Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Randy Weston, 1926...80th Birthday

SORRY NO POST TODAY--The Daily Growler staff, including thegrowlingwolf and marvelousmarvbackbiter and Frannie and Zoey, our two-headed hot reporter--they'll be wearing a very trendy blue business suit from Johnnie's of Muleshoe (oh how trendy), will be there, too, is going to

jazz pianist RANDY WESTON'S 80th Birthday Bash.

In the meantime, here's some fun places of friends of The Daily Growler, check 'em out. We'll be back tomorrow.

We don't necessarily agree with this site's statement about Vachel Lindsay being our first jazz and blues poet--along with Langston Hughes...OK, we'll take Langston. The name Thomas Hampson sounds so familiar--isn't he a choir director?'s interesting.

This looks like some fun--chance to become famous maybe? A recitator?

A Growler is raised high to all of y'all!

for The Daily Growler

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