Thursday, August 31, 2006

Profiling at Airports

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Going Backwards a Minute

The Daily Growler of a good many posts back now--we are too bound by time to even search back amongst our archives to find the actual post--made some satirical fun poking at how we didn't see why Americans at airports had to suffer intensive searches--no liquids, including life-saving medicines and baby formulas--mother's milk included, we assume--because of a threat that materialized in London and that included British citizens, Muslim or not, we didn't say, though the intent of Scotland Yard's tooting its own horn on the matter was that certainly they were all Muslims, including a white guy, the son of a Brit political dude and a high-class model sister. We admit we were rather sinister and pun-like in our attempt at trying to qualify our feelings about this threat as just yet another wild-eyed "terrorist-threat scare" coming on the approach to a very important election in this country--and also one in England, are we correct? Another red alert time for us here in this country; another photo op for our "president" to pedal his same old lyin' bullshit about "the terr-er-ists" and how "we're at war, people" and then that foppish looking Michael Chertoff (more of a Jack-type -off really) mucking up the media with his "whoooooo, scary, scary, liquid bombs, easy to make with mother's milk and peroxide, scary, ooooh, we're gonna impose hidebound toughass rules on all Amuricans beginning immediately because of this red alert, Al Queda coming for us, whoooooo, scary, scary, now they're coming at us en masse with liquid bombs, blowing up our airliners, killing innocent Amuricans, with these, ooooh, scary liquid bombs; and it's Al Queda attacking Amurica, so RED ALERT, and no more liquids allowed on board airlines--oooh, scary." We are making fun of this. We are getting used to the boy crying wolf and that's what's so scary to us. What if one of these kooky copycat jihadists bunch of Brit citizens or in the Canadian plot-busting case that cell included a Bangladesh connection, I think...and they all seem to originate now in Pakistan actually does succeed in performing another 9/11 attack? Will it be truth or bullshit? This is what we're making fun of, serious fun, a fun that's trying to wake Amuricans up, not international travelers--why these people are so interested in airlines and blowing them up or using them in suicide missions is because evidently it's pretty easy to get on an airliner no matter your nationality look, headdress, hairstyle, skin color--papers.... We said something about Saudi Arabians with only boxcutters and absolutely no flying time piloting a jumbo jet airliner managed to get aboard fully loaded with jet fuel and people jumbo airliners capable of speeds over 600 mphs, take control of them with boxcutters--and these planes held what over 150 passengers each, with crews of how many per flight, 10 or 15? and grab the controls and fly them with miraculous bull's eye precision into their intended targets, the WTC towers and The Pentagon. And, by the way, we asked, why don't airlines have their own security forces checking passengers and making them list everything in their luggage before they check it in, etc. That really was the jest of our comments. In our reading of the report of this plot bust in the Guardian we read where British authorities were saying they did not profile Muslims or Muslim-looking people...and we said, beligerently, defiantly, WHY NOT? Knowing all about profiling in this land of the "free nothing," knowing profiling goes on all the time in police departments all over this great democracy--even the whites among us had profiles on them, too--like long pony tails on white men meant trouble--peaceniks, hippies, Yippies, dopers, Atheists; or even white guys with whitesidewall haircuts, like Timothy McVeight, you know, a military haircut--the Aryans out in the Idaho hills, white supremists and the militia nuts--we are used to profiling in this country. We at the Growler merely said, "Well, hell, why don't you profile Muslims if you insist on saying all Al Queda members are Islamic, Muslim, and all of the ones you suspect so far come from mostly Saudi Arabia--so why not in particular pull them out and doublecheck them?--and still check the others, too. I mean a Muslim can be an Indonesian, right? Or even a Chinese. Hell, anybody can be a Muslim, or am I wrong? A lot of British fops during the Great Empire days got heavily into Islamic teachings and practices; they got into Hinduism, too. I mean, the Brits are stealers of cultures...uh-oh, we're profiling.

A recent comment on that post came from a Muslim person who was from India/Bangladesh and if we thought it was OK to profile all Muslims then why not Amuricans, too, and that it was the policies of the Amurican government that were to blame for all of this profiling and blaming and pitting against each other bullshit. We are in total agreement with this comment. Yes, it is the lyin' son of a bitch who STOLE TWO ELECTIONS FROM WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and his toadying and masterminding henchmen who is the cause of all of this, and this little miscreant stole both those elections through racist and crooked-partisan tactics--profiling at the poles--certainly racist tactics in stealing the Florida vote in 2000--and Jeb Bush, our "president's" brother--did ya hear us?--just openly stole that vote with his stupid last-minute election rules and declarations--all against black voters; and then the Ohio vote in 2004 was a mess of racism mixed with just good ole crooked election tactics by the party in power, the Repugnicans. The election in Florida in 2004 was probably tampered with, too, don't forget.

