Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The World Viewed Through the Smoke of Wars: A Continuing Present

The Unelected "President" Makes Us All Look Like Idiotic Fools Before World Assembly
A speech was made today by our Boy Wonder "president," who was really never truly elected president in either election he stole--was the first-ever appointed president in the history of this country's stupid election process--the Electoral College being a big "Achtung" in this Land of the "Free" and Home of the Dead Heroes--nobody living is a hero in this country anymore!

The "Little Boy Blue" "president" was in NYC today--his second visit this week. It's always so pleasant here in NYC when this idiot comes to town and the NYPD treat him as though he were God and he may be to them by blocking off half of Midtown, of course for the convenience of the privileged few who rule us and, of course, to the detriment of those of us who need our streets open so that we can get to and from our two and three jobs, the number of jobs it takes these days to afford to live in this once the world's greatest city, now simply an island retreat for filthy rich foreigners mostly or bug-eyed hayseed tourists in town to get a chance to spend a week's wages to ride one of the five or six hundred tacky, vulgar sightseeing buses and those awfully trick-jivey, ugly as corporate sin, and unrepresentative of anything New York City representative instead of Mickey Mouse copyrighted cuteness [Disney got Congress to extend copyright laws to 100 years--originally they were 20 years and then either you renewed them or your work went into the public domain, which means under the old laws We the People would have owned Mickey Mouse or Steamboat Willie and could of buried his cuteness with old Walt's frozen carcass down at tacky Epcot Center, or wherever old Walt's frozen food locker is; wouldn't it be funny if they put Ted Williams's frozen head say in Walt's lap for some mortuary fun and games]; these tacky little vehicles run rampant throughout DisneyLand and DisneyWorld, they are phony rubber-tired phony trollies--they are ugly plus they spew out the same dirty exhausts as those equally vulgar double-decker sightseeing buses that now roam the nooks and crannies of this once architecturally beautiful city that is now being made Cancun-looking as hundreds of 50-storey luxury apartment buildings go up all over the island; and fast, too, 15 or 20 going at one time across this vast island metropolis, as fast as the illegal Mexican and Asian laborers can nail them together, most of their parts prefabbed and shipped in from where the hell ever. Their superstructures are concrete slabbed with aluminum stud supports and sheetrock walls so thin you can hear your neighbor farting [Hey, "President" Bushed, how 'bout a real fart joke for us?] through them.

So Georgie Porgie of the Puddin' Pie fame was in town; staying in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf we hope--that's where Slick Willie stayed when he was president and brought his Cuban cigars and interns to NYC for a quick pop into the UN at We the People's expense of several thousands of dollars a night at that privileged man's hotel. Oh no, our presidents must stay in luxury. We are a nation of luxury. We are a nation of lazy, hypocritical, scared-to-death spoiled brats who don't even have the ambition to open a can of dog food without an electronic-self-controlled-robotical can opener--in fact, there is a lot of money being pumped into to robotics by our nation's big corporations. It seems the Asians are the masters of building robots, though the brains for most of the robotic inventions in the science seem to come from research done at MIT and Cal Poly. What they are striving for is a robot that will act so humanlike it will gladly--it will have guarantees and insurance that come along with it--be a slave to you, anybody, no matter their race, color, or creed--your every command will be your robot's pleasure to serve. "Yes, master," it will continually say, though it will have emotions which could explode at any minute turning that friendly little Engrish-speaking but Asian-thinking robot into a defiant maniac, like a human cooled on Prosac suddenly not taking their Prosac and heating up to killer psychotic temperatures--they have DANGER written all over them.

The "president's" speech centered around how humane the US is and how we are desiring to work hand in pocket with all the moderates in the Middle East--who the hell they are he never said--and he continued on, he is warning certain countries, especially Syria, that we consider them hotbeds of terrorism and since we have declared "undeclared" war on these Terrerists, we therefore perhaps are preparing to give Syria a little taste of "Freedom on the March." Our administration wants us Amurican scardy cats to see these terrerists around every corner, under every stone, in every nook and cranny, keeping us so silly scared, keeping us cowards, as we are lied to and pretentiously led by a robot. Yes, I've decided--oh yes, he's still a handpuppet--he's also a programmed robot who gos around saying "Yes, master, thy will be mine." Holy Leaping Christs this lie-spewing dunderheaded monster stands before this assemblage of world representatives and talks tough--weasel tough, though he's not weasel tough at all. If he were weasel tough, he'd be overthere in his New World Land of Freedom, Iraq, leading his scared, little boy soldiers over the tops to go out into the now sealed city of Baghdad (they dug a ditch around this city of millions with Checkpoint Charlies all over the place--like in the old days of Babylon when the kings built moats around their castles. "We dig you the moat," as Jack Sheldon ended his hit jive song back in the bebop fifties about 5 traveling bebop musicians from the days of Camelot, castles, and moats, going around looking for gigs. The King told these jivers he'd give the a gig, to dig him a moat, to which the jivers replied, "OK, King, we dig you the moat"--in translation for you squares: that was an applause (a critical approval) back in those cool days of cool bop, berets, pipes, and a devastating black humor; you'd go up to a cat who'd just blown 110 choruses of "Billie's Bounce" with great aplomb and give him five and say, "Man, I dig you the most." ).

