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More on War

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"Wars will only be prevented with certainty if mankind unites in setting up a central authority to which the right of giving judgement upon all conflicts of interest shall be handed over. There are clearly two separate requirements involved in this: the creation of a supreme authority and its endowment with the necessary power. One without the other would be useless." Sigmund Freud, "Why War?" Character and Culture.

Freud was talking about the League of Nations, which was supposed to take charge of the situation after WWI, the war to end all wars, in case that war seems like it happened in ancient times to you. Trouble was and Freud admits it later the League of Nations had no power. Then after Freud and the League of Nations were dead the U.S. decided it had won WWII by itself, and in a way it did, and in order to handle matters the US care nothing about really, like the State of Israel at first--the UN was supposed to settle the Palestinian situation but of course the good ole US of A and the Commies got into a bullshit-flinging bunch of ballyhooing about what to do with the Jews, and then the UN was created and for the purpose of turning swords into ploughshares--to handle conflicts among world nations--to settle disputes, to establish a peacekeeping police force, to create world health standards, to stop famines and infant mortality and the economic problems, etc., etc.--it even had its own post office and stamps.

Almost immediately, however, the UN was given no power of its own due to the Big Four, the US, Russia, Great Britain, and France, having veto powers over any thing they don't care for in both the General Assembly and the Security Council. Again the UN as a whole has no power whatsoever; not even as a peace-keeping force. Plus they have to deal with the U.S. promoting anitUN sentiments in a sort of constant way--like owing the UN billions in dues yet not paying them until the last minute--and this started during the Cold War and our fear of the Invisible Soviet Armed menace--though we really had no proof that any of the Soviet Union claims were real or the claims made for them by idiots like John Foster Dulles and those clayheaded boobs in the CIA who since their beginnings have only been good for mischief, menace, and mayhem--bringing drugs to the troops--getting heroin out of Burma and getting it into the U.S. via Southern Airways--yep, the CIA owns it own airline.

Barry Goldwater, a Jewish man who used to dress up in a Native American chief's outfit, you know, warbonnet, buckskins with lots of fringe, moccasins, and with a group of his rich Phoenix fool buddies he would do wardances and chants and beat on big drums and shit like that, this wicked little-man department store owner who got so rich he decided he'd nest egg his life by becoming a politician. As a senator he wrote a book called Conscience of a Conservative. It was a McCarthy-like look at the world from a dumbass conservative's bitter point of view. Poor Barry. Everything he looked at was controlled by commies--this huge communist infiltration that, as Tailgunner Joe McCarthy had said, had pretty much saturated the Department of Defense, the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Pentagon, and even in the Executive branch--I mean commies were everywhere and the Soviet Union was such a massive and horrible anti-Christian threat, Barry said he saw no reason why we shouldn't just go right ahead and drop a nuke on Moscow, you know, get it the hell over with before it got started. And, as Lyndon Johnson said, in your heart you knew old Barry Goldwater was just a rich kook playing with our sentiments, trying to get us riled up so he could put some more bucks in the Goldwasser family coffers--the Goldwasser foundations. Kennedy had fouled up the Bay of Pigs fiasco, a dumb-fool jerkass plan to recapture Cuba with a tubful of idiot Cuban dandies who wanted their precious Batista, in exile in--where else?--the good old USA [remember General Ky from the good old VietNam War days ended up driving a cab in Southern California--I think he even went in the restaurant business--plus I think Madame Ky is still kicking, too; probably living a hell of a lot better than the American VietNam War veterans are living. Anyway, this tubful of Cubano refugees desired a Capitalist dictator back in Cuban--not a democratically elected president mind you, but a dictator, hey same as Castro though not a commie dictator; a dictator that will put the Cuban natives back into a Stone Age existence working for the Amercan sugar cartel out cutting sugarcane for less-than-chicken-feed wages. Plus, they want to give the Mafia back its control of the hotels and bring back the nightclubs, whorehouses, and casinos--gambling, whoring, all the good things of life and the Hollywood crowd and the jet setters and the spoiled rich brat celebrities will come roaring back to be beneath that Habana moon, back down to old Habana and maybe catch the dude, El Bicho Grande, with the world's largest DONG--one even grander than Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas's hero Long Dong Silver's (I wonder what ever happened to Long Dong?)--anyway, this all started with Freud suggesting the only way to end war was to form a powerful antiwar community of high-minded individuals from every country in the world and give it enough power to regulate the natural (instinctual) tendency of human beings and human communities to violence--violence which matches up competitive military forces, violence that decides who rules who, violence that turns a captured enemy into slaves and servants, those who maintain the foundations of plutocratic dictatorships.

The United Nations has no F-ing power to do much of anything especially not stop war. The UN would have to change the psyches of the world's nations before any kind of coordinated peace can ever exist. The UN is a bunch of hooey; a good idea but a bunch of hooey. I mean look at our United Nations ambassador, John Bolton, a true certified nutjob who has said over and over again how he believes the UN should be abolished--I believe he wanted a bomb dropped on the UN didn't he?

"According to our hypothesis human instincts are of only two kinds: those which seek to preserve and unite--which we call "erotic," exactly in the sense in which Plato uses the word 'Eros' in his Symposium, or 'sexual,' with a deliberate extension of the popular conception of 'sexuality'--and those which seek to destroy and kill and which we class together as the aggressive or destructive instinct." Freud, "Why War?"

