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Dumbocrats Link Arms With Bush and Neo-Cons, The FOOLS!

Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi Lick Georgie Porgie's Filthy Ass
I heard it on good ole Brother Bill Moyers new PBS show and though I had predicted it many moons of growling back, I still couldn't believe it. Charlie Rangel (big bloated high-blood pressure beaucoup powerful and rich (the worse kind, too, since he didn't come from wealth and putting his nose in the white man's ass)) and Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi (the richest woman in California) have joined hands with Georgie Porgie W. Bushwhacker, our phony "president"; a criminal actually who should be on We the People's most wanted list. His crimes? There are too many to list here--you know them all if you just go back a few feet in history--how about lying us and autocratically forcing us into a totally unecessary and now proven to be catastrophic war in Iraq--a nation that never did a damn thing to this country except suffer from constant bombing of its outskirts by US Air Force planes or having surveillance drones flying over you constantly and sometimes missiles would be fired into center city Baghdad (Slick Willie, remember, shot a couple'a missiles into Baghdad and one of those missiles killed one of Iraq's greatest artists, a woman painter, and also I believe destroyed a pharmaceutical lab that was the only source of anitbiotic drugs and antiseptics and things for Baghdad's embargo-starved hospitals and clinics--Iraq has had one of the world's highest infant death rates for years and since the embargo especially)?

You see how easy it is to prosecute this phony president--and yet, Charlie (Uncle Charlie?) and Miss Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi are smiling heartily and counting up the millions of thirty pieces of silver that will come tumbling into their political-ambition coffers--what am I talking about? A Free Trade bill, a secretly put together bill the Dumbos are claiming is a bipartisan agreement on Free Trade, the Dumbos trading away fees and shit on our big importers like Wal-Mart and surcharges and shit on Wall Street for the Repugs promising (yeah sure!) to raise the minimum wage and have better health and safety conditions in the workplace, blah, blah, blah. Yet, what's not evident by this bill is that it is simply another NAFTA-like bill, full of bullshit, full of big breaks for the big global corporations--like Wal-Mart, like Archer Daniels Midland, like Nike, like...oh, Jesus, do I have to list them all?--like Bill Gates and Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett and these new finance investment conglomerates that are forming in efforts to buy up all our corporations--like Monsanto is still under-the-table trying to control the world's food supply through its own designed seeds. All this secretly conceived trade bill does is guarantee the Neo-Con corporations like Wal-Mart access to the cheap labor markets of China and the other Pacific Rim countries or Latin American countries like Peru that sends all it's cheap construction worker force up to this country--I have a couple of platforms of Peruvian brick workers hanging over my apartment window as I'm typing this--and this is after all all Conservatives really stand for, Cheap Labor Economics!!!--that's the severest of Capitalist trick bags--the cheapest form of labor is, of course, slavery. The Neo-Cons's pressure-down theory, you know driving out the so-called middle-class, which is actually what we used to call the workingclass--a term, as Studs Terkel points out, we no longer use, using instead "middle-class" and under that is, of course again, the POOR--and the poor have no class. They used to have class--they were the lower class or even more raw they were the low-class! The poor used to could be proud, but not any more. Soon our poor will have to wade the Rio Grande (the Rio Bravo) to get jobs in the maquiladores Juarez and Tijuana.

So, again as I've lately had to admit, as Nader says, the Dumbocrats are taking off their progressive masks and showing themselves to be no different than the Repugnicans--showing that they are all about money and making money by the barrelsful for their campaigns, figures that stun the public, stunning amounts of money in an effort to get a job that pays what? 250,000 a year? Probably it's up to $400,000 by now, I don't know since I have no interest in being president of anything except my own talents. The Dumbocrats are still scared to death of being tagged Liberals and HELL NO they don't want to be known as Social Democrats!!! ugh!--anything with social in it is antisocial to the Dumbos-- and I never understood that--aren't social issues the most important issues there are?

Of course, down on the old Plantation there was only one class--yep, the Massuh's class. And, yes, there were privileges--say, a young pretty gal who was willing to shag old Massuh or feed him mother's milk for his health could sleep in the hall outside the dog's room up in the Big White House--or maybe Old Uncle Tom has said "yassuh" enough times in his 70 years with old Massuh to earn butlering at the front door of that Big White House and also getting to sleep in the hall by the dog's room--but up the hall from old Massuh's young gal mistress--old Massuh doesn't want her having no black babies on his ass.