While Bush Baby was backpeddling over his failure in Iraq in front of the grinning UN members by trying to trump up Iraq he began repeating a lie he started trumpeting a few weeks back in his speech before his Repugnican losers. This lie's where he says Iraq is now a beacon of shining hope for peace and freedom in the Middle East (one of the thousand points of light his old Pappy spoke of when he came up with the New World Order, which his son, who truly believes with the American people and his old wrinkled mommy that old Pappy Bush really is a wimp, is determined to show up and to not wimp out like his dad did when he faced sliding ratings, a failed economy, and a huge war debt which had driven our deficit spending to an all-time high until his son came along and topped him on that one--it's the "Love me, Daddy" game again--"Please, love me, daddy." But old Pappy stays behind the scenes, collecting his stolen bales of fresh printed good ole American cash from his dealings with the Saudi-founded Carlyle Group, which is now ironically involved with Halliburton in taking over the Dubai ports) while in the same breath he starts condemning Syria as a hotbed of terrorism and a supplier of terrorist help. This fool made this statement against Syria just as the Canadian government was revealing today how it had squealed on one of its citizens telling US intelligence that he had had connections to Al Queda when, in fact, he didn't. As a result of this Canadian cooperation with the Bush Devils, US intelligence (the CIA) took the dude into custody and shipped his innocent ass (via one of those CIA rendition flights--flown by Aero Contractors out of Smithfield, North Carolina, owned by former Air America (the CIA's own airline, called Southern Airways during the VietNam War) pilot, Jim Ryan) to SYRIA where he was held without rights and tortured so that he would divulge some information Georgie Porgie, the US "president," so sorely needs; he needs it so bad that he is willing to abuse all human rights, even those of his own citizens, to coerce them into giving him information, even if that information is total nonsense, given out by these innocent people just to keep from being "sliced" or "water boarded"--"OK, I confess; I am Osama Bin Ladin. I know, I look nothing like him, but, I tell you, I am him, dammit. You're right as always. You got me dead to rights. Will you behead me?"

Can you imagine the hypocrisy of accusing a country you are using to torture people you consider terrorists of promoting terrorism? Jesus, I'm confused. I feel like flying back to Iowa and just lolling out dead drunk on some of that Keokuk corn liquor they make out there behind that gentleman's barn at the back end of that beautiful cornfield--where "the corn is a high as an elephant's eye."

In the meantime, from that Beacon of Freedom and Democracy in the Middle East, Baghdad, 43 people have already met their makers today from street violence, car bombs, or being attacked by US forces. In Afghanistan, Canadians were killed while trying to help people find safety. Who killed them? Why a group called the Taliban. Ever heard of them?

Mission Accomplished.

I didn't watch this idiot's speech. No need to. I already know it by heart. It's all lies, but he's telling them so much and so often he's convinced at least 40% of Americans he's true blue, free white and 21, and has God on his side as he brings to this old world a New World Order of terrorism like we've never seen before. Wait until Bush drops a nuke on Iran. Then what?

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Freud Has Another Question
"Why do you [Freud is writing a letter to Albert Einstein] and I and so many other people rebel so violently against war? Why do we not accept it as another of the many painful calamities of life? After all, it seems quite a natural thing, no doubt it has good biological basis and in practice it is scarcely avoidable. There is no need to be shocked at my raising this question. For the purpose of an investigation such as this, one may perhaps be allowed to wear a mask of assumed detachment."

Sigmund Freud, Character and Culture, "Why War?", Macmillan, 1963

"So, Herr Doktor, what's the answer to your question?" [We are pretending to be Albert Einstein; it's cool being relative to a matter.]

"The answer to my question will be that we react to war in this way because everyone has a right to his own life, because war puts an end to human lives that are full of hope, because it brings individual men into humiliating situations, because it compels them against their will to murder other men, and because it destroys precious material objects [ed. Freud was an avid collector of ancient antiquities] which have been produced by the labours of humanity."

Freud has more on his mind; we guarantee it; perhaps The Daily Growler will make "Conversations With Freud" a regular feature. We have a book of conversations with Alfred North Whitehead a writer compiled; this guy actually came up with imaginary conversations with Whitehead based on his writings and time of life.

"NO, NO, Don't Change That Dial, We'll Have More Freud on Tomorrow's Post."

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