Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Offer Your Children as Sacrifices

The Idiot Speaks
Here is an excerpt from Little Georgie Porgie's 9/11 speech. This is a war like no other war, he says, and even though almost 3,000 soldiers have died in Iraq, with no telling how many in Afghanistan, and 100s of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani citizens have died and this son of a bitch is saying more have to die--thousands more; the numbers of dead don't matter to him; what he's after is that oil; he says so much, though he makes it sound like that's not the most valuable aspect of Iraq and Afghanistan but rather the people and their knowledge are. Such bullshit. This guy doesn't value human life over oil. That's easy to figure out. So why can't his opponents tackle him on it?

Then this coward tells us all and especially we New Yorkers that 9/11 brought us to our knees--yeah, right, to our knees--but not in weakness, oh no, but to our knees in prayers to the Great White God, Jehovah, the old Hebraic god the Christians borrowed from Judaism, asking this big Holy Daddy's protection against these "Islam fanatics"; I wonder why he never refers to Islam as the handiwork of Satan?

It is a pathetic speech. It is the kind of speech you'd expect from an idiot determined to rule the world, which is what this silly fool has on his tabla rasa mind:

At the start of this young century, America looks to the day when the people of the Middle East leave the desert of despotism for the fertile gardens of liberty _ and resume their rightful place in a world of peace and prosperity. We look to the day when the nations of that region recognize that their greatest resource is not the oil in the ground _ but the talent and creativity of their people. We look to the day when moms and dads throughout the Middle East see a future of hope and opportunity for their children. And when that good day comes, the clouds of war will part the appeal of radicalism will decline ... and we will leave our children with a better and safer world. On this solemn anniversary, we rededicate ourselves to this cause. Our nation has endured trials _ and we face a difficult road ahead. Winning this war will require the determined efforts of a unified country. And we must put aside our differences, and work together to meet the test that history has given us. We will defeat our enemies we will protect our people ... and we will lead the 21st century into a shining age of human liberty.

Earlier this year, I traveled to the United States Military Academy. I was there to deliver the commencement address to the first class to arrive at West Point after the attacks of September the 11th. That day I met a proud mom named RoseEllen Dowdell. She was there to watch her son Patrick accept his commission in the finest Army the world has ever known. A few weeks earlier, RoseEllen had watched her other son, James, graduate from the Fire Academy in New York City. On both these days, her thoughts turned to someone who was not there to share the moment: her husband, Kevin Dowdell. Kevin was one of the 343 firefighters who rushed to the burning towers of the World Trade Center on September the 11th _ and never came home. His sons lost their father that day _ but not the passion for service he instilled in them. Here is what RoseEllen says about her boys, "As a mother, I cross my fingers and pray all the time for their safety _ but as worried as I am, I am also proud _ and I know their dad would be too."

Our nation is blessed to have young Americans like these _ and we will need them. Dangerous enemies have declared their intention to destroy our way of life. They are not the first to try _ and their fate will be the same as those who tried before _ 9/11 showed us why. The attacks were meant to bring us to our knees, and they did _ but not in the way the terrorists intended. Americans united in prayer ... came to the aid of neighbors in need ... and resolved that our enemies would not have the last word. The spirit of our people is the source of America's strength. And we go forward with trust in that spirit, confidence in our purpose _ and faith in a loving God who made us to be free.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

Jehovah is a loving god. God, god, god. How do you rationally discuss reality when the idiot you're talking to wants you to believe he lets a phantom of ancient imagination rule over him and he wants us to trust this phantom, too, which anyone who can think past what's written on a page or spouted by a blowhard hypocrite like this brat knows all of this god BS is a bunch of buncombe. This little moronic prick doesn't believe in any god except the god in the term "God-damn." Georgie's god is Mammon, the god of Profits not prophets.

Then mentions going to the US Military Academy at West Point and then he trots out this woman RoseEllen Dowdell. If I call this woman a fool will I be castigated? She sounds like a fool to me and so does her son going to West Point, though West Point grads probably aren't going to face any fierce combat overthere since they come out of West Point as officers. They are trained at West Point to force regular troops, the poor bastards who can't get into West Point to go over the top and put their asses on the line on an order from a "superior" officer. The military depends on these "superior" officers to force these young boys and girls to kill no matter who it is they are ordered to kill, men, women, children, and babies, even probably their own sweet mother were the order given to blow her away.