Our attitude here at The Daily Growler is based on our being citizens of the US of A; we are all kinds of people, but we were born and raised in this culture and its many diversified looks and peoples and pleasures. This country has the potential to become a leader in world peace instead of a weapon of mass destruction--an intent we feel is meant to eventually wipe out the human race using religious believes as a means of keeping us divided, which when divided we fall and when united we stand (is that total bullshit?)--and we don't feel that statement is an exaggeration at all. One of the reasons we can be so freely beligerent and mocking in our comments is that we are high above the reasonings that have led humans into all these world human vs. human conflicts. We are not religious first of all. We respect no gods or manmade voodoo dolls or boogiemen. We are encyclopedists. We like to know something about every idea that has ever been proposed. We look for sensible ideas and we can find plenty of them, but they seem to have no power of attention over FABLES and ghost stories and religio-science-fictions and stupid unreal movies and BIBLES and KORANS and all the hexes and curses these master classes of pious self-proclaimed rulers pour on us daily from their pulpits. They base their rights to rule us on some right a god has given them, thus rendering it a divine right to rule us and own all our wealth. They all claim the voices of these gods who are talking to them in their own languages we assume and telling them to lead us with great holiness into mass destruction of ourselves and this paradise of a world we have all been evolved into--all of us coming as we did from Atheistic chimpanzees and mountain gorillas--we are the products of some eccentric chimpanzee tribe that woke up one beautiful Darwinian morning and found themselves talking to themselves and thinking to themselves and identifying what the hell a certain window of opportunity had been opened unto them...then they started signing each other to find who amongst them had the same cognizances and those folks got together and began signing and then getting excited and yapping and geegawing and yowling and growling and howling and dancing and gesturing and chattering and swooning and crooning and soon a society was developed and we were able to identify and define a system within this universal structure.

We at The Daily Growler want to be back at the dawning of reasoning and understanding. Human beings thinking got off track somewhere back in that dawn. The solution to ending wars is in our reasoning. We'd love to one day be able to change the name of The Growler to The Daily Grower.

GREED is an overwhelming impulse.

We welcome Muslims to our core. We however do not understand the Koran. Nor do we understand how a mass of people can fall subject to MEN (MALES) who claim these divine rights to impose their ways on us, claiming to have supernatural connections with some figment of ancient imaginations called ALLAH in some societies, Jehovah in some, Elohim in some, Baal in some, or the Pantheons of Gods of Hinduism, or the divine rulers of China's many dynasties, or even the divine rulers under the Caliphate when it went out on its imperialist adventures in order to conquer the world for the ideas of a man who was a salesman by profession and who eventually lived in a cave with his sister and was an epileptic and of course had a lot of visions and hallucinations--have any of you ever had an epileptic seisure? Same as we have no understanding of masses of people who believe an underage Judean girl of the Jewish faith got pregnant without having sex and gave birth to the ONLY SON (read SUN) of a god they called Jehovah (the dude who had given the covenant of Abraham, the old bastard who started all of this bullshit going on in the Middle East right now--the same dude who as Allah has Abraham's covenant going to his disowned son, Ishmael. Is that the reason Israel bases whether you're Jewish or not on your mother being Jewish? I mean according to the big fable--it arose out of the early Mesopotamian List of Kings--Abraham is both the poppy of the Jews and the Muslims--they are both racially Semites (from Mesopotamia)--so it's their mothers who really carry the rights to the religion in them. Jacob's mother was Sarah, we assume as Jewish as Abraham (was he a Jew? But he was a Semite. So, how was Sarah a Jew then if Abe was poppy of the Jews. Whoa. See. This is all unreasonable to us.

Humankind's salvation is in their solar plexuses and not in their minds and in all that imaginary bullshit our minds accept as hidebound truth ("hidebound" meaning some damn silly manmade book that supposedly contains OUR/THEIR god's HOLY WRIT). It's all about US or THEM in the current world quagmire--it should just be about PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE...and when's the last time you heard that promising phrase?

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