Tuesday, September 26, 2006

America's Many Sicknesses

Slick Willie Clinton, looking slicker than ever, I might add, has been peddled about on teevee for the past three days, especially what they are calling Bill's "standing firm" against Fox's little privileged A-hole Chris Wallace--isn't he old turkey-neck Mike Wallace's son? Mike's daughter, too, I think, got a nice cushy big-time reporter job with one of the networks. Nepotism is alive and well in this country; look who our faux president is.

Bill's prominent at the talk show tables because Karl Rove and the Bush Babies are trying to pin their failures in Iraq on him; they're trying to cut the Slick One off at the pass before the Dumbocrats trot him out in support of their candidates in the coming November elections (phony this time?). The Repugnicans even have Condo-leasing Rice nipping at old Bill's heels.

I saw Hillary out at some money-grubbing party function today defending the Slick One, a job she's certainly used to by now.

I have a feeling it's all a bunch of scripted bullshit; all these privileged bastards are in cahoots; either in Skull and Bones at Yale--didn't little Hillary go to Yale? or helping Pappy and the Contra crooks fly cocaine in from Nicaragua and fly arms back out again and back down to the Contra army--the good ole boys in that illegal little interference Pappy Bush ran during the Ronnie Raygun administration. Ironically, I just noticed that Daniel Ortega, the original Sandanista bad boy in that interference in a sovereign country's elections, is back and leading the current polls for president of Nicaragua in its upcoming elections.

Slick Willie and Pappy Bush are sure old buddy-buddies in their tsunami-relief fund hokkum show.

Same old shit. It just keeps coming around and back around and back around again and we keep on allowing these people to build their nest eggs at our expense--I mean Slick Willie was a $30,000-a-year governor of the great backward state of Arkansas before he took Dale Bumpers's place as the Arkansas hillbilly who the Dumbocrats need to coddle and cradle because they need the South's votes--the Dumbocrats always think they need the South--and you know why, because the Dumbocrats used to be the party of the South before they went and got mixed up in that Civil Rights BS old Lyndon "Nutsack" Johnson had to sign into law against his own Old South will. This all started back when good ole black-woman-lovin'-black-man-hatin' Strom "Get Me a Ho, Boy" Thurmond walked out of the '48 Dumbocrat convention--the one that nominated that little rat-bastard, turncoat Hairy Ass Truman, who was a hidebound racist, too, until he realized most of the voters in the Kansas City district he was given to run in by the Kansas City political boss was a black neighborhood. In order for Harry to get on the gravy train and get elected to Congress, he had to convince the black voters of his district that he was a fun-loving, bone-rattlin', dedicated white man of all the people, including, oh my God, even the Negroes. Then he had to pay back these Kansas City "kneegrows" for their helping him, so he promoted integration of the US Army. Oh my God. Strom Thurmond lost it and he and all his Dixiecrat asskissers, a whole slew of musty old Southern racists and hidebounder Klansmen, literally turned the Old South from a solid Dumbocrat bloc into a Repugnican stronghold with the Democrats for Ike movement then taking these sleazeballs into the Repug Party all the way, which they cutely tagged Dem-Ike-crats. It worked; the Old South became solid Repugnican. Hell, if it hadn't, we wouldn't have gotten old Pappy Bush elected to political office in Texas. Him and that old history-teachin' racist John Tower, the first Repugs ever elected to Congress from Texas. Even the ones who remained Dumbocrats voted as if they were Repugnicans--all because of the black man wanting to be accepted as a full human being and not the one quarter human role given to blacks by our so-great BS Constitution, written by old Tom "Once You Go Black You Can't Go Back" Jefferson, who Slick Willie's mother loved so much she gave it to her precious Little Willie as his middle name.

So from a $30,000-a-year Governor of Arkansas--next to Mississippi as the most backward state in the Union, married to a hot little hippy girl making a lot more than him in her little lawyer job down in Little Rock--remember, Hillary made $75,000 off a stock deal she hit on--that's what got her interesting in land development. So, OK, Hillary had some bucks, but not like the bucks she and Slick Willie had when they left the White House. They were both millionaires by then, all their expenses covered for life by his having been president and now her having been a senator--amazing isn't it? How come Slick Willie doesn't have an infomercial like Donald "I Say I'm Not Bankrupt" Trump on how to get rich quick. Get into politics, right?

It all has to do with history. Even the history of impeachment. First president impeached? Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's vice president--a good ole Tennessee boy--and you all know Tennessee's the state that gave us the Ku Klux Klan--yet this good ole boy from the South refused to turn on Lincoln's "freein' the slaves" (again, another two-faced politician who freed the slaves against his will) and refused to help the racist old Southerners overturn that order and put them damn slaves back out in the fields where animals like them belonged--"Out thar with my best mules. Workin' sun-up to sundown. That's what made the South what it is today, a mule and a darky out in those fields from sun-up to sundown."

It's still the same old shit going on; don't you see?

They impeached old Tricky Dick over Watergate. What a scandal, eh?

