Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey, Folks, the US Is at War!!!

Bush's Excuse to Spend Some More Money and Kill Some More Human Beings
When our "president" is confronted with tough questions on our future in Iraq and Afghanistan, he shudders and stutters and then goes hiding behind Unka Dick's skirt with that smirk in place and talking out the corner of his downsloping mouth. Today, his answer as to why we couldn't pull our troops out of Iraq and save some lives and do some restorational goodness over there instead of continuing to destroy the country and kill its people was BECAUSE WE ARE AT WAR! It's war, folks, and there's nothing WE the PEOPLE can do about it. Nanner-nanner! Who we are at war with is unclear. It's "terrerists," yes, but that's such a general term; our "president" makes it even more general by implying these "terrerists" are all-world, all-nation, all-invincible, all-invisible, branches, arms, cells, of an empire he sometimes calls "Al Queda." These "terrerists" are well organized, much better than we are it would appear, and, like we say, they seem to be rather invincible. It's hard to tell whether we've made a dent in their armor or not since we don't seem to know whether we have or not, you know, "mission accomplished" one day and "hey, you guys need to give up some more money and some more freedoms 'cause this is war, folks" the next day; we keep getting these reports from "people in the know" that "ever-thing and ever-body is doin' a heck of a job in Iraq."

These "terrerists" seem to have bales of easily accessed money in every bank in every place all over the world. Hey, they seem to have more money than we do (and they do since Bush has managed to keep us broke and living on borrowed money and time).

They also seem to have a better spying network than We the People with our FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and NSA, and those same spy networks of our coalition forces, which now include who, the US of A and Great Britain? Whatever "heck of a job" our spy agencies are doing, they can't seem to catch the main operatives of this invincible- and invisible-empire force, this Al Queda. We do manage to catch a lot of second-string terrorist practioners like the goofy shoe bomber--we seem to be able to suddenly clobber one of these never-heard-of-before [what happened to Bush's deck of Al Queda playing cards?] second-raters every time we have a big red-alert-type scare tactic when it seems We the People are fixing to maybe throw the rascals out on their ears [though we doubt it] and we always claim these are Al Queda seconds-and-thirds-in-command big wigs and we've caught most of these guys in Iraq, though Al Queda headquarters aren't in Iraq are they?-- good question: just where the hell is Al Queda's headquarters these days? At Bin Ladin's Pakistan tiger hunting camp? Is that what Al Queda means, "tiger hunting camp"?

Now we know the Taliban have an insurgence movement going on right now in Afghanistan but the Taliban aren't Al Queda are they?

Now, if it's simply a War Against Terrorists, then that could mean we are at war with ourselves!

I mean, we don't even give a hill of proverbial beans for the murdered, maimed, butchered, and final solutionalized people of Darfur. Check this out:


We don't give one tinker's damn about our own people living in a Baghdad like shambles still prevalent in New Orleans in LOUISIANA, which, in case we've forgotten, is a state in the United Snakes of Amurica. Are we at War Against Hurricanes? They are certainly terrorists.

How about our pals the Russkies? My God, didn't they start all this terrorism by invading Afghanistan and Chechnya in order to "socialize" these hardheaded nutjobs who call themselves Muslims and faithful to Islamic laws, principles, and forms of government and rule--the only way the Russkies know how to handle "religious" politics is to use the final solution on these people who refuse to see the 1000 Points of Lights in any of these New World Orders we've got activating all over the place. Here's a little Chechnyan history:


And we got involved in all this mess with the Russkies telling us we'd never succeed in Afghanistan just as they failed to succeed there--though the Afghani dope industry [they don't have oil though they do have an oil pipeline running from Russia down to the Free World (doesn't that old phrase warm the cockles of your cold, cold heart?) and the president of Afghanistan is an oilman don't forget] is a billions-of-bucks-a-year economy--all going to the Pashtun tribal leaders--the dope area coming back under the control of the Taliban these days, even though "NATO forces wiped out 200 Talibanis t'other day"--wow, you mean an army big enough to lose 200 men in one battle is back in as a threatening force once again in Afghanistan after how many Amuricans, Brits, Canucks, Italians, etc., died in the first "mission accomplished" in this desolate, untamed, never-free part of the world?

Here for your enjoyment is a neat little Pashtun site. If you know the Pashtun language, they're having a poetry contest going on right now--or how about some Pashtun songs?:


And that's URL, brother, if we're going to get this in over the transom by publishing time.

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