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Victoria Gray Adams--I'm writing about Resistance in this post. This great woman was a resister; she was a fervid activist; she was black; she was from Mississippi [Jesus, what a horrible state Mississippi is--today, a Mississippi judge ruled that the insurance companies didn't have to pay for water damage due to Hurricane Katrina--only wind damage--how insanely cruel that is and these F-ing insurance companies have billions upon billions of poor people's money in their offshore bank stashes--billions of dollars they could use to rebuild New Orleans--think of the publicity insurance companies would get if they pooled their excess profits and rebuilt New Orleans and helped those people recover their property and their homes! Yet, these greedy sons of bitches would rather be cruel as hell MFers than to show human kindness. Charles E. Ives, my musical hero and mentor composer of unique music, was also an insurance salesman--his special talent was for actuarial expert--but he was a unique insurance salesman in that he saw insurance as a blessing for common folk, a true protection against the unexpected--but not these bastards today. Remember Aetna was built on the backs of slaves during our golden age of slavery--can you imagine treating a fellow human being like they were not human at all--just because their skin was sun-protecting browns of various shades depending on the part of Africa they were uprooted and enslaved from. Anyway, my point: Mississippi is still a slipping-backwards state. Victoria Gray Adams tried to change that--she and Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Party--in 1972, they rose up at the Democratic Convention that year and kicked the old raggedity headed Ku Kluxer white bastards out of their seats and took them over for the REAL people of Mississippi--not men who saw nothing wrong with stringing up a kneegrow (not the word those old Mississippi whites used openly and with shit-eating grins on their faces--check out old Goobernor Ross Barnett, what a filthy old white scumbag he was. Victoria stood up against these old withered assholes, risking her life; hell, they had just buried Goodman, Cheney, and Schwermer, two nice Jewish boys and a black kid, trying to get blacks out to vote, the right to vote backed up then by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed into being by Lyndon Baines Johnson (Bill Moyers says Johnson hated signing that act but he knew politically he had to do it). To me, Victoria Gray is the kind of hero I follow. She didn't need no heavy artillery and 500 lb. bombs to try and bring democracy to her demogogic native state. Check this interesting site out:

Deadliest Month Ever in Iraq
They are reporting this morning that Georgie Porgie, our "president," is pissed off at the Iraqis--thousands of them gathered in Baghdad to back the Hezbollah the other day. He's puzzled at to why the Iraqis don't appreciate the sacrifices WE Amuricans are making over there for them (it's getting close to 3000 soldiers dying in this revenge by Little Georgie on Saddam because "he tried to kill my daddy"; also punishment to the Amurican people for calling his old Pappy a wimp and then throwing his old saggy ass out of office to put in Slick Willie. By the bye, remember, old Pappy Bush left us with a tanking economy, taking us into total debt, a situation Slick Willie crunched, using creative accounting, into a surplus.

Georgie Porgie's faithful, those who back this fool all the way whatever the consequences, and it's 37% of US, wave the flag and the Bible in our faces; yes, most of them are Christians of all kinds and they are purring with love for this wreckless and actually anti-Christian rich family's worthless son, which ain't bad for a lyin', openly crooked, openly authoritarian, openly anti-Constitution, openly anti-human rights (he's totally dedicated to torturing the enemy, just like the Romans tortured the Christians's own son of their God (the old Jewish god Jehovah or Elohim or Yahweh)), getting us involved in two wars based on totally false premises, both wars not accomplishing what they were supposed to--remember "Mission Accomplished"?--remember the hooplah about the elections in Iraq?--and he has long pushed Bin Ladin, the Taliban, and the War in Afghanistan into the back darkness of his chocked-full of blunders closet (except for that "drop in" visit he and the charming Pickles made on the cute little towelheads--remember Pickles telling the Afghan women how well off they were now--how now they could be like her and dress in those polyester-looking pants suits that cover up her big, bold, fat ass?).

