it crashes)...invest in Exxon-Mobil...invest in fracking because the Republicans will empower fracking all across the US; they will also approve of more and more pipelines (the Keystone XL will be quickly approved).  You see, with the rage for natural gas in Asia, the price of natural gas will go up and the fracking boys will make more fortunes and if you ride along with them, you'll get gas rich, too.

Also, invest in the Military Industrial Complex since the Republicans will increase military spending and keep all our current wars burning at full flame.

I would invest, too, in security stocks.  You think we spy on each other now, wait'll the fraidy cat Republicans get through with us.

[WARNING: If you're looking forward to retiring at 65, FORGET IT.  The Republicans will rip the heart out of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.  These assholes will raise the retirement age to 70, so you'll be working for the Yankee dollar for the rest of your miserable lives.] 

So HOT DAMN, folks, here we go.  We're in for a wild ride over the next decade.  I'm lucky I'll be leaving the mortal coil hopefully before the next stock market crash (it's inevitable) and another Bush becomes president.

As George Carlin said, who's responsible for these clowns getting into office?  And surely you can answer that question just like George did.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Existing in New York City: Ebola Has Come to Town

The Teabaggers and Republicans love low turnouts because they know their hardcore White brethren and sisters will vote and make up most of that under 40% vote.  When you see what lowly populated and Confederate-leaning states (like Alaska, Iowa, Colorado, Gawjah, North Carolina, New Hampshire) will maybe turn this worthless Congress over to a bunch of God-promoting, climate-change deniers, miscreants who believe our government was founded on Christian principles and respect for the Judaic God Jehovah (actually the same god as Allah), outsourcing fools, sociopathic liars out to bring our style of living down to that of a Third World nation per the Neo-Con Manifesto promoted by idiots like Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Rubin, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, et. al. , it's enough to make you head spin like Betelgeuse.  If the Republicans win Congress, HOT DAMN, total Chaos is right around the corner.  "I was walking down the street just the other night/I had a funny feeling that things weren't right/ I heard some heavy footsteps right behind/And I know it wasn't just my mind: A foolkiller's coming...he's getting closer everyday/A foolkiller's coming...I've got to try to make my getaway."  [Mose Allison, "Foolkiller."]

Ebola Comes to New York City
I'm an outpatient at Bellevue Hospital.  Sometimes I go there and a lot of the workers are wearing masks.  It makes me wonder why they are wearing masks.  I go on about my business without asking why they are wearing masks (and they aren't all wearing masks which makes it more confusing).  But now?  I'm due to go pick up meds this week at the Bellevue Pharmacy now knowing that there is an Ebola patient on the premises.  And they now are saying he's in critical condition though stable. What does that mean?

In the meantime, my neighborhood is wracked with construction noise as the Communist Chinese are building a 50-story hotel one block behind me.  Yes, that's right, the real estate investors of this hotel are Communist Chinese.  Remember, one of the only tenants so far in the Chinese-material-built No. 1 World Trade Center, the world's most expensive office building, is the largest real estate firm in Communist China.  And how do I relate this wild construction going on in New York to the Ebola crisis in West Africa?  The corporate global economy cares absolutely nothing about human suffering.  It is ironic, however, that Communist Cuba has now sent over 200 doctors and healthcare workers to West Africa to help fight this corporate-world neglected Ebola outbreak.

And what was President Obama's contribution to this horrible outbreak?  Why he sent a bunch of military hotshots over there.  We are a militaristic country; we live in a war economy.  Our Commander-in-Chief sends our invincible military over there to battle disease.  War is the solution to all world problems even Ebola outbreaks to our more-pious-than-thou President and his asskissing Congress.

Check out photos of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.  You don't see any neighborhoods with walled estates and Mercedes and BMWs in their driveways and guys wearing Brooks Brothers suits.  No.  Instead, you see overall filth and uncleanliness; you see dead bodies in the muddy unpaved streets; you see children with no clothes on just sitting on the filthy ground dying; you see mothers holding their infected babies who are literally dying in their trying-to-protect arms; you see armed soldiers wearing protective gear and carrying big long sticks forcing impoverished people into quarantine areas; you see the shacks and shanties constructed of rescued woods, scrap metal, and tarpaper all sitting in muddy and corruptible squalor; over 10,000 affected; over 5,000 deaths.

In China, I've read about how they build whole cities that nobody lives in, one a city that would hold 77,000 people.  Instead of building those cities in China, why couldn't they go to places like Guinea and Liberia and Sierra Leone clean them up and then build all new residences with clean running water and proper sewage systems?  Little Billy Gates and Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett could with their pocket money help these affected countries by sending them boatloads of medical supplies, mobile hospital units, and armies of clean-up crews.

But the wealthy hate the poor so they'll let those Ebola-infected countries go to Holy Hell before they'll give up any of their mostly ill-gotten wealth.  I mean, just think, our billionaire pharmaceutical industry, our pay-or-die health insurance industry,  our big hospitals-for-profit industry could do miraculous things with doctors, healthcare workers, biochemists, free medical supplies, with free vaccines, with experimental drugs...BUT, hell no, these crooked bastards will wait until it's a worldwide epidemic then they'll all be heading for the upper floors of their hi-rise luxury apartments and office buildings guarded by their own private police forces and the regular police forces while the poor below die in the streets like pariah dogs.

But then death can be a savior.

