Friday, May 18, 2007

Doomsday or Ressurection

Yankees Fans Are on Their Knees Praying to Their Various Gods--All Are Cursing Mr. Met, Even ex-Yankee Willie Randolph, and Certainly David "Cop's Kid" Wright
The Yankees lost 3-2 in a great baseball game; Yankees such a sad-helpless-looking team.]
I am anticipating something similar to an old Roman circus with lots of "thumbs down" hollering from the solidly packed Shea Stadium regulars (one thing in the Yankees favor is that the Japanese businessmen may have bought up all the good box seats at Shea to see Matsui maybe mow down the Mets all by himself). It will be a madhouse. First up for the Yankees--who the hell knows? Joe's even batted the batboy lead off in one game--but if it's Johnny Damon, he'll get a boobird welcome to Shea and then, F Abreu, he's not worth booing this year, here comes Jeter, A-Rod, and that big wimp Giambi--and oh hell how the shouts of "thumbs down" and "Hail Willie Randolph as Caesar" will echo around Shea louder than those cursed airliners who buzz Shea every five minutes or so--or do they now route the planes away from Shea during the games? They are building the new Shea directly under the old flight paths so I guess they worked that out with La Guardia or something--it will probably have its new name sold to the highest corporate bidder--like what if the Chinese Commie government bought the name and decided to call it "Chairman Mao Stadium" or "Yellow Peril Stadium"? Would Mets fans stand for that? Or how 'bout the Dubai Royal Family buying the name and calling it "Brother Osama Bin Laden Stadium"? Yeeeehaw. It could happen, folks. Every iota of everything is for sale in this country. On the baseball radio broadcasts even the trip to the bullpens are sponsored--"This trip to the bullpen is brought to you buy Limp Reasoning Magazine" (one of the Yankees's radio and television sponsors is the Indian Point Nuclear Facility that is only 25-miles from downtown Manhattan on the Hudson River--it's boiling madly as I type this--also, our NYC little-man billionaire mayor is now getting on the Global Warming bandwagon and the anti-gun bandwagon as he tests the waters to see if the pompous poll figures his henchmen are giving him really do show he's more popular than America's Mayor the Great, Mighty, Pious, Never Wrong, Patriotic Beyond the Call of His Mayoral Duties, Perpetual Seeker of Higher Office, Perpetual Loser (and I'll bet he couldn't get reelected mayor of NYC today!!), Righteous Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani. [Did you see where Guiliani revealed he's worth 16 million bucks! Think of that, folks. Being mayor of New York doesn't pay all that much, maybe a couple a hundred grand a year, so how did this clown amass a fortune of 16 million--wait a minute--it just hit me--speaking engagements and commemorations and banquets and dinners and Rudi Appreciation Days and his Mafia payoffs--ooops, sorry, I didn't mean to bring up Rudi's unholy background, you know, his father in the slammer for, well, let's just say RICO would have nailed him this day and age--also, remember, Rudi gained his fame by claiming he's the guy who put John Gotti in the slammer--which is bullshit--Gotti beat Rudi's charges--the IRS eventually is what put Gotti in prison, where he lived a good life at the expense of We the People of New York. Wow! That bastard is worth 16 million dollars--that's unhidden monies--there's probably another 20 million in Cayman Island bank accounts--like what happened to all those millions Rudi collected for 9/11 survivors--I don't think those people ever saw a buck of that booty? Sorry, off on another Rudi rant. Yes, Carol, I do despise the man.]

So the fun starts at 7:30 tonight, at Shea, full house--except it is looking rainy over Manhattan and I'm sure it's looking even rainier over Queens and out around Shea. The Mets and the Cubbies the other evening sat out a 3 hour rain delay and finally started the game after midnight--another Mets last minute super win, too, if I remember correctly.

The Yanks are going with a pitcher who before becoming a Yankee starter had pitched one game in Double A ball at the Yankees's Trenton farm club--The Trenton Thunder!! He started off horribly but in his last two starts he has pitched sort of brilliantly--especially his last game--however, being in Shea Stadium with all that hooting and hollering and Mr. Met firing rolled up towels from his teeshirt gun at him from the stands, this dude will lose his cool--he may even give up 5 runs in the bottom of the first--I've seen him do it before.

If the Yanks score big early, they can handle the Mets; if they don't score early and the pitcher goes astray and they get say 5 runs behind, then the Mets will be victorious easy.

I'm, of course, praying to The Daily Growler spiritual guide and official priestess Pastor Melissa Scott with all my might! I even sent her a tennis bracelet--4 carats!! hoping for a blessing from her for the Yankees--I sent my tennis bracelet along with a love message written in Sanskrit, one of her many languages, love Sanskrit truly expresses it. So, come on, Melissa, baby, give the old Yankees a nice word with old Doctor Gene up in Heaven--I know God loves the Yankees; I just don't think he understands the serious mess they're in at the moment.

