Sunday, September 03, 2006

Politics All Over the Place--Lies by the Droves

Diversions, Diversions, Diversions
I'm pretty sure I know the truth about what's going on all the time since I was able to think and I started to thinking in Enid, Oklahoma, when I was 3 years old and right then and there in that sandbox in the deepest part of the backyard behind our house, just in back of the garage, with a girl named Helen and a girl named Dorothy in the sandbox with me and the truth started just hitting me naturally right then and there. I got a "whipping"--this is when parents still had the right (it's always been a White Protestant Christian principle; "Spare the ROD and spoil the child" is a commandment to these primitive folks--'cept check out some of their children, me included)--anyway, back to the truth of the matter of my being aware of truth just naturally--I got a whipping for being in that sandbox with those two girls. Why? Well, I had to figure that out. The commandment as read to me by my mother was "Don't you play in that sandbox when Helen and Dorothy are playing in it...besides, I told you to stay out where I can see you when they're around." See, for a kid of 3 that's a pretty complicated commandment that had a lot of parts that I had to figure out whether I UNDERSTOOD them or not. Damn, it all started with Linguistics...yes, my grasping truth naturally came about all because of the way I interpreted my mother's language--I had a wide open mind, I was a "liberal" kid, but a limited way of expressing what I UNDERSTOOD through that open mind; I hadn't enough language yet to be Socratic with her.... My point, and I cut myself off on purpose, is that in today's world crammed so full of lies as it is, you have to be especially witty and alert so these cheesy Yahoos with brains that can only calculate how to make a profit off a loss don't overwhelm you and in so doing capture you and turn you into a sacrifice on one of their whacky altars to World Domination. To make this long intro an accident...a truth hit me this morning as I was reading the headlines, which, and I get all of my news off the Internet rags like BuzzFlash, was full of continuing gun battles and car bombings and snipers firing and Shias blaming Shiites and mosques being bombed and invaded in Iraq and the U.S. Army seems to be staying more inside the plush Green Zone, venturing out only on photo ops where they send thousands of them buzzing out like glass bees in their Hummers and Bradleys to blow away a huddling mass of scared-to-death grandparents, mothers and babies and then run back to the Green Zone and declare a victory against Al Queda--which by the way is a hoax in Iraq same as it is all over the world--mark my words--remember, I inherited the truth and know it naturally.

But this morning the truth that hit me was, this is all working like clockwork for these backward thinking philosophers who have their long arms up Bush's, Cheney's, Rummy's, Condo-leasing Rice's, Karl Rove's, and all the Repugnican Congressperson's asses and are working them like handpuppets--except for Georgie Porgie, our "president," who they've convinced, like old drunken Joe Smith and the golden plates, that that hand up his ass is God's, whoever the hell that is. The culprits are Conservative-Libertarians, dammit, as nutty as old Lyndon LaRouche, and nobody UNDERSTANDS how they got all this least most Amuricans don't UNDERSTAND any of this "theo-rettikel" stuff. So I went a searching for where I know some truth sometimes hides and I came across this dude Gary North on a hardcore Libertarian Website.

My confession here: I must admit I have a part of me that highly respects individuality. I was raised a "rugged individualist," and that's who I was taught made it in this Land of Perpetual Capitalism. I still value what I call my "liberty," which means my right to my own individual feelings, desires, possessions, including my strict privacy, which is what Libertarians preach, and I think I'm being laissez faire with them about them. I have to get through life as an individual (on my own) and I'll be damned if I give up any of my life to a bunch of collective thinkers who mix truths with lies to come up with compromising (politically correct) ways of thinking. I want honesty only, which is the closest I can get to truth maybe. Sorry, I can only think one way. I guess I am a sociopath; and I should know what a sociopath is...I WAS ONCE A SOCIAL WORKER! It's all leading back to Sociology as you will see if you read this, what I think is an excellent explanation of the various forms of American conservatism from this Gary North, dude, who seems very guilty of being a conservative and is trying to convince "liberal" readers that his kind of conservatism ain't so bad, though it is, and their kind of conservatism is bad and he agrees that it is. EXCEPT, he is writing some "truths" about the conversative movement in this country. His definition of the Neo-Cons is damn good; he understands them and sees them through his true conservative truths. Does anybody UNDERSTAND me? Anyway, he's a good read if you're interested in where these creeepy people are intending us to go. War is no problem for these guys; they simply abandoned failures. Look at Bush and his oil businesses. His baseball team. His governorship of Texas. He gave up on 'em and moved on to some other privileged occupation given him simply because his name is Bush and Bush is a honored name in Texas and Florida and Ohio--states full of rubes--GWB being King of the Rubes. So do you wanna be a Rube and follow this undeveloped chimpanzee over the edge or...? Anyway, I'm GROWLING now, going lycophantic...growing claws and getting hairy, I'm so angry over how lies continue to murder truth no matter the guise truth takes.

for The Daily Growler

Gary North on Conservatism
Please note the names of Howard Buffett and Warren Buffett in this piece; also his continuous mention of John Foster Dulles, a true conservative asshole whose brother Allan founded and was first czar of the CIA--and remember Georgie Porgie's Pappy was also head of the CIA. William Buckley, a true conservation pomp and circumstance snob asshole, worked for the OSS, predecessor to the CIA in WWII. Notice to the name Dan Smoot, a whack job from Dallas who for years was supported by H.L. Hunt and spouted Hunt's political views (anti-communist, anti-integration, anti-Mexican, anti-education [Hunt bragged about having only gone to the third grade if that far...he always said he was told he went to third grade but that he couldn't remember ever going to school at all], anti-Civil Rights for sure. All the nutjob conservatives loved Dallas--Hey, remember, that little Yankee-Catholic liberal smartass prick was given his just desserts in Big D. And keep an eye out for Leo Strauss, the true boogieman in this Chaotic Utopia's structure; and of course, keep an eye out for Irving Kristol; keep an evil eye out for him.

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