Monday, May 21, 2007

Nothin' Changes No Matter the Mirrors

Malcolm X Would Have Been 82 on May 19th--"Sorry, Malcolm, But Nothin's Much Changed Since You Were Assassinated Up in Harlem That Day--'A Long Time Passing'--Nope, Nothin' Has Changed; the White Fascists Are Still in Control of U.S."
THE NATION - "DEMS SELL OUT ON TRADE": In a scathing editorial, The Nation magazine tears apart the handful of senior Democrats who negotiated the trade deal with the Bush administration in secret. "When Democratic and Republican leaders announce they have fashioned a 'historic' bipartisan compromise on trade, put your hand over your wallet," the editors write. "It probably means somebody has been sold out. In this case, we think it's the broad coalition of citizens--labor and environmental advocates and others--who want to reform corporate-led globalization. That includes all those voters who, last fall, elected new Democrats who promised to confront the multinational establishment." The editorial goes on to look at different pieces of the deal and urges populist Democrats in Congress "to push back--hard--and defeat the agreement if they can."

It's Ho-Hum Here at The Daily Growler
These politicians know they can lie and tell the truth at the same time and no one knows the difference, you see? Like Hillary is running for president, but why should we think Hillary is telling us the truth everytime she writes a book or makes a speech. She has been pro-War from the beginning. Her husband was pro-War all during his terms in office--or orifice in case you're Monica Lewinsky--remember her?--"I did not have sex with that woman." Now who would you believe saying that, me, thegrowlingwolf, or Slick Willie Jefferson Clinton, Hillary's husband, the ladies's man, the charmer, the dude who made us all believe he was a great Democrat in the old-time Democrat tradition, which was buffalo chips, of course; Lyin' Willie--"I did not show my dick to tht Paula Jones--OK, maybe I felt her titties, but that's not sex."

So why should we believe anything Hillary says? Barrack Obama, too? Why should we believe him? Who the hell is he? Where did he come from out of nowhere? Of course Reverend Al and Dick-worshipping, Hymietown Jesse "Spittin' in Your Hamburger" Jackson are the only other presidential-type characters among the blacks and their reps are pretty low even among their own people now--'cause Jesse couldn't keep his dick in his pants and Reverend Al defended crazy sweet Tawana Brawley--now a Minister Lewis Farrakhan assistant, isn't she? And does Farrakhan still have cancer? Nobody ever continues reporting on what they report at the moment--followups--no followups--like the guy who supposedly went to prison in the Dakotas or some god-awful Neo-Con safe state, for telling the "burning bush" joke? Remember that? Back right after 9/11 when it became like blasphemy to say anything negative about Bush, his brothers, his Mammy Babs (George Washington with breasts), Pappy--old line legal reserve crook G.W.H. Bush, his Unka Dick, his brother Prince Bandar Bush...oh shit, it's such an old story. Twenty-eight percent of We the People still back this bum wholeheartedly, they don't give a shit what an F-ing liar he is and how this fool has stolen all their privacy, too, and he's sending their fool sons and daughters to Iraq to fight and maybe die and probably get wounded for life and this two-faced bastard is getting away with his lyin' and his cheatin' We the People, stealing our money, stealing our privacy, stealing all our records, stealing our secrets, stealing our souls--and certainly stealing our ways of making a living and sending them off to CHEAP LABOR ECONOMIES and stealing all our oil and our reserves and backing the cruelist regimes against any humanitarian attempt to bring peace to the world--NO PEACE, PERPETUAL WAR--WAR IS GOOD--WAR BRINGS IN THE BUCKS. SO WHAT 3,600 American soldiers have been killed; so what 900 private contractors have been killed; so what perhaps 650,000 Iraqis have been killed; for sure over 2 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes and are living as refugees in lands that don't necessarily love them--in fact, hate them, the Jordanians, the Syrians, the Iranians--where the hell are they supposed to go? and over 100,000 American troops have been wounded, some severely, and all have been mentally reworked and will be as crazy as hell when they ever get back to this country and their homes to find there's no work in their communities anymore and even if there are jobs they don't have much to do with military expertise--operational or mechanical--I mean pumping gas in a serve-yourself gas station-- or working in a liquor store on a major highway and getting robbed and threatened with death six or seven times a night--or maybe managing a 7-11--"Hands up!" It's sad, folks, very sad.

But It Ain't Sad in Yankee Stadium Tonight
I told you so yesterday after the Yankees beat the Mets so wonderfully. I said I thought they were back and were going to clean Boston's clock tonight--and right now as I'm typing this the score is 6-1--A-Rod has hit his 18th homerun and 42nd RBI; Giambi has poled one; Cano has caught fire tonight--it's wonderful. It's why Yankee fans don't even get concerned when they hear the fat lady singing. It's why we're so damn pompous and confident. Plus we love baseball and the Yankees play damn good baseball year-in and year-out and even when they're losing they're exciting, much more exciting than Boston has been this year. The Mets, now they play exciting baseball--check out their games--always exciting right down to the 9th inning bone.

I like exciting teams--teams with flare--the Yankees have the flare I've liked for many a years now, though at one time way back F-ing when, I briefly was a Red Sox fan--when they had Birdie Tebbitts, Eddie Stankey, Bobby Doerr, Vern Stephens, Dominic DiMaggio, Al Zarick, Walt Dropo, Billy Goodman, Matt Batts, Ellis Kinder, Mel Parnell, and, of course, the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams [remember, Ted's head is on ice waiting for the right eggs to create the greatest baseball clone that ever lived]. But that was the only year I was a Red Sox fan. Right after than I became a Yankees fan, through high school, then in college, then after I was married, and certainly since I've been in New York City. Anyway, I'm getting the big head.

See y'all tomorrow.

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