Sunday, May 13, 2007

America's Mayor and America Can Have HIm

thegrowlingwolf's Opinion of Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani
I trolled around the sleazebag commercial teevee networks this SUNday morning so I could quickly get little tiny doses of Neo-Con-backing and Conservative asskissing reasoning and sure enough I was thrilled to see today's teevee rightwing scrutiny being put on frontrunning Repugnican for President candidate, Hiz Honor Himself, America's Mayor, Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani.

I bushwhacked Rudi in yesterday's post like a true New York City citizen who had to endure two terms of his Fascist-style mayoralty, his ruthless, pompous, more-pious-than-thou attitude, always in his little wimpy stuttering voice he puffadders how he knew best what was best for New Yorkers and especially Manhattanites (he's a Brooklynite; I think they are raised to hate Manhattan--maybe I'm wrong) who, yes, are totally different from people from the other boroughs; it is the people who came to New York City to live in Manhattan and the native-New York Citians--born in a New York City hospital to parents living at a Manhattan address who are true Manhattanites--you know what I mean--these are the Manhattanites the filthy rich are trying to drive out of Manhattan so it can be taken over by an over-one-hundred-thousand-dollar-a-year white collar middle management slaveforce-type and the hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars-a-year CEOs and Wall Street banker types and then the more uppercrusty areas to be taken over by the super-rich--the filthy rich Euro Trash with their new Euro dollars that outweigh Yankee dollars by almost 2-to-1 now--it's making the Irish rich!! Can you believe that the Irish economy right now is booming and that prices in Dublin are soaring?--a friend of mine from Dublin said the invasion of foreign investors into the country is driving up rents, the prices of food, and especially the price of a pint of Guinness or a bottle of the true Irish holy water, Jameson's Gold--a shot of Jameson's Gold Irish Whiskey costs me in NYC $10.00 a shot now. Why, I've even heard the Irish-Irish are investing in Manhattan real estate now, even buying up the properties of their American-Irish cousins--you know all those Irish-American pubs that used to be strewn all about Manhattan Isle from Marble Hill to Battery Park?

Of course, our little pissant billionaire current mayor models himself after Rudi Mussolini. Oh God how he kissed Rudi's ass after the people of New York City refused to let Rudi extend his term of office due to 9/11--and trust a New York City person who was here when 9/11 went down, Rudi Guiliani wasn't a hero, he didn't lead us back to calmness here--he went pompously racing down there in his black SUVs with some of his henchmen and they got caught when one of the buildings you don't hear much about collapsing and that building almost collapsed on hiz honor and his gang and you should have seen how F-ing fast they got in those SUVs and sped back up to the safety of Rudi's country-club-style office. And I was here when Rudi Guiliani had so screwed the cops and the fire department up (he never gave them contracts much less raises and monies needed to upgrade their equipment) that not only did their equipment fail them miserably in their dumb response to such an overwhelming situation, but Rudi had cut fire and police appropriations so much these poor old underpaid pot-bellied policemen and no-contract-working gung-ho firemen had to attack this colossal disaster with primitive communication equipment that didn't work properly and without any idea of what had really gone on or what was happening to those huge towers--like that they were falling--firemen bravely entering that building to their certain death and on their way to their doom telling people coming down the fire escapes (only three in one tower were usable) to go back up to their offices that they'd be safer there--or going to the roof. These are instructions firemen in NYC learn in dealing with fires in NYC hi-rise buildings--it is sometimes preferable to go to the roof in those kind of fires; plus the fire plans for the WTC were all screwed up and no available in most instances; and the building cameras and monitoring devices weren't working that day). Plus Rudi had closed fire houses down all over New York City--and he's the guy who did away with the street fire alarm boxes--and yeah, Rudi knew about 9/11 maybe even before it happened--hell, his private secret 40-million-dollar bunker was in one of those towers--so was the CIA's largest databank of spy information in one of those towers--so were tons of Federal gold stored in one of those towers--come on, now--all that shit in those towers and those clowns didn't have those towers constantly monitored by satellites or something? Oops, I'm sorry, I forgot, Marvin Bush was head of WTC security when 9/11 happened! Oops, again, I forgot, Marvin's contract expired that very day the WTC went down, didn't it. Wowsy-wowsy. Yes, folks, that's Marvin Bush, another one of Pappy and Mammy Babs Bush's worthless spoiled brat sons, another business failure same as brother Neil (savings and loan scandal--Neil paid millions in fines to keep his ass out of prison--now running his famous worthless Education Learning System out of the great Democracy of Dubai)-- and yep, they are the brothers of Jeb, too, named after a Confederate general who was one of his dad's (yep, that's old Pappy Bush) favorite military heroes--OH GOD, what a sorry family.

The Bush Family having so much power in this country just goes to show you how damn stupid and dumb and Yahoo We the American People are. God we're dumb. Listening to some of these southern Congressman explaining why we have to keep killing and getting killed in Iraq--I mean it's like they're too damn dumb to be able to read one of them thar Holy Books of theirs. That Congressman from Jawjah who was questioning the dude testifiying before him on the encroaching rise of these private armies like Blackwater in this country that I ridiculed the other day, I mean, he was so dumb and bound by the chains of his holy rolling faith in the Great White Father God Jehovah that he seemed more insane to me than reasonable-- a white son of the true old Plantation State--still as backwards as any hillbilly state in spite of Atlanta, which to me is still a hick city. I was in the Atlanta airport recently and I swear I saw guys named Junior and Bubba wearing overalls and hillbilly steel-toed boots (clod-hopping boots) with babes named Daisy and Britney wearing short-shorts (Daisy Dukes) and sporting NASCAR teeshirts--Yahoooo.

But oh boy, how these Sunday morning teevee pundits were hauling in the "experts" who were analyzing the hell and high water of Rudi's chances of becoming president. They didn't mention any Dumbocrats--like why wouldn't you interview Hillary-Dillary-Dock Rod-HAM Clinton about Rudi? She whipped his ass for senator of New York and hell she was an outsider--and this was when Rudi thought he was at his peak and could be anything in New York politics he wanted--governor, senator, why, he was so popular, he couldn't make up his mind--except when he did try for senator, he got his ass whipped, popular or not.

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