Do folks still read Mandingo anymore or is it politically incorrect to read so rancid a book?--I loved Mandingo as a kid. I found it brought me more in line with African-Americans and how my white interests would be better served by my getting along and interacting with the black community, F my white peers and ancestors and dullard folk like that--and I still feel that way since I owe so much of my life's appreciations to African-American rhythms, beats, melodies, lines, riffs, singing, syncopation, heartbeat tempos--controlling the heartbeat through dance and trance and romance and my deepest love has gone to one African-American woman who doesn't exist except in the many conversations with myself, but anyway, I'm prejudiced when it comes to love, let me put it that way--I even like the way the African-Americans talk, their many languages within my language, my American English, my Texian English, my verbalizations, my wit--

How can the Dumbocrats make a pact with such a Devil of a Human Animal?--a fifth-rate failed spoiled rich boy whose a ninth-rate politician as big a failure as a politician as he is a businessman--who through lying about its necessity and then force marching us into this Iraq Shame has caused the death of multiple thousands of not only Iraqis, but Americans, too, 3,500+ American troops, 100,000 of them wounded, another 100,000 psyched out and gone totally nuts from the Catch 22 this Iraq War has put our armed forces into--you serve a year--then you are recalled and serve now a year and a half--then you're recalled for a third round, this time two years--the war has lasted going on 5 years now--YEAH WAR. WE LOVE WAR. WAR MAKES WEALTH. WAR MAKES POWER. You wanna get rich, buy WAR STOCKS--INVEST IN THE WAR--THAT'S WHERE ALL OUR MONEY IS ANYWAY--our tax monies, our Social Security monies, our Treasury's monies, inflating our money against the advancing power of the Euro Dollar. Yep, and now invest in Wal-Mart if they get this Free Trade sham! Invest in Shanghai stocks--some workers in China make at tops 25 cents an hour. The products they make are shipped to Wal-Mart stores now going all over the world like McDonald's (did you ever wonder where the McDonald's in Beijing gets its hamburger meat? or their fried chicken (spelled "SAARS" in Chinese)?) who then marks 'em up 100% and We the Dumbass People think we're saving money buying these cheap Wal-Mart and Home Depot and K-Mart goods when it actuality we are going broke buying this crap that we no longer no how to make nor do we any longer have the factories to make it in anyway, a lot of those factories having been dismantled and shipped whole-hog to Communist China or Malaysia or Indonesia (an Islamic stronghold we prop up (isn't that ironic? us propping up the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world--we forget about the good ole Democracy of Indonesia. Ask the East Timorians about the Democracy of Indonesia and how the Indonesian US-monied and supplied Army massacred over 300,000 East Timorians simply because they wanted their natural-born-and-given freedom from Indonesia who had annexed East Timor against its wishes many moons back because of the vast amounts of oil supposedly under its lush jungles. Yes, folks, Indonesia has OIL.

Did you know that NAFTA cost this country 500,000 jobs?

I have given up letting the Yankees's record losing get to me. I've turned it into an adventure; can they lose again tonight--I mean the odds are slowly rolling over into my favor. If they lose tonight--and they sure might because their starting pitcher is a Double A wonder--pitching his first game ever in the Majors--starting a game for the New York Yankees! That's amazing to me. If this kid does win, he'll be in the rotation until a line drive breaks his arm...

In fact, David Wright has just hit a solo homer off this poor young fool (Tyler Clifford's his name)--so I leave you with the score 1-0 Mets. I'm going off into tonight's Yankees Soap Opera Baseball episode...[REJOICING: The Yankees Won--Amazing!!! It was the turning point game, folks--look for the Yanks to explode for the next 6 games--that's all they need. How's that for being a tried and true Yankees fan? Hotcha! and Hot Damn, I can't wait for tonight and the BoSox--F you, Manny; F you, Big Poppy! We're gonna murdah ya bums tonight!! See why most baseball fans hate Yankees fans?]

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Here's Some Good Reading For Y'All

But even if the spying is aimed at political opponents, and even if it has been successful, the White House cannot possibly have dirt on every Democrat in Congress. If Bush had that kind of information, would he allow so many scandals and indictments of Republicans in Congress to go unmatched by Democratic downfalls? I think we can be confident of these three things:

--Bush and Cheney do not have any secret pull on most Democrats in Congress.

--Most Democrats in Congress know that Bush and Cheney are using a wide array of illegal methods to cheat and steal elections, with a great degree of success, without which the Democratic win in 2006 would have been significantly larger than it was.

--Most Democrats in Congress are acquiescing in attacks on their power and hoping that future elections (or at least their own individual election) can be won by a wide enough margin to defeat any chicanery.

The main reason we need impeachment is, of course, to restore limits to the offices of the presidency and vice presidency for the future. But Democrats who put electoral concerns ahead of such long-term and selfless thinking may well be mistaken on their own terms if they fail to press for impeachment. If we do not impeach, remove from office, and try these criminals in court, we will have to abandon the idea of free and fair elections from here on out. And we know where this road leads.

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