Friday, September 29, 2006

Loose Wig

I have to make one correction to yesterday's post. According to Senator Patrick Leahy, 32 years a Senator from Vermont (that's like being elected to your career--he's set for life with all his senatorial benefits and privileges--What a Life!), the Bushophiles did not do away with the Writ of Habeas Corpus (Who has the body?) on Amurican citizens, though that only means if they bust you for being a "terrerist" you're still going to Gitmo but, as a citizen of the good ole USA, "land of the filthy rich who are the free here," you have the right to a trial, even though the only trial you can get at Gitmo is a military tribunal--oh yeah, justice the military way! So I stand corrected.

Hauling in the Full Moon
I'm thinking of hauling in the full moon that hangs over my wolfhead and letting it shine in my subconscious for awhile. Am I going introspective? Maybe. Like a turtle slides back into its carapacic safety or a smart Amurican suddenly finding himself on a street corner in the center of Baghdad must head like holy hell toward the Green Zone, Margaritaville in the heart of the sunken city of Baghdad, where we're told the streets are quiet and safe, people drive like they do in the US, very safely, you see, obeying all the Neo-Con traffic laws; it's a sancturary where you can get some pork chops and bacon at the Halliburton canteen--Yep, an oil tooling company is in the food business through their Kellogg, Brown & Root division, they call it KBR, which originally was an offshore drilling company, once Kellogg alone and Brown & Root (check out that pair--great crooked Amuricans--the kind we should all be) on their own--all Texas-connected companies, mainly headquartered in Houston, the home of Pappy and Mammy Bush, and the home of the former Enron, you remember that company put together by Missourian Kenny Boy Lay, the guy none of the Bushes remembered ever knowing....HELL, WE'RE DEALING WITH PLUTOCRACY HERE NOW.

I once worked in a backoffice role at a major accounting firm, though in the early eighties when I joined this firm, they were beginning to promote themselves as "management consulting" firms with auditing and bookkeeping as a second-story operation, their main new business was consulting Corporate management and executives, you know about how to beat taxes both here and in the rest of the world, etc., that kind of statistical tax-dodging they were notorious for when all they were were accounting firms--like good ole patriotic Arthur Anderson--biggest acconting firm of the old Big 8, but crooked as snakes at night as the Enron book cookers--you know, where "creative accounting" originated, not just one set of books, hell no, how about as many as you need, each one a little more crooked than the next. This firm I worked for had been organized by an Englishman in Chicago back in the time of the last attempt by Corporations to take over this government. When I went to work for them they were a US company headquartered in NYC. Then they founded a World Firm. Aha! Then they announced all kinds of European offices opening up with their headquarters in London. Back home where they came from.

The CEO at the time, he was on a roll, making a million bucks a year and then, like a lot of these CEOs, he divorced his original wife, and married an heiress to a US company fortune, started trumpeting what he called "Bridging the Gap" (I think they paid a couple of million to an ad agency to come up with that tagline), and what he meant by that was he was for building a bridge from the USA to the rest of the world. See? Next step, and it came while I was still their under another CEO and his trumpet was blaring forth the coming of the Global Marketplace. Aha! This is about the same time Pappy Bush started thinking out his New World Order--which for some reason, pundits ignore; yet, if you read Bush's speech in which he declared a New World Order with those famous Thousand Points of Light you see very clearly what Baby George is really fulfilling, a love-me, daddy, move big time. (Doesn't that 1000 Points of Light BS sound rather Sun Yung Moonish to you? You know, he and Pappy are best of friends--in fact, Pappy may be in the ginseng root business with old Sunny Moon (who by the way claims a relationship to Joshua ben Joseph (better known a Jesus Christ) since he's related to Jesus's Japanese brother and actually knows where Jesus is really buried. Such cockamamy bullshit and yet millions of Koreans are devoting their lives and monies to this corrupt fool with a hold over the Bush Family because of corrupt dealings in South Korea--recall the president of South Korea was assasinated--that's while we still had thousands of troops based there. Oh heck, why am I bringing this bullshit up, it's past history--Bush has declared it "secret" so to hell with it.

