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The Insane Still Rule US

Keeping Up With the Kurds
The Iraqi Kurds are starting trouble with the U.S.-approved Iraqi government over its new [Halliburton designed and manufactured?] flag. Baghdad phonies are afraid this means the damn Kurds, remember, everybody hates the Kurds, are going to demand their own independent nation soon or at least that damn sure seems what this Northern Iraqi Kurd leader is hinting at. Time for the split-assunder Iraqis to gas some Kurds again? Or, hell, why not just leave it to the Turks or the Iranians--they hate the Kurds, too, and don't mind mowin' 'em down by the droves one damn bit. The Kurds are sitting atop black gold mines. Here's the latest on our "Keeping Up With the Kurds" Daily Growler exclusive!

On Being an Atheist
We here at The Daily Growler have often said Atheists are one of the most discriminated against minorities--one of the truly hated minorities by most Amuricans even "minority" Americans. Atheists can be related to Kurds in terms of hatred from all angles. We are not saying a collective of Atheists is needed. Madelyn Murray O'Hare tried to unify Atheists into a certified religion and she was found murdered out in the middle of a nowhere place down in Texas. At least the woman did get stupid Christian praying out of our public school system before someone murdered her.

We found this interesting article on MSNBC on a sudden rush of atheist books on publishers's lists this coming fall season. The Daily Growler's own thegrowlingwolf has openly admitted to being an atheist and has already said many moons back that an atheist was totally denied any rights in the world much less this country. In fact, thegrowlingwolf had tried to publish his own The Making of an Atheist several years ago to a stack of "Sorry, we do not see where your mss could ever get printed and bound and distributed by us or any other God-fearing publisher this side of the pits of Holy Hell." We have constantly been hammering that all the troubles in the world right now are the direct results of the doings of the British Empire and its spreading along with its conquering not only its diseases but also its special breed of White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism. Britain became The Great White Hope and all its colonies and conquests became the White Man's Burden--all in the name of God, the Queen (Queen Vicky, the half-Prussian morganatic bastard who married an out-and-out heel-clicking son of a Prussian family of royal bastards), and that divine righteousness the British God, the Christian God, the Church of England God, the God of Henry VIII, that White Anglo-Saxon Protestant God given to their pasty-faced queens and kings (what a worthless bunch of impudent bastards all of them--fops, genetically warped--TOTAL PHONIES, just like the gods they get their divine power from. The generation after the Beatniks, the Forgotten Generation, took the phrase "God Is Dead" literally. thegrowlingwolf says the first time he came to respect the phrase was not after reading Nietzsche but after reading Henry Miller's An Air-Conditioned Nightmare an account of Henry's driving across the USA in a borrowed car, of course, with no money but a list of names in various cities to visit and hit upon. As he's driving through Chicago, he passes a row of abandoned and falling-down buildings on one of whose walls in big red letters is the statement "GOD IS DEAD." "I was young and had already developed doubts as to any god's existence, even to the point I gave existence to nonexistence so fabulous ideas could have an existence though not a real existence. That's because our minds are merely giving semiotic responses to our true feelings, those raw instinctual feelings that come from our solar plexi--they are given "meaning" by our minds (which is the simply function of our minds within the physical system). That meaning can be so codified its only decipherable by psychoanalytical techniques or drugs and daydreaming and such or that meaning can jump right out at you big as LIFE itself and be immediately UNDERSTOOD. God never lived for me. I don't ever recall--and I was drilled in the writings of the Christian Good Book, the Holy Writ, where God (Jehovah) speaks with a British accent and with a lot of royal high-brow 'thees,' 'thous,' and 'verily I saith unto thees'--it was his high ass King James who rewrote the Anglo-Saxon Good Book. The hillbillies all swear God talks to them in Amurican; and 'He damn sure does, brother, and you'll hear pure-dee bible-school Amurican-delivery English when you standin' afore that there Great White, did'ja hear me say "White," brothers and sisters?...the Great White Throne of Judgment...yes--ahhh, you gonna find, brother, Gawddd is'a gonna be speakin' plain ole man-to-man Amen English when he sentences yo po'boy ass straight into the fiery pits of human-barbeque'n Hell...everybody say "Amen."' "

Here's the article from MSNBC (Newsweek) about the plethora of "atheist" books coming out now. One by a British philosopher, which is ironic since the Brits are to blame for this whole shebang of idiocies going on in the world now--idiocies occuring within borders prescribed by the British after WWI, phony borders really having more to do with keeping the oil under that region within the grasp of the capitalist industries that became the rulers of the world on the backs of the millions of soldiers and civilians who have died for the cause of this British divine reasoning since the American Revolution.

Notice from this article that the sociologists are getting involved in this, too. Did you notice that 92% of Amuricans say they believe in God? That they had rather vote for a homosexual than an atheist? The God all Americans believe in it is assumed in our media is the Christian God Jehovah (Yahweh, according the Jung)--and, too, we think Allah is that same God, All-God, EveryGod. It's just a term describing the Biggest Daddy of all the Big Sky Daddies--all of us crying in our prayers, "Love me, Daddy, please, love me." Where's Big Mommy in all of this?

Mommy is on the killing floor of Iraq and Afghanistan crying at another funeral for another one of her sons or daughters blown to bits (beyond even a mother's recognition).

Hey, but at least the poppy crop was a big winner this year. Some purer heavier duty heroin and opium coming our way. Is Southern Airlines still in business? Don't worry; this dope will get into this country; it's as easy to get dope into this country; why, we might even bet it comes in in Halliburton containers.

All is pathetic. It's gonna be pathetic until a new dawning hits the Yahoos in this country. As soon as these fools are finished going deeper into debt--keep on renting these hi-rise cheaply built pieces of overpriced crap; keep on buying houses and cars that aren't worth a tenth of what you're paying for them. Keep shopping a K-Mart and Wal-Mart and buying cheap-cheap ass rotten Commie Chinese products, all made by underage slave girls and boys forced to hit quotas that would drive a robot insane--for $3.oo a day if you're a young girl in a factory in Tijuana, so what she has to do a little whorin' on the side? That same young girl in Commie China makes maybe $1.50 a day. In Indonesia, these same poor buggers might work for pennies a day. But keep buying that crap. Keep buying insurance. Keep buying medicines. Keep on going broke. Once you're broke, you'll work for chicken feed--hell, you might even work for free. Bend down and kiss Ole Massuh's ass, folks; it's all freshly full of shit.

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Solidarity Forever. [Yeah sure.]

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