Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hello, You're Under Arrest

Guilty or Not, You Die in Pakistan
I was just reading about some poor bastard in Pakistan who was charged with murder, cleared, charged with murder again, cleared, but Islamic law says, hey, doesn't matter, he's gotta die simply because he was charged with murder...guilty or not. Being charged with murder is enough to get your head chopped off under good old fair Mohammed's Allah.

It's kinda lookin' like Pakistan is influencing our Congress who seems determined to take all our rights away from us, take our identities away from us, deny us individuality, deny us private lives, deny us rights to not believe in any gods, especially the Christian (White Protestant) god, Yahweh...oh, I'm sorry, Jehovah...or whatever the hell is this god we Amuricans are supposed to sing songs to thanking this man/woman/human-animal hybrid for blessing us? George Steinbrenner, that big spoiled rich brat goofball, forces big fat insane Kate Smith singing "God Bless Amurica" every seventh inning on poor old loyal Yankee fans at every Yankee game. We're supposed to be singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," which is a baseball tradition, but since 9/11 all these rich asshole baseball owners have given over to "God Bless America." I don't think 52-million-dollar-a-year Alex Rodriquez, for instance, is quiting baseball to join the coalition of fools in bringing "freedom on the march" to Iraq and to fight those "terrerists."

That's the only aspect of baseball that pisses me totally off these days--its forcing this right wing bullshit patriotism on baseball fans. Of course, it's rich baseball team owners who are forcing us baseball fans to be for the powers that be--Hey, G.W. Bush, Baby Bush, Georgie Porgie--his old Pappy bought him a baseball team, remember?--he owned the Texas Rangers; he almost bankrupted the Texas Rangers; and by forcing the citizens of Arlington, Texas, to build him a very modern ballpark, he almost bankrupted that city crunched between Dallas and Fort Worth, a little city that used to have the 4 D Stock Farm with the accompanying Arlington Downs horse track back in the days I was a toddler.

So, hell yeah, baseball owners kiss Bush ass, noses deep in those nasty old flabby cracks; they are Plutocrats; therefore, they are Repugnicans and therefore they are racists, too; remember dear old Marge Schott?

Car Bomb Kills 39 in Kabul
Who cares? "That's war, folks."

More US Troops Killed in Iraq Than Died in All the Attacks on 9/11
Please don't count the dead "towelheads" who've died in this war or you'll get a more horrifying picture. Oh hell no; they don't count. Where's Colon Powell, he knows how to count dead US soldiers--he determined the proper ratios of dead US troops to dead Cong during VietNam. I think he figured out for every US soldier killed they had to kill at least a 100 Cong.
Using Colon's ratios it means we should have killed at least 300,000 Iraqis by now. We may have; who the hell knows?

Molly Ivins on Habeas Corpus
Here's an article from tough Texas woman reporter Molly Ivins on what G.W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush feels about habeas corpus. WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF SOMETHING!

The only rights we now have are the rights to be GUILTY.

Maybe it's simply you are guilty of ATHEISM.

Maybe it's simply you are guilty of BEING OPPOSED TO THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

Watch out talking to those Islamic friends!!!

Be careful, some Spanish people look like Islamic terrorists!!!

BE CAREFUL, Islamics are everywhere; OH MY GOD, AL QUEDA has already invaded us.


Praise the Lard!

F it, I'm howling at my full moon, dammit; I'm drifting off into an ethereal of my own design.

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