I look at that number and think, hey, that's over a 1/3 of those polled--I know, who knows who those polled people are--but, anyway, teevee polls are as accurate as any polls (all polls are lying, on that we can rely). Given all the evidence, this third of the population probably represents an even bigger number in terms of voting population. Plus, too, you must factor in the stupidity and vested interests of the Dumbocrats; how they're going to try and tiptoe through the tulips in this very important (though easily stolen) series of elections in November.

A third of this country still accepts this guy as its hero. They back him like the true believers they really are. Without a ruthless leader, they feel inadequate and the males suffer from what the big pharmas now call "ED," doubletalk for "ejaculation dysfunction," which all pharmaceuticals cause, by the way--to poison a disease (drugs are all toxic--that's how they work) or poison various pains (all neurotics, what Norman Mailer says all Americans are, have headaches (especially migraines), back pains, devotion to work and therefore totally stressed out types of painful physical reactions), males, females, too, but in other ways, have to sacrifice their hards on--except since Viagra, the pharmas now have a toxic drug that will give you a phony hardon--it relaxes the blood vessels and arterial walls and lets the blood flow faster for a few minutes, unless, as the pharmas warn, you get what's called "priapism" in the medical world--"a persistent, painful erection" that lasts longer than 4 hours.

We as a nation are constantly sexually teased--most commercials have sexual teasings in them--and since I'm Freudian, I go so far as to say that even these new car commercials in which they are talking to children about the kind of car their parents should own are very sexually teasing. Plain ole network television is totally sexually teasing. I watched a tad of a Sex in the City rerun last night, and Gawd, I mean, Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing the cutest little flimsy pair of shorts and cute flimsy matching top (like Carol Baker's outfit in Tennessee Williams's great movie, Baby Doll, from which the same-named sexy women's nightwear comes from), in one quick flash, the shorts revealing a little butt cheek, and though it was innuendo and not actually explicit, still its whole premise and purpose was to sexual tease the viewer. If a young viewer, it shows them how sexually ready young upwardly mobile women are and yet how totally dumb most male seducers are--Sarah Jessica Parker is the perfect example of the neurotic young babe--her whole life, even while she's "at the office," is centered around her next chance at the perfect lay. The message is, we are sexually repressed...and ON PURPOSE. And, sadly, Sarah J never finds her perfect lay.

My premise for all of the above is based on a fact that's in my head: that we are now ruled and regulated by PERSUADERS--or salesmen in common terms--usually males out to persuade us to BUY their wares, political platforms, get-rich-quick schemes, or mostly just plain ole Mafioso-type PROTECTION plans (that's what Jesus, Buddha, Saint Thomas Aquinas--all religions offer; and that's what all politicians offer--they're the same as insurance salesmen--and now car salesmen--thus the car ads aimed at kids).

One example of persuasion from my generation is Elvis singing "Love Me Tender" in that kind'a interesting movie, if anyone remembers it, they say was originally intended as a Grade B vehicle for Richard Egan and then Colonel Parker convinced them to make it an Elvis vehicle; Elvis's first movie, as a matter of fact. Elvis was used by record salesmen and event bookers to get these young chick virgins to give it up; that was the whole idea behind white rock and roll, to get the high school sweethearts to give up that pussy--and you did it with Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.
Black rock and roll was about being tough and love being a second-hand emotion, and sitting in a wee little room in the wee wee hours of the morning wondering if your lover really loves you or is she deceiving you, maybe out with another man--the tough reality of trying to have sex in a oppressed society. The white rockers weren't oppressed at all and that's why their formula for getting in a young girl's pants became the rallying cry, "SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK and ROLL," the excuse to be very free, white, and not-quite twenty-one in some cases.

Tina Turner was getting hit in the head with Ike's shoe while Papa John's underage daughter was getting taught the double-back beast by Mick Jaegger.