Mid-Term Elections
There's a rightwing, dumb, stupid feeling in the air that the stupidest voters in the world, We the People of the USA, will put the Teabag Party and far right Republicans in both house majorities in these coming wasting-billions elections.  Don't be surprised, you so-called progressives, if this tragedy doesn't happen.  We the People of the USA...actually that should be We the White People of the USA will take our government back from the Obama Communists (the rightwing dumbass fable-believing Christian soothsayers call Obama a progressive socialist.  Damn, don't we all wish this rightwing, Corporate asskissing military asskissing Uncle Tom were a progressive socialist).

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Existing in New York City: Translating Intellectual Gobblygook That Is Untranslatable

The Taj Mahal in 1930s.  Photographer unknown.  Collection of tgw.

The Gooblygook of Intellectuals
I just finished reading a long article on Radicalized Pedagogy and, boy, is my head spinning.  I don't claim to be an intellectual.  I'm a basic reasoner, which simply means, I think (or reason) common sensibly, something I deduced while in college studying Economic and Sociological Theory.  Sociology to me was simply a common-sense approach to the study of society (or societies).  The Sociology originators (Comte, Diderot, Marx, Proudhon, Durkheim, Weber, Sorokin, Thorstein Veblen, et. al.) were encyclopedists in that they observed societal life in purified settings.  In other words, sociological observations were made free of bias (one's on particular beliefs or some outside influences, etc.) and in as pure a thinking atmosphere as could be produced.

But even Sociologists are becoming transfixed by their intellectualism and are writing radical articles that are so gummed up by intellectual verbalizing, it's really difficult to understand just what the hell their points are.  I see poverty in a neighborhood and using common-sense reasoning it's easy to deduce why that neighborhood is impoverishedLook at the defined neighborhood's ethnic majority, whether it's workingclass (low-salaried) or not, and how distant or isolated it is from the Middle Class.  Ethnically, you notice the neighborhood is a Black neighborhood.  Blacks make up the most out-of-work people in this country and even when they get work, it's low-salaried work.  And, of course, it's easy to deduce that since it's a Black neighborhood, by discriminating factors (like Gerrymandering), yes, it's isolated from the Middle Class (the process in White terms is called Racism).

One problem with intellectuals is they have to publish and publish frequently in order to maintain their livelihoods and intellectual presence.  They are insatiable writers. So I can deduce from this that intellectuals are writing to impress other intellectuals.  Not being an intellectual, of course, I find their expansive writing untranslatable into a language I understand.

I'm Bitching
I've been writing on this blog for almost ten years now.  There are certain phrases and designations I use (like referring to Ronald Reagan as Ronald "Raygun" Reagan and a recent posting on Christian Reprobate John Hagee and his idiot saying that Obama's trying to divide Israel in half is the reason for the Ebola (named after a river) epidemic in West Africa) and now suddenly, I see other writers using these terms and referring to idiot characters using my sentiments.  Statistics show my blog gets "looked at" over 150 times a day.  Yes, I know a lot of those are spammers, probably the majority of them, but some of them are blog writers and Internet media pundits.  So far, of all the people who visit my blog only a few of them list The Daily Growler in their blog lists.  I thank these people for honestly appraising this blog as worthy of their reference to it in an acceptable way.  Anyone can call Ronald Reagan Ronald Raygun; I don't hold a patent on the name, but on the other hand, give some credit where credit is due.  Damn, I hope I'm not being paranoid.

Is Obama Now the Worst of Our Long-Line of Worthless Presidents?
I've always said over the decades I've lived, we've been ruled by poor little spoiled rich brats with Ivy League-propaganda backgrounds; an ex-haberdasher; a ex-general (Ike "I Like Golf" Eisenhower); a Texan who won his first election with the aid of voters in a cemetery in Duvall County, Texas, by 80 votes; a California Quaker crooked lawyer; a man who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time; a peanut farmer; a Grade B actor (who shared top billing with a monkey in his most famous role); a failed oilman who also was head of the CIA (a Yale man); a Hillbilly profligate from the backward state of Arkansas (I noticed Monica Lewinsky is making a comeback lately by claiming she's being harassed unmercifully on the Internet); that failed oilman's worthless son (a Yale man) who up until President Obama came along was the worst president in the history of our worthless presidents.

Obama warned us in his book he wrote right before he was nominated to be the Dumbocratic Party candidate (that had Black people raising their hands praising God they were so hopeful) that his two heroes were Lincoln and Ronald "Raygun" Reagan.  Then, after his multimillion-dollar extravagant inauguration (paid for by the taxpayers), when he met with Georgie Porgie Bush, he said he really liked the fellow and that G.W. was the kind'a guy you could have a beer with and have a fine bullshit conversation with (a Good Ol' Boy, in other words).  Then, during his inauguration speech, Obama warned us that he was going to forget the past and think only futuristically.  "Yes, We Can!" he bellowed in an attempted impersonation of Martin Luther King's Washington Mall speech.  And that Yes We Can turned out to mean, "Yes, we can keep on keepin' on in G.W. Bush's footsteps...war, war, and more war, more wars than G.W. ever criminally started."

As I write this, the U.S. and Britain (we go together hand in hand with our former colonizers) have in a secret move pulled all but 9,000 troops out of Afghanistan and Obama has declared our involvement in Afghanistan as over.  Oh yeah, over except for 9,000 troops still there and God knows how many contractors and soldiers of fortune are still there; plus the drone operators in Nevada (and God knows where else) will still be blowing away innocent civilians under the banner of killing terrorists.  How many innocent civilians have had to die in order for us to kill terrorists.  We kill terrorists and the next thing you know, they're stronger than ever, i.e., ISIS or ISIL

So who is the worst president ever?

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