Friday, September 01, 2006

A One-Arm Writer Just Walked Back in the Door

Blaise Cendrars
The Astonished Man, first published in 1945, was The Daily Growler's very first entry in The Daily Growler a la Oprah Book Club back in our very first post, April 6. Vive le Cendrars. And the truly great blog at wood s lot (go to our sidebar for a quick link to this great site--the world's first daguerreotype tops two poems by Blaise. Anais Nin said Blaise was "an acrobat of language" and that he is. Further down the pages is an appreciation of The Astonished Man.

A Drunken Salon
Last night
thegrowlingwolf and theDailyGrowlerhousepianist partied their cans off over at thegrowlingwolf's favorite Irish pub--joined in the process by a bevy of gorgeous Irish gals and one thegrowlingwolf's hot babe friends from the banks of the Mississippi and the food and the drink and the bullshit and the chortling and the guffawing went on through the hamburger, the sesame chicken, the veggies, the onion rings, and then the bunch packed away a shipload of growlers of Harp ale topped off with tumblers of Jameson's Gold. The whole sheebang wobbled back to the wolf den and there amazing musics were indulged. First, thehousepianist got on the piano and showed the Wolf Man how one could improvise scales according Ivesian intervals, like doing scales, say a major C scale, in do-re...then E-flat to me...then fa so G# la ti do. Then the lads settled back with stomachs full and tall cold cans of Heineken to absorb as much of Charles Ives's 2nd Piano Sonata, the Concord and performed by the truly brilliant--"a god-damn genius," Mister Ives might have called him--Gilbert Kalish. The evening went on until 2 in the morning when theDailyGrowlerhousepianist finally hit the streets for far uptown and home.

All agreed,
the Concord is one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed.

The Daily Growler


There is a movement beginning south of us, in Venezuela and now in Mexico.

A man standing up to the corrupt puppets of the corporate monstrosity that wants to rule the world under the New World Order--have you ever read Pappy's 1000 Points of Light speech? The Mexican Supreme Court has not officially declared Calderon president though they've said he won the election and by 276 thousand votes. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is calling for a People's Government, a government in the streets, and people are following him, setting up tent cities all over Mexico, the biggest in the Zocalo in
Cuidad Mexico. Viva AMLO we say here at The Daily Growler. It's a great movement to follow. Freedom may be on the march in Mexico. Poor Iraq is now totally divided. Thanks, Georgie Porgie, our numbskull, human-animal hybrid "president," you bumbling massacre-ist for bringing such catastrophic freedom to Iraq.

And More From Mexico
For the first time in Mexican history...READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Hey, there's something great taking place just south of us in the United States of Mexico!

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