Keeping on keeping on, "Our mythological theory of instincts makes it easy for us to find a formula for indirect methods of combatting war. If willingness to engage in war is an effect of the destructive instinct, the most obvious plan will be to bring Eros, its antagonist, into play against it. Anything that encourages the growth of emotional ties between men must operate against war." Freud, "Why War?"

Amuricans think very lowly. "Eros" to most of them refers to SEX. Eros spelled backwards is SORE. And it should be. That's what salves are for. The slicker the smoother the smoother the better. War is just the opposite. War stands for friction and fire. Stress. Men, now women, "marching as to war," as the Christian warmongers sing so proudly, who sign up with an army in order to get ahead in life--come on, isn't that foolish?--and that's sad to me because I know recruitment dudes lie like dogs and will tell fool kids anything to "sign 'em up," to meet their quotas and maybe get a trip to Hawaii or at least a promotion in rank so that maybe they can get the F out of the recruitment end of the business, the lowest end of the business, a low end of low thinkers, army thinking being the lowest form of thinking, rote thinking, "there's the right way of thinking then there's the army way of thinking," it's all by the numbers, "Hup, 1-2-3-4," simple as that. "What the hell you doin' thinking, trooper? When you're in this man's army, you don't think, I think for you."

Poor dumb fucks, like Lynndie England or Jessica Lynch--remember her? That real Amurican hero who turned out to be acting it out for US army photographers? The Daily Growler crack news staff tells me Jessica is expecting her first child--in whatever hillbilly part of the US she's from. Seems like Jess is knocked up by her boyfriend--illegitimate children used to be branded children--now they're quite common aren't they? "Who's your daddy, kid, that guy?" "No, that's my mother's new boyfriend; she kicked my real dad out years ago; this is my third 'new' daddy since my real dad got the boot. I still see my real dad who lives with my 'new' mother who's the mother of my 'new' half-brother...." Hey, there's plenty of poor bastards out there who have no idea who their real parents are. I once dated a young woman who had been dropped off at a Catholic Charities place when she was newborn and had been raised by the people whose last name she kept and the first name they had given her. It was strange talking to her about her father. Her father was Irish, but she wasn't Irish looking at all; she was more Scandinavian looking, like from the Scandinavian migration across the middle of this country--she had the emotional feelings (from her solar plexus) of who she really was though they had been redesigned to fit a family into whose design this beautiful lucious young woman did not fit at all. It was really hard for me to realize this woman knew she really wasn't who she said she was; that she had to be like an actress playing a role all of her life, playing the role of a person she was but knew nothing about except the instinctual knowledge of who she was--and holy cow that must drive poor orphans who are orphaned as babies bananas--how confusing such an existence must be. I depend so much on remembering my parents and their psyches and mores and shit like that that has been so essential in my understanding of my self's make up--or who I really am and all I have to do to know who I really am is to look at an old photo of my father and mother and there I see myself staring back from out of their faces and then I remember them so clearly alive and moving about and talking and arguing. How scary not to have those kind of self-knowledges.

So Jessica Lynch is having a baby. Hot damn! And illegitimate children abound from Hollywood all the way up to CEOs and, hell, even to the presidents of the US of A; Grover Cleveland, for example.

War is on my mind. I'm driven lycophantically nuts by the full moons of all the wars I've evolved (grew up and aged) under, WWII, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the VietNam War, Reagan's cruel little war on the people of the Island of Grenada, the War in Nicaragua (the Contras were our puppets in that CIA-forced and staged war against another popularly elected president, Daniel Ortega--yes, a Sandinista, therefore a Commie, therefore he's marked for extinction by our charming CIA weaselly agents (who the hell in their right minds would work for the CIA, the FBI, the IRS? If we didn't work for them, how would they exist? If kids refused to go to war without absolutely honest reasons then we'd have no stupid wars like this current War Against the Terrerists. CAN YOU BELIEVE GEORGIE PORGIE, OUR "PRESIDENT" TROTTED OUT THE SADDAM HUSSEIN-9/11 HORSE HOCKEY THE OTHER DAY IN JUSTIFYING THE WAR--JUST THREW IT OUT THERE LIKE, "WE HONESTLY THOUGHT THERE WAS A CONNECTION BETWEEN SADDAM AND AL QUEDA BASED ON WHAT WE THOUGHT WAS ACCURATE INFORMATION." HE WOULD NOT KNOW ACCURATE INFORMATION IF IT FELL LIKE A BUCKET OF SHIT ON HIS SPOILED BRAT LITTLE RICH BOY HEAD. WHY IS THIS GUY ALLOWED TO CONTINUE ON AS OUR LEADER--OUR REPRESENTATIVE? WHY WAR? WHY ALWAYS WAR? THE ONLY PEACE THESE FOOLS KNOW IS THE PIECE NONE OF THEM ARE GETTING SO THEY'RE MASTURBATING WITH OUR YOUNG AND OLD SOLDIERS, KILLING THEM OFF LIKE SO MANY FLIES ON THEIR IRRITATED ASSES.

Then I lived through Pappy Bush's attack on Panama City, Panama, accidentally killing 400 civilians in a neighborhood they weren't supposed to bomb, all because Pappy Bush was out to get his old dope-peddling buddy, Noriega, out of Panama mucho pronto so he could keep him under wraps down in Bush's favorite ex-dictator retirement state, Jeb Bush's Florida, a state built on swampland; a phony state; a state environmentally dying, by the way; Miami's water supply is drastically limited unless they begin to turn the Atlantic's deadly water into drinkable facsimile of the real thing. Am I connecting too many dots at once?

Where is Sirhan Sirhan these days?

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