Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Am I Wrong But Isn't the Next Presidential Election Over a Year Away?
So why are these fools running for president running NOW? Why are we having these staged debates NOW? Why are these candidates raising all these millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars NOW--Hillary has raised 30 million; Obama has raised even more than she has!!! My dog's bigger than your dog!!!! Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani has even raised 30 million. And so amazingly has old Drunken Joe Smith-follower and plural-marriage advocate Mitt Romney even raised millions of bucks and leads the Repug polls going into the earliest of the early primaries (what a joke the Primary system is), the Iowa primary.

Let me clarify this plural-marriage shit: men get to marry as many babes as they want and not vice versa--Mormon men rule the roost, girls, and they carry a big stick to prove it. Men, I don't know about women, can carry concealed weapons in Utah--Oren "Nuts" Hatch is a Mormon from Utah--Execution by firing squad was still legal in Utah when they blew away that Executioner's Song dude Norman wrote about in that huge but good Mailer-babble and well-written to boot--and Mormon men love their women young and in a plural marriage under Mormon blessing, you're allow to bang your daughters as young as you like 'em and like I said, Mormon men like 'em young, and pale white and blonde, too, right Brigham? This issue believe it or not has split the Mormon Church in two in modern times--in the 70s when the Mormons were shooting each others ass in contention for leadership of the church (blacks are still considered "savages" by the Mormon doctrine--they believe they're the Lost Tribe of Israel--a fictitious tribe to begin with but don't tell the Mormons that--I mean they believe bullshit over common sense and scientific evidence anyway--you know it if you ever try to read the Book of the Mormon--I've read at the damn thing, in a motel room out in Pendleton, Oregon, one of their strongholds--they're all over that neck of the woods--there's even a lot of Mormons came down into Texas in the 30s and 40s with their missionary boys wearing their Jewish-style black suits and black fedoras--HOW DAMN STUPID ALL RELIGIONS ARE and the people who believe in them--by the billions--are STUPID, TOO--think of it--intelligence is up against billions of boobs who still believe magic, voodoo, prayer, trances, HOLY SHIT, SUCH BULLSHIT!!

Oh, and I forgot, just like the media has forgotten John Edwards--well, hell, he's a poor little spoiled brat rich boy so F the people he can use his own millions to back himself in his "populist" movement (bullshit, folks!)--Old John better collect millions--his wife's cancer treatments are probably being charged to We the People.

Have you noticed how the media has given moment-by-moment coverage of the Repugnican candidates, especially their favorite Rudi Mussolini, and pretty much have ignored the Dumbocrat candidates--well, they do mention Hillary in passing ways of sort of throwing doubt on her campaign and treating Obama's campaign like he was Jesse Jackson or worse, the Reverend Al Sharpton...just another star-seeking black man trying to score his millions before the Global Corporations put him back on the old Plantation again with the rest of US cheap labor human resources.

What a sordid cast of characters we have running for president in 2008, too. Not a worthy constituent in the whole mess of them. I say throw all the bums out and vote for Cheeta (Jiggs the Chimp)--I got it, how about writing in Chelsea Clinton for president and Cheeta for vice-president!!!--a totally winning ticket in my political book!!!

And what's this!!! Osama's back. At least that's what Yahoo (Yeehaw) News is reporting this morning. It seems this old uncatchable rascal is now ordering the destruction of the whole damn world everywhere now but Iraq. I guess he's claiming victory in Iraq. So what does Osama being back foretell? Does it mean our "president" like Rudi Mussolini tried to convince us after 9/11 happened during his mayoralty (that's not 'morality,' folks) will start saying since Bin Laden is declaring an al Queda victory in Iraq and now threatening the rest of the world, well, hell, here's Bush Baby, let him tell you himself: "I, the Great Decider, have decided--heh-heh--I like the way I that the right word?...but anyway, let me make this perfectly clear and I don't mean read my lips either--how 'bout readin' this middle finger of mine I'm shootin' your way--but, by God, people, you scumbags, I can't give up the presidency at this crucial time in this nation's God-fearing history. I feel obligated by a promise I made to the Great White Holy Father, the Man, baby, and one he's told me he's blessed, too, by God, I aim to follow this dude in his instructing me to keep my power as executive chief of this nation--I don't give a Christian fuck who you all elect, whether it's that big hipped Hillary bitch or that half-breed black or white man whatever the hell he is, that Obama bin...oh no, I'm not going there, folks--heh-heh-heh--that name reminds me of another name, that's all, folks--heh-heh-heh--but anyway, so to hell with all you bastards, I'm keepin' the presidency--it's mine--FOR LIFE, GODDAMMIT--we're at war and I won't release the presidency until MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and you all know it's an unending mission I'm trying to accomplish. There you all go, the Great Decider has decided--didn't I, Unka Dick? I did decide that, didn't I? Didn't I cousin Karl? I did good didn't I Mammy Babs? And my dear old Pappy who you all called a Wimp and Saddam tried to kill--and you all see what I did to Saddam--how'd you all like to end up like that? You all better watch what you call my old Pappy!!! Praise the Lard and pass me a platter of those Exxon-Mobil stocks overheah. Iran here I come. By the bye, did you all see how I jived Congress with my surge figures--how I've increased troops in Iraq way over my splurge figures and the damn wimpy Dumbocrats wimped out when I threatened to veto their asses right out on Pennsylvania Avenue...Wimps, all of you."

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday.
When additional support troops are included in this second troop "surge," the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq could increase from 162,000 now to more than 200,000 — a record high number — by the end of the year.
The little-noticed efforts to reinforce U.S. troops in Iraq are being carried out without the fanfare that accompanied President Bush's initial troop surge in January. (The Arizona Star)

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