Maybe like Internet bad boy Marc Perkel I should declare this country is no longer my country or the country I think of as Amurica. Perhaps my growl is worst than my bite.

How do you tell a hypocrite? First of all, all the things they stand for are based on lies. A hypocrite, for instance, says he believes in God when we all know the only God he really believes in is the God in God-Damn! His real god is Mammon, the god of wealth. His real goal is a Plutocracy in this country, though he stands like a coward and claims he is PROTECTING us, protecting our freedoms and rights by taking them away from us--how hypocritical, right? The Thousand Points of Light are the thousand reflections of the Sun (Yung Moon?) off the thousand mountains of gold owned by the Carlyle Group; or the glistening striking 1000 reflections off those huge pools of black gold that lie under those Islamic sands, dammit--yes, now's the time they believe in God, "God-dammit, Unka Dick, how the hell do I skip my ass around this F-ing mess?" (Except we're respecting the kiddies who read The Daily Growler and using a euphemism (F-ing) instead of the longer word our "president" really used.)

Amazing how they keep on winning our hearts and minds, even though we as hypocrites (like all Dumbocrats are hypocrites) claim we're opposed to them and we're tired of the Iraq War, when in fact we are a bunch of scared-to-death cowards, same as the Germans back when their unelected president declared himself Chancellor. That dude, too, took away people's rights at his will; why, it is rumored he even murdered at his will--why millions of people at a whack--yet, this real Devil was a Christian and a vegetarian--plus, hell, he was a pedophile, too. I think that's what we have to look forward to here; a Chancellor of that old German Chancellor's ilk. And I think we are facing a form of National Socialism which ain't socialism (we read that "commie") as we know it--service to the nation was this dude's demand and since he declared himself the PROTECTOR of the true German people (not those with the big noses), he decided what your service to the country would be; he decided if you could be a true German citizen or whether you needed to take a long shower up in the beautiful woodlands of Poland. He was taking his Neo-Conservative ideas and intending to forced them on the rest of the world. His method was his brand of "freedom on the march" as he sent his most-powerful-army-in-the-world in unprovoked attacks on their helpless neighbors, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary--leaving alone do the Swiss get away with such respected neutrality?

Another growlingwolf Hero
First of all, I gotta say, that Bernie Kerick must be some kind of stud.

Good ole Jeanine Pirro is now on a hot seat because of him; she's the Repugnican candidate for Attorney General of New York State against a good-little-daddy's boy, Andrew Cuomo, yeah, Mario's son--the governor who built more new prisons in this state than any governor ever in the history of the US; he did it trying to get Upstate NY votes since the companies that once supported Upstate NY all bailed out and left 'em for China or Mexico--hey, they were bridging the gap, see?--leaving Upstate New York economically backwards. The prison industry saved some Upstate New York economies and a lot of folks who once made shoes, or men's suits, or assembled automobiles became prison guards and wardens and shit like that. "Hey, man, we get to slap the shit out of those New York City kneegrows" who are doin' 25 to Life for possessing an ounce of coke, while the coke dealers go about their merry ways, thanks in part to Jeanine Pirro's good ole goombah boy husband.

Recently phone conversations were leaked of dear sweet Jeanine, and she is a looker, too, and I'm sure has, you know, used it in her rise to fame and fortune, though being married to a Mafia goon meant she was already pretty well set, spilling her soul out to WHO? Three guesses and if you don't say "Bernie Kerick" then your guesses don't count. Wow, hot mama Jeanine talking about "F-ing" with old Bernie, the tender man, the tough MFer who women like mirror-mirror-on-the-wall Jeanine fall legs wide open for. An amazing man. He's ruined, yet he's not ruined. An amazing man. Bernie Kerick for stud horse of the year. Judith Regan ain't no chopped liver now either. Wow. He's making Geraldo look limp. I don't think he's got a shot at Wilt Chamberlain's record: 10,000 women. WHAT A MAN!

So, I lift a glass of Poland Spring water to Jeanine Pirro.

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