And Giambi and his saying he was a bad boy for taking steroids and I'm goin', "Yeah, you bastard, when you were on the stuff you were hittin' .350 and hittin' 50 homeruns out in Jokeland and you get to the Yankees and you can't hit .250 now that you've given up steroids--OK, so they F-ed up your head and were giving you cancer--you get paid to hit .350 and hit 50 home runs a year. But you are right in saying the Major Leagues handled the whole thing wrong and sure managers and owners and team trainers and physicians knew about steroid use and even encouraged it I'm sure. Only when they realized it was addictive and as such murderous as well since the only way they work is by changing the whole metabolism of a jock's body to where his strength develops faster than his muscles can handle it, plus the effect of this on the brain, brain-strain, dig, thus causing mental problems. Remember McGwire's last year as Babe Ruth's official original record-breaker (something they never let old Rajah Roger Maris be) when he, too, flipped out and was charged with using a strenght enhancer--and he had to retire because, yes, he was using a strength enhancer. When I was a high-school track star, I know for sure our weight team all took little white energy pills the coach handed out to them along with Snickers candy bars right before a meet. My high school track team was state track champions about 3 years in a row. I remember I one time ran a team record 220-yard-dash and the coach had a talk with me and afterwards showed me a can of these white tablets--he had a name for them, but I can't recall it now. I was a dumb kid--I would have taken anything the coach handed me if I thought it would help me win--however, I never took any of those white tablets the old coach offered me and who I know others on the team were taking. That coach became so famous in high school coaching circles, he landed a college deal where I think he ended up retiring. I'm sure that old Curly Bob, that's what I called him, is in the ground many years now.

So here I am, a Yankee fan, sitting, waiting for 7:30 pm and the call of "Play Ball" and I'll know within a matter of innings whether I'll come out of it jubilant or so sorrowfully disgusted I may go down to my favorite Irish pub and throw back a few Jameson's Golds to wash away my blues, my old New York Yankee blues.

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Here's a Pretty Interesting Piece for You Growlers to Read

The destructive force of Hurricane Bush continues to roll across the countryside, leaving in its wake devastation worthy of a Cormac McCarthy novel.

And still, a third of all Americans think this guy is doing well in his job. What’s up with these people? Are they learned students of philosophy who crave the nihilism of their intellectual hero, Friedrich Nietzsche? Are they a secret army of Charles Lindbergh clones, trained to believe that fascism is pretty good stuff? Was Joseph McCarthy even more right than he knew, after all, and America is actually riddled with a hundred million spies devoted to its destruction?

Who knows. What is clear is that the literal and figurative stacks of bodies continue to pile up unabated. At this rate it is no small question as to who will be left around to bury the dead once the killing stops.

We do know that it won’t be Tony Blair, however. He joins a long list of fools and other kinds of victims of George Bush’s politics of global destruction, a machine so effective that ‘scorched earth’ has become ‘scorched Earth’, and now effectively ceases to function as a metaphor. (Thus, in addition to everything else he’s done, Bush has given pundits everywhere (another) reason to hate him.)

Read it all here:,_I_Am_Become_Death,_The_Destroyer_of_Worlds.html

Here's Nice Piece on Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas); the Guy Who Made Guiliani Mad by Telling the Facts About the Attack on 9/11, Whether Rudi Knew About It or Not

Ron Paul Builds Campaign on the Web
By Fred Lucas Staff Writer
May 18, 2007

( - If unscientific online polls were a determining factor, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas would easily be a top tier candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. But they aren't -- and he isn't.

Despite coming in first place in a post-debate poll on MSNBC and in other online surveys, Paul hovers around two percent or less in surveys conducted by Gallup, Harris, Zogby and other leading polling firms.

At the same time, however, he has a large network of "meet up" groups across the country, heavy traffic on his campaign website and new-found media attention since comments during a Fox News Channel GOP debate this week that appeared to blame U.S. foreign policy for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The statement, which drew a strong response from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, might have torpedoed the chances of a top-tier candidate, but Paul still came in a close second in an online poll immediately after the debate.

This indicates a large body of supporters, Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said Thursday.

"Ron Paul has more passionate supporters who are more likely to send in text messages and emails into the polls," Benton told Cybercast News Service. "That may skew it, but we're not going to apologize that our supporters are more passionate than Rudy Giuliani's supporters."

Benton said the Paul campaign has not engaged in an organized effort to encourage people to vote in online polls. He also scoffed at accusations from bloggers that Paul supporter were spamming Web sites. "This is not a handful of people. This is a grassfire movement," he said.

Paul, 71, is a 10-term Republican House member and was the 1988 Libertarian Party presidential nominee. He stands apart from the rest of the GOP field, having opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. He also has called for the immediate abolition of the Internal Revenue Services and other federal programs, declaring himself the "true conservative" in the race because he wants to return the GOP to its non-interventionist roots.

Paul's campaign claims more YouTube subscribers than the campaigns of any other presidential candidates. (A YouTube subscriber is someone who gets automatic email alerts on a topic of their choice when a new video on that topic is posted on the popular video-sharing site.) Also, more Ron Paul videos are posted on YouTube than all but two of the GOP candidates, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

In another indication of massive online interest, "Ron Paul" is also the top search on Technorati, a blog search engine that says it indexes more than 75 million blogs. On Friday, Ron Paul was at the number one position on Technorati, ahead of the likes of Paris Hilton and American Idol.

Paul has $524,919 on hand, according to his most recent campaign filing, far less than the millions raised by the top-tier candidates, McCain, Romney and Giuliani. At the same time, when compared to the six other second-tier GOP hopefuls, the Texan raised the most money during the first quarter in 14 states, including Florida and Texas, and the second-highest amount in Montana and New Hampshire.

Paul's campaign website has significantly higher traffic than those of the other second-tier candidates, and rivals the hits on the McCain, Giuliani, Romney sites, according to, a site that monitors web traffic.

Paul has come under heavy scrutiny since Tuesday night's debate, when he answered a question about whether his non-interventionist foreign policy view should change after 9/11.

"The reason they attacked us is because we were over there," Paul responded. "We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years."

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