Wednesday, May 30, 2007

That What Soldiers Are Paid For These Days

Here's a Pathethic Memorial Day (Decoration Day) Statement to Our Brave Fighting Forces in This Occupation of a Nation That Did Nothing to This Country; Yet They Bare the Brunt of Our WRATH in Our Surge for Revenge for the 2900 Who Were Killed in the Successful Arab Nutjob (Mostly Saudis--No Iraqis) Airliner Attacks on New York City and Supposedly the Pentagon on 9/11; It's an Offering of Thanks to These Today's Soldiers, These Volunteers, Because If We Had a Draft, These Damn Millionaire Ballplayers Would Have to Go SERVE Their Country Rather Than Staying Here and Serving Their Rich Owners and Masters While Playing Kids's Games----------------------------------------------------------------------------


To the service men and women of the U.S.

Your day officially arrives on Monday. But we should thank you more than once a year.

Many of you were athletes before turning in a football helmet for a combat one, your Air Jordans for the Air Force, your cleats for an M-16.

Even now, from the cities and deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan to the European theatre, you are following every piece of news about your Cleveland Browns or Florida Gators or New York Yankees or one of many other sports teams.

You are somewhere out to sea. You're at a listening post. You are walking the hermetic, barbed-wire zone between the Koreas.

You are a resilient, 'ain't got time to bleed, indefatigable American soldier.

Just wanted to show a little appreciation. That's all.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming of sports tirades and petulant posters and chants of "Barry sucks" momentarily.

Before then, thank you.

For watching all of our backs. For fighting for us. For making our love of sports even possible by keeping us alive and safe.

Now, back to sports.

How inanely stupid and uncaring and saying "F you, sisters and brothers, thank you for volunteering to fight this stupid war for this crooked as a snake at night phony "president" we have who we should be volunteering to fight to impeach rather than obediently going off to foreign lands and fighting these wars for these mighty and powerful rich world leaders and the huge corporate global marketplace they really represent, even down to the lowest members of the world's lowest parliaments or congresses or whatever--all bodies of politicians no matter where they are are simply after a piece of this big, huge, filthy rich promising Global Marketplace--I mean, come on, can you imagine selling automobiles to every living person in China!!!! Whoaaaaaaaa Nelly, look at the billions of bucks growing on that big old money tree that grows rich off the fertilizer of WAR--those dead soldier's blown to bit parts ground into good fertilizer for those money fields--like those oilfields in Iraq. How much you think those are worth to these birds in terms of dead American soldiers--forget dead Iraqis, our military gives not one shit in Hell for a dead Iraqi--nor do they really give one shit about just another dead dog soldier or jarhead platoon leader or Humvie machinegunner. That oil is worth more than if we gave every dead American soldier's family a million bucks--so far that oil is worth more than a couple'a trillion dollars--12 billion a day in Iraq?--Hell, you could give these dead soldiers's families 3 or 4 million a piece--then they'd gladly give up several of their other sons and daughters for the cause. Hey, the so-called Terrorists reward their soldiers with a free limo-trip to Islam heaven where they get 10,000 virgins to do with as they please.

Religions. What a waste of earth time and earth resources and human values and human future!! Religions. Take a look at a picture of old horrible-fat, pig-jowled, bloated Reverend Jerry Falwell right before the Lard called him home. Look at how fat and sleazily bloated his blubbery face is. He's a glutton. And gluttons die of massive heart attacks, god or no god.

Religions. Such foolish instinctual yearnings to die for--especially when you are only 22 dickhead years old. When I was in the army we used to talk about how we were fighting these wars for old fuckers as old or older than our parents--and we were rebelling against our parents after their war, WWII. We rebelled by saying "Hell no, we won't go." And by God that eventually got rid of Lyndon Baines "Big Balls" Johnson and his "We will not cut and run in Veee-ette Naam" puff-chested spewing though of course in defiance of the people of the USA at that time, too. Those Dumbocrats insisted on staying with the VietNam WAR and turning normally kind'a progressive old Wallace-type Minnesota Grange progressive Hubert "Pleased as Punch" Humphrey into a weakling, a stooge, a traitor--and Hubert was a sociologist I believe by college education--yep, the Dumbos had the ball in 1972 and they fumbled it into the greedy little hands of one Tricky Dick Nixon, who while bombing the hell out of the South Vietnamese and the Cambodians was pig-squealing his love of peace and ending the war, a WAR by the way based on the phony Bay of Tonkin incident, an incident, same as the Weapons of Mass Destruction aimed at us from Iraq, that was a total LIE, a BIG LIE, as We used to accuse Stalin of spouting--though Stalin did the same thing our Presidents do--he determined to have total control of his lumpenprolitariat, which were most of his people--remember, they were Socialists and everybody works for the government under Socialism, ok, the Communist form of Socialism, but so-what, still Socialist.

Such bullshit. And I'm so tired of it. Cindy Sheehan expressed her tiredness this morning on Amy Goodman's radio show--Cindy is amazed how Bush can just get anything he wants no matter what We the People want and We the People have no representation in Washington now and certainly not from the Dumbocrats who are hook, line, and sinker involved in fishing for gold in these wonderfully abundant WAR waters the Neo-Cons have created--Exxon-Mobil this quarter will turn in such record-breaking profits you'll be amazed by them. They'll leave Wal-Mart spinning in the middle of the Global Marketplace highway like an empty beer can spins when tossed out the window of your car while going 85 say out on one of those well-paved Texas highways headed out toward New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Notice too, Exxon-Mobil stock dropped on the market yesterday, which means, once the profit report is in, it'll shoot up 10 points and the rich investors will make 6 or 7 million, enough to buy some IBM stock, which is pretty cheap now at around 100 bucks a hit.

I'd load up on Exxon-Mobil stock though. Might send one of the curtainclimbers to college or pay to keep him or her out of the Army when the draft comes back in, and don't worry, it's a comin'.

from somewhere in Iowa
For The Daily Growler

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