No black rock and roll musician ever got away with what the white rockers got away with. Black rock and rollers (what whites refer to as R&B), like Chuck Berry (the king of rock and rollers) and Ike Turner (the man who put out the first rock and roll record--"Rocket 88" under Jackie Brentson's name, one of Ike's band members and singers) could never get away with using drugs--in public, openly on stage, or admitting to drug usage in interviews--or something as naive as putting a banana in their pants on stage like Billy Joel did--though much later Michael Jackson made fun of that by grabbing his speckled pecker while singing one of his repressed childhood love songs--which to me was as unsexual as a female duck waggling her ass in front of me with sodomistic offerings. [All male kids love showing off their hard little peckers to other male kids--"comparisons," another sales technique.]

The black female rockers were tough babes, sexy, yeah, but tough sexy, like Tina Turner, like Diana Ross, like Millie Jackson (anybody remember Millie Jackson?).

More on the Great British Terrorist Threat
I found this article in BuzzFlash by Craig Murray. I immediately liked this dude when I found out he's the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, one of my particularly favorite areas of the world, where I believe the first man called "white" is from, but, like I'm prone to say when I know I could jump off the deep end on a subject if I'm not careful, "that's for another day."

Here are Craig Murray's views on the airliner bombing terrorist threat:

We need to memorize the meaning of the word "resistance." That's the key word in coping nowadays. Resistance is an inherent trait we are born with; it's a part of our physical makeup. Our bodies, for instance, naturally RESIST diseases; just like attacked human beings RESIST being threatened, even beaten, even subjected to torture; and collective of these RESISTERS can easily RESIST the most severe oppression ever no matter the threat, even if it means being killed for your RESISTANCE. However, I'm afraid Amuricans have only attacking instincts; I don't believe they know how to resist. That's why we are so gullible when it comes to being sold a bill of goods.

The 37% of us who will march with this idiot "president" to their graves are in reality COWARDS, and that really and truly, I'm sorry to say, includes the members of the U.S. Armed Forces. I know; I've been in the U.S. Army with hundreds of buddies who were headed for 'Nam back in the early sixties and I know we weren't murderers or psychopathic killers but we were scared to death, dumb, gullible, afraid more of the gnarly old war veterans who were training us to kill and maim and bomb and gut and slit throats, that's who we were afraid of; we had no resistance against the armed forces authority. An army of cowards has no chance against a collective of resisters, no matter the extent and deadliness of their weapons. Some Amuricans used to comment on how brutal the German Army was in WWII and yet little did we know how cowardly Hitler and that whole country were. The coward stands and puffs out his chest and thumps it in defiance. The coward comes against you with shock and awe, but it is all a show; without courage, it will fail.

A hero dashes right headlong into the action and completes his or her mission. A true hero's "mission accomplished" is the salvation of a large number of human beings. A war hero is seldom a true hero. Sorry; that's just the way I feel.

Sex in Thailand
The Boulder, Colorado, police are tooting that they've got JonBenet Ramsey's killer, after he was arrested in Bangkok on sex charges (Holy Christ, what did he do to get arrested in Bangkok on sex charges?). Seems he was a 2nd grade schoolteacher back in Boulder at the time of JonBenet's being bludgeoned to death in her home's basement at Xmas time. It's funny to me, but the Denver Post called JonBenet "the six-year-old beauty queen." Wow, and you think that story wasn't to sexually tease us all. Wait until the media gets the gruesome and sad facts about this poor second-grade schoolteacher with the lost soul. This dude should have gone to Hollywood and became a leading man actor. Then he could have had all the perverted sex he could have dreamed up given to him on a celebrity platter...and it would have all been with impunity, too, even for murder, a la Robert Blake; a la O.J; a la Teddy Kennedy; a la Unka Dick who shot a man in the face with a shotgun and never even had to explain his actions to an investigator.

So here comes the poor bastard who allegedly bludgeoned the six-year-old beauty queen to death. Oh what a sexual fantasy ball the media will have with him. They will go over in detail every tantilizing sexual perversion he dabbled in; then they will detail, with graphic art, the night he made his conquest of the tantilizing little JonBenet. [What possesses a mother to want to make her small daughter into a slutty woman type? It has something to do with the mother's sexual repressions a Freudian like me would have to guess. It's just very curious to me.]

I never trusted any of my 2nd grade teachers...and they were all young women.

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