They impeached old Slick Willie 'cause he had "sex" in the Oval Office, even though the Slick One didn't consider it "sex"--hell, it was a blow job; down where the Slick One's from blow jobs is all right; they ain't sex; hell, ever boy gets a blowjob 'fore he's a real man--especially from all them thar little black gals down in the bottoms where a white man's king and don't have to give nobody no rights if they ain't able to prove they're Free, White, and Twenty-One. We're going back to that philosophy again with the Repugnicans recently voting in the new voter ID card requirement. Did any of you all ever have to pay a Poll Tax to vote?

History repeating itself.

Impeachment Is Still on the Books
I watch all this silly bullshit with Chris Wallace and Slick Willie and Condo-leasing Rice saying Slick Willie used torture and it was OK but Georgie Porgie wants to use a little torture to protect us from Al Queda and we start throwing rocks at him. Boo-hoo-hoo. A bunch of spoiled brat millionaires--or billionaires in the case of the Nazi-money-rich-already Bush Family Circus.

Is Georgie Porgie unimpeachable? I guess he is. Let's see, he was never ever clearly elected president, not in either 2000 or 2004. He was also the first-ever human-animal-hybrid to be appointed president by the Supreme Court, a court GP's father and Ronnie Raygun had given wholehog and wholeheartedly over to the oddest balls in Amurican juriprudence, including Clarence "Long Dong and Cunthairs" Thomas--why it's Token on the Supreme Court--'cept Clarence looks more like Chef than he does Token [sorry, I'm throwin' in South Park references again].

Let's see, Georgie Porgie sat reading My Pet Goat to a classroom of bebop kiddies while NYC and his own Washington, District of Corruption, were under serious attack from at that time at least in the We the People community. Even when it finally hit Bush that it was serious, he didn't take control and go back to Washington, oh hell no, he flew like the AWOL coward he is out to the safety of SAC headquarters in Omaha, Nebrasky. No one was in charge during those attacks. Unka Dick you say? Unka Dick was hiding away like a scared rabbit in his underground secret bunker.

In a rather weird turn of events, Bush, when he finally did make it back to the White House, invented the War on Terrorism, even though he had no evidence there was anything called Al Queda, anybody really named Osama Bin Laden, and how come he flew the Bin Ladens in this country, and they were thick overhere, over 100 of them, the hell out of here even before he had revealed that Osama Bin Ladin was responsible for 9/11 and by God "we're gonna find him and bring him to justice, by damn."

Oh such a wonderful disaster, an viable part of old Leo Strauss's idea for world conquest, the basis for his whole Neo-Con project that he'd taught to Paulie Boy Wolfowitz (now head of the World Bank--yo ho, he got all the money under his control) and Little Karl Rover (Let Rover Come Over).

With the powers to declare war in his mitts, Bushy Boy began talking out both sides of his monkey mouth and then he becomes the mighty Commander and Chief of the World's Greatest Army so, hell, we'll just go cook those towelheads right there in the sands from which they sprang, so he sent troops against the Taliban in Afghanistan, who really had nothing to do with 9/11 except they protected our invented bogeyman whether he existed there or not--except if he did exist there it was because of us and our CIA who organized the Mujahhadeen, of which the Taliban and Osama were factors, against our enemy at that time the Soviet Union (remember the Soviet Union?). Then after attacking Afghanistan, this little lying creep announces he's going into Iraq, too, preemptively, yep, attacking a sovereign nation without provocation, based on lies, all lies, lies, and more lies. Same as the old reason to start the VietNam War full-flare was based on the Gulf of Tonkin LIE.

Liars. All of them liars. The Repugnicans claimed when they impeached Clinton that the president lying was reason enough to IMPEACH HIM. Did you all hear that? And yet we can't impeach the most needing-to-be impeached "president" in our history. IMPEACH BUSH! should be the rallying cry of all liberals, the Dumbocrats, the Greens, the Naderites, all of US, WE the People; it should even be the rallying cry of the poor duped soldiers doing the dying for this little prick's showing up his cowardly old wimp of a father, Pappy Bush, who, in case you've forgotten, bailed out of his crashed plane in WWII before all of his crew got out of the plane, an offense punishable by courts martial and possible execution in the Military Code of Justice. I think one of Pappy's crew died in the plane, but I may be practicing Swift Boat tactics on that one, though I'm pretty sure I heard one of Pappy's crew say one of his men died after Pappy was out and safe on the ground. Hey, these guys are my heroes, how 'bout you guys? Commander in Chief Georgie Porgie "Mission Accomplished" Bush and old Air Force Cap'n George "Ready or Not, Boys, I'm Bailin' This Crate" Herbert Walker Bush, the most successful family in recent Amurican White Trash history.

So we can't impeach Bush. It's too politically incorrect. Holy shit. Look out for the unpredictable from this Bush Klan in the coming weeks. Osama dead! Could be, though the Taliban is saying he ain't dead. We say he never existed. Oh no.

Impeach Bush? That's the easiest solution to getting this country headed in the right direction--not again, but maybe for the first time in our history--the right direction being the only good direction LEFT.


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