Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Hey, Honey, I'm Home"

Al Queda's Back and By God, They're Bigger and Better Than Ever Now
Of course, you all know I believe Al Queda was invented by the CIA, just as I believe Osama Bin Laden is a CIA agent--Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent--Luis Posada is a CIA agent--John Negroponte, the inventor of the South American death squads is alive and well and running his death squad operations in Northern Lebanon now--a renegade Islam Jihadist group claiming to be Palestinian and led by a Palestinian, but made up mostly, they're saying now, of Saudis and Jordanians--the very people now backing the death squads along with Georgie Porgie "War Pie" Bush Baby (spoiled rich brat AWOL skunk who obviously now after recent revelations stole both the 2000 election and now too obviously the 2004 election and I've even read an analysis of Karl Rove's vote-stealing plans and these bastards are liable to steal this election, too--how would you like to have Mitt "I Had 6 Wives" Romney as your president?

Did you know some of the founders of Blackwater, the private military force that's arising fully packed and ready to kill (with a fighting force made up of South American troops--from Chile, from Peru, from, you know, those Willing to Die Coalition dumbasses who've since dropped out of the Willing to Die Coalition, called their troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan only to have Blackwater recruiters come in and hire up these already trained and Iraq-War experienced and now to the tune of a 20,000-force army. Louis Posada, I think, did some advisory work for Blackwater. Ken Starr's one of their top attorneys (Ken Starr stole 42 million dollars from We the People trying to convict Hillary of stock market manipulation and land-dead swindling and then saying to Slick Willie, "Yes, you did have sex with that woman."

Remember Chandra Levy? Anybody remember when they found her murdered body in the Washington, D.C., park and it was obvious that Rep. Gary Condor (I kid you not) of California had killed her since he'd been bangin' her and she was very young and got serious about it and poor old married and 3 or 4 kids Gary (his wife booted his murderous ass out of the house right after Congress kicked his ass back to California) had to kill her or she was gonna ruin his ass--well, hell, she ruined his ass anyway. Why do these beautiful young girls fall for these lying, cheating, murdering politicians--what a total population of total scumbags politicians are--and I mean all of them, not just Gary Condor--and I mean that murderous, too. Remember Machiavelli advised killing your own grandmother as a way of gaining political power! And how about Hillary and that guy Foster who blew his brains out in was it that same Washington, D.C., park? She was supposed to have been "having sex" with Vince out behind the White House. [By the bye, have you noticed how Hillary's campaign spokeswoman is dressing and cutting her hair to look like Hillary? And by God she does really look like Hillary. Like Saddam Hussein and his look-alikes. Remember that tale? How we know Bush didn't hang one of the Hussein imposters? That, by the bye, hanging Saddam, was out and out murder! That'll teach you to try and kill Georgie Porgie's sweet old Pappy!!

F 'em all.

Them's my sentiments.

War against Iran is coming. Anybody remember the Iran-Contra scandals during our interfering in the Nicaraguan Civil War--John Negroponte was there--Luis Posada was there--remember the dude whose Contra plane was shot down by the Nicaraguan Army--and it was full of weapons for the Contra and the guy admitted he was a private contractor flying cocaine from South America up to Mena, Arkansas, oh yes, Hill and Bill were in the Arkansas State House at that time and exchanging the cocaine there for arms and ammunition? Gore Vidal's right when he calls this country the United States of Amnesia...2-minute memory span some wit used to say. All these things tie in if you go back in history and weave them all together and get the huge panorama of connections between the Bushes and this whole Middle-East mess--starting with the CIA's overthrowing the legitimate government in Iran back in the 70s--then the same interference in Iraq--the same interference in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and the Mujaheddin and Osama Bin Laden come from. It's all the same big picture. Like what happened to North Korea? All's quiet on that front. How come we can peacefully settle that dispute but settling the dispute with Iran can only be done by bombing them back to the Stone Age and once again involving more and more of our troops in yet another hopeless intervention into a sovereign nation's affairs with the idea of splitting up the country, dividing it, you know the old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall" don't you? Hey that's one of our country's mottoes, that and "Don't Tread on Me" with a Snake Symbol on that flag giving it meaning--the USA is a "snake in the grass" country.

We love WAR. WE LOVE VIOLENCE. Violent car racing. Violent extreme fighting. Swordfighting if it were legal. White Americans love guns and using them to kill with. White Americans also love making bombs. White people made the atomic and hydrogen bombs not people of color.

Now you see why I'd rather identify with wolves than men?

for The Daily Growler

Here's Bush Lying Again--His Lies Go Totally Unchallenged. Read This Bullshit He's Spouting and Tell Me How Long Before Some Blackwater Tanks Will Be Entering Your Street? Shouldn't Somebody Be Challenging These Lies That Could Believe It or Not Lead to the End of Mankind If He Gets His Way With Where These Lies Are Leading Us. Read This Unbelievable Crap This Idiot Is Spewing!!


Bush tied Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program to a question about U.S. reasons for invading Iraq and toppling Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

"It would have been a really dangerous world if you'd had the Iranians trying to develop a nuclear weapon and Saddam Hussein competing for a nuclear weapon," said Bush. "You can imagine what the mentality of the Middle East would have been like." (Read more about Iran and its claim Thursday that atomic work has peaked)

A report issued Wednesday by the United Nations' nuclear watchdog -- the International Atomic Energy Agency -- said Iran has not only ignored the call to halt its enrichment of nuclear materials but has also increased its activities.

Iran insists its nuclear program is meant for peaceful energy production. However, uranium enriched to a high degree can also be used for weapons grade material.

Bush accused Tehran of "constantly ignoring (the world's) demands" and called on allies to "strengthen our sanction regime."

"I just spoke to (U.S. Secretary of State) Condo-Leasing Rice, and we will work with our European partners to develop further sanctions," Bush said. "And, of course, I will discuss this issue with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, as well as (Chinese) President Hu Jintao."

The president also criticized Iran for the recent arrest of four Americans with duel Iranian citizenship. (Read more about the arrests of U.S. citizens in Iran)

"We've made it very clear to the Iranian government that the detention of good, decent American souls who are there to, you know, be beneficial citizens is not acceptable behavior," Bush said.

What a pile of crap that last statement by Bush is. How dare this fool speak for We the People of the United Snakes of Amnesia.

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