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Here's That Old Answer Wolf Again

thegrowlingwolf Answers Questions Once Again
Question 2: Why is Tony Blair (Bush's Poodle) resigning?
You know one of my great peeves is how We the People of the US of A are supposed to respect the government of Great Britain (it's falling apart gradually--Scotland and Wales already talking "nationalism") and its sour old foppishly Prussian-acting royal family--remember, Princess Di was "America's Princess"--but anyway.

The irony is that at one time Great Britain and its monarchy was our number one enemy. We were their Colony--yo, white slaves, escaping to here from cruel England and Holland, and once here facing Native Americans, our white religions teaching us everything "God-like" is WHITE, ie, angels, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, so naturally these whites wimped out and turned and kissed the King's ass so they could get firearms and you know the rest of the story. And during the Revolution, remember, most Tories fled to Canada, but some of them stayed, yep, they stayed and they went along with the new republic but they wouldn't go so far as make the turkey our national bird...but they stayed in politics up in Boston and Upstate New York and Connecticut and New Jersey and over into Royal Decreed Penn Family Estate, Pennsylvania, on down through Virginny, to the huge slave plantation states of Gawjah, the Carolinas, on down into the swamps of Florida--all under Tory rule.

That's why France was our closest ally during the Revolutionary War--they, too, with their new republic hated Great Britain--they saved our forefathers's great white asses in that war. Then in 1812, we had to kick Mother Great Britain in the ass again--"I have just begun to fight!" "From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli...."

That's why Great Britain backed the Confederacy in the Civil War.

We didn't even really back Great Britain in WWI...sorry, old chap, but not really, I say. Old Weirdo Professor Woody Wilson held out until he figured out with his war cabinet that since Europe was determined to go out full blast with its all-out royal family war started with the assassination of the weakkneed fop morganatic bastard Hapsburg prince on the streets of old royal Sarajevo, we could wait until the last years of the war to pop in fresh, with our hot jazz bands leading us first to England and finally to the flattened and bomb-pitted farm fields and bombed flat villages of provincial France...and you know the rest. And at the League of Nations, Woody Wilson tried to rule the world, but Europe led by the Lords and Dukes and Earls of Great Britain shot his ass down and threw his 14 points of light into the garbage along with his New World Order. It killed old Woody; drove him stark raving mad. In the last years of his presidency, his wife, Edith, ran the government. Edith was rumored to be quite a wily woman both as a politician and as a bedmate. I could imagine her in the Lincoln bedroom with a paramour while old Woody was delusional in the next room. Reminds me of Geraldo Rivera banging Ms. Jacob Javitts while poor old Jake, her husband, was trapped in a wheelchair on a breathing machine in the next room--maybe even in the same room one time it was think that turned old Jerry Rivers on?--I know it turned Ms. Javitts on--she was a good looking older babe, too, and Jerry Rivers had a sex addiction--remember, he wrote a book about it (yep, Geraldo is a bestselling author, all you writers banging away at your ergonomic keyboards on your hopeful bestsellers)--admitted his shenanigans with Ms. Javitts, plus spilled the beans that he'd had Barbara Walters to boot--and that she had magnificent big breasts--and then, Geraldo admitted under the threat of a beating, he'd broken sweet little Chrissy Evert's cherry. Ohhhh, Geraldo!! And this guy still gets big bucks backing for his phony news teevee shows. He's still a respected on teevee!! [In a gloating manner, ex-cheerleader now crack news reporter, Katie Couric's ratings are absolutely NOWHERE. Sorry, Katie, but CBS pucked up--and all because old silly Dan Rather didn't check with headquarters before he ran an anti-tobacco industry segment on 60 Minutes--that and the fact he was getting pruney looking--pale as a ghost--that greyish pallor of a white man soon meeting his maker.]

And how about Rush Limbaugh and his Obama the Good Negro song some white dude sings impersonating Rev. Al Sharpton he's playing daily on his radically racist and nihilistic stupidly dumb radio show? Yahooooo! Hey, Rush is different from Imus; Imus is an admitted cokehead clown; everything Imus says is said as if Imus really believes he is funny as hell--remember when Imus's lung collapsed about 10 years ago?; Rush on the other hand believes he is like evangelically serious. He's a big pompous windbag. Imus is simply a cokehead on his last legs who really has no talent except he's trashy and should be living in a trailer house--like out in Tornado Alley. Rush, like Christians believe every word in their bible is true [see Pastor Melissa Scott for hour-long explanations of reading the Christian holy book in 6 or 7 ancient languages and how many different interpretations of it there are], believes every word he spews is sacredly true.

Think about it. What's a perfect white man's world? Where white men run everything and rule everything? Where white women are worshipped for their easy accessible sexual favors protected by their brave white brothers, for their ability to bear their pure white males pure white sons, heirs (very important for white folks), for their exalted "motherhood" abilities.... OK, you say, and what about people of color? Will the pure white male allow Asians to be whites? Here's a good one, will they allow Jews to be whites? What about blacks? You answer that one. In fact, what about poor pure white males and their poor pure white women? Laziness will not be tolerated in the White Man's New World Order unless you are already rich or are an heiress like Paris Hilton. Are the tanks in the street yet?

[Jack Kingston, a Repugnican Congressjerk from Jaw-jah--is one of the dumbest human beings I've ever heard speak--Jiggs, the movies's Cheeta, is smarter and a better debater--"Most of us here are here for ideological reasons," this dope said when questioning a dude who was testifying before Congress on the advancing power of private military organizations, ie, Blackwater.]

OK, so why did Tony Blair resign?

As one Brit writer said about Tony, "He's a second-rate politician with a third-rate mind." And why did he resign? As one guy said, "I voted for him because he said he wasn't going to follow in Margaret 'Warmonger' Thatcher's right-wing ways and then he gets in power and damn if he doesn't mimmick every one of Thatcher's actions."

Tony Blair resigned because he can't get Georgie Porgie W. Bush's shit off his nose. The Brits don't want their sons and daughters dying in Iraq; yet, Tony Baby in his farewell press conference today, said he thought staying the course in Iraq was containing terrerism there and that pulling out of Iraq would be disastrous for Great Britain and the world.

The natural question to then ask Tony is "Why are you bailing out then, Tony, if that war is so important and the defending of it is so important--you nutjob?"

thegrowlingwolf will tell you why Tony Blair is resigning, the people of Great Britain hate him. He's resigning because the people of Great Britain, opposed to this War from the get-go same as millions and millions of Americans, are sick and tired of the war and the terrerist threats and the lies and Bush's lies and the deceits and the memos from Bush instructing poor of Poodle Tony how to act--to play dumb when the US bombed Al Jezerah headquarters..."Hey, Tony, baby, how'd you like a chair on the Carlyle Group Board? Then you better stick that nose deep in that Bush asscrack then." Tony may have to go live in Dubai.

Tony's replacement? Gordon Brown, is that his name? The same Brit writer who classified Tony Blair as a politician and thinker says Gordie Brown is a 2nd rate politician same as Tony but with a 2nd-rate mind--remember, Tony has a 3rd-rate mind. Gordie Brown recalls for me Michael Brown, the horseshow promoter who suddenly became head of FEMA. "You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie," so saith the Great Decider.

The World Tumbles On...or does it--wanna read about real DOOM...see below.

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Read It and Weep:
Often, some of the most important news comes from local papers, stories that don't make it up the feeding chain and onto the news wires or major newspapers or nightly network news. It can be news that at first glance wouldn't appear to have a national or international impact. Second glance, and a good memory, can reveal that the impact may well be quite significant.

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