Bush says about this woman RoseEllen Dowdell that her husband, a fireman, was killed rushing into Ground Zero not knowing what the hell he was getting into. Bush says this fireman who lost his life on 9/11 at the World Trade Center was simply doing his "passionate" duty--ordered by his superiors into a death trap, ordered into a rescue mode without the proper protective masks or without communications devices that were interconnective and with no plans of evacuation or rescue (doesn't this sound like the scenario of the War in Iraq?). Most of those firemen who were killed in the 9/11 tragedy, which is what it is--a Shakespearian tragedy at that-- had no chance to do their trained duty that day and yes firemen are dutiful, they have to be, that's their job; that's the charge they've been given as firemen, to fight fires and rescue people from burning buildings. Bush says in his speech that the sons of this fallen fireman "lost their father that day_but not the passion for service he instilled in them." Poor foolish bastards. The mother tosses off a genius statement in response: "As a mother I cross my fingers and pray all the time for their safety_but as worried as I am, I'm also proud_and I know their dad would be too." Poor woman; this is the most attention she's ever gotten in her life; I mean, can you imagine, the "president" of the US of A is trotting her about and giving her her fifteen minutes of fame--just because her husband was killed doing his duty during 9/11. She can get even more fame if her army son gets killed in Iraq. Isn't it interesting how she's crossing her fingers and praying at the same time; she's covering her ass at both ends of the prayer chain--from crossed fingers (luck) to prayers (hot air blown into the air toward the invisible Big Daddy in the invisible sky). Bush's moral to this story is that "Our nation is blessed to have young Americans like these_and we will need them...."

I am humbled by so pompous and idiotic a speech. It's a speechwriter speech. Bush is still stuck in My Pet Goat.

So the "president" says this War on Terrerists is going to go on forever and we may as well get used to it. 6,000, 10,000, it doesn't matter, whatever the number of dead soldiers it takes to do this Jehovah's will they will be taken. Notice how these creeps lay all of their idiotic adventurous mistakes at this imaginary God's feet. Holy shit, religious creeps scare the hell out of me I don't care if they're Islamic nuts or Christian nuts or hypocritical nuts like Georgie Porgie.

Look out! The "president" says the Terrerists are after us and they have the mobile power to reduce us to servants and slaves to their wild-eyed but well-organized cause, their forces so powerful and worldwide that if we leave Iraq they will then be able to defeat "the greatest army in the world" and take over this great country while all of us will have thrown our arms up in the air in a giving up position of weakness. Holy shit, what stupid logic. I am not afraid of Al Queda, are you? I am not afraid of an Islamic jihad, are you? I am not afraid of my Muslim neighbors, and I have hundreds of them since I live in an area of the city where the rug dealers have congregated, are you? I am not afraid of Allah just as I'm not afraid of Jehovah or Baal or Beelzebub or Satan or demons or things that go bump in the night; how about you?

Here's what a German economist, Rudolph Hilferding, he lived from 1877 to 1941, said about the form of Capitalism we are trapped in--and this is the colossal world problem at the moment--an economic one. Hilferding wrote succinctly and with prescience about what is exactly transpiring politically/economically in the world right this minute. Hilferding said the boogieman in the world is what he called "Finance Capitalism." Hilferding wrote "... [Finance Capitalism is] entirely opposed to that of liberalism, finance capitalism wants not freedom but dominance." That's what this war on terrerism is to Bush and the Bush Babies, it is a war of world dominance--our form of Capitalism versus their form of Capitalism, because, yes, whatever your religion, your economy is based on Capitalism and its great god Mammon, the god of Plutocracies.

In the end, Bush the Fool says we all have a passionate duty to immediately run into a burning building on orders from a superior officer, in this case Commander and Chief Georgie Porgie. And once in this burning building, it is up to crossed fingers or the compassion of the Big Daddy in the invisible sky as to whether we come out of Chaos alive or burnt to a crisp on the altar to Capitalism, that big fire altar that sits in the dead middle of the Land of Chaos.

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