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It's Velly British

OK, We Concede; Maybe...
Here's the story of the terrorist it says in The Guardian, this was a British-citizen-inspired plot (yes, there were 19 or so true Muslims, the youngest 17, and 3 converts, who we assume are British citizens), anyway, here's the Guardian report [We are basically anglophobic but for some reason we've always liked the job done by the Manchester Guardian, that used to publish on onion-skin paper (we think it was onion skin; it was thin like onion skin)]:,,1843057,00.html

Who the hell knows, though? Since these terrorists were traced through international phone calls, Bush and his War Babies are now blabbering, "You see, this is why 'the president' needs to spy on all Americans, have access to all their bank records, all their phone records, their medical records, their children's vacination records, their college records, their psychiatrists's records, how many times a day they take a crap...." We think the next thing our "president" will say is, "Hey, boobs, I'm your president for life, just in case you were thinkin' I only had 2 more years. You see, this war on terrorism is really serious now--you know, I knew all along about this thanks to my breaking the law and spying on every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Susie, Jennifer, Jason, and Zack in this god-damn worthless piece of shit Amurica that me and my pappy's New World Order are trying to shape up--I don't give a damn what you all think--I'm in here for life...just like old Uncle Clarence Thomas, thanks to my old pappy, is on the Sue-preme Court for life...Hell, I'm as good as he is, ain't I? By the way, I'm divorcing Pickles and marrying Condo-leasing Rice...I'll show you bastards who's boss. Selah."

Note in this Guardian article, they are emphatic that this was a plot against Britain and not the US of A. It seems a family member of one of the suspects told Scotland Yard this stooge was hatching a plot from Pakistan and then the Pakis supposedly caught this plot-hatcher on the Afghan border. It further says this guy's uncle was murdered in Birmingham a few years back so we assume he had a reason to be pissed off at the Brits.

Britain seems to have a huge Muslim population--I mean it's only fair since they once were under the British Empire and are currently split up according to Britain's pompous attitude and greed for keeping control of the vast oil resources over there when they broke up the Ottomon Empire after WWI--read T.E. Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom [check out the great movie, Lawrence of Arabia; it doesn't deviate that much from the real story] if you'd like to know about the skullduggery that went on over there at that time of the fizzling out of the British Empire. It was over oil then and it's over oil now [and the billions of dollars that oil brings to that area and whoever controls it], to hell with all those human beings overthere.

HOWEVER, there are still doubts in our minds; some of this sounds very fishy; and then, you have to remember the recent Miami Seven Al Queda plot that proved to be a bunch of goofball creepos who were guilty of being goofballs but not really terrorists. Then we had the big Canadian break up of the Al Queda gang of Canadian Muslim teenagers mostly. What happened to these birds? And, of course, you can't forget that Tony Blair is in as much hot water in England as Baby Boy Bush is overhere [check out Joel Lieberman getting his ego beheaded in Connecticut]. Both these bumbling idiots need another scare tactic to hide their many many bunglings of more serious matters of death and destruction they've caused than would be caused by this bunch of so-called (alleged) crackpot British Muslim mosque-plotters supposedly "almost" ready to blow up--sometimes it's 10 and at other times it goes up to 12--airliners headed for the good ole US of A simultaneously using peroxide bombs and throwaway cameras to trigger them. We mean, come on, y'all, there are still a lot of questions concerning this. One is certainly the timing of this. It's not that difficult to figure out. Remember the Osama Bin Ladin tape that showed up right before Bush stole the 2004 election, the one Rove brags about getting George re-elected by a very frightened and cowardly Amurican people.

Never a dull moment in this world.

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Here We Go Again: a Further Look at the Kurds From Juan Cole:

How About a Really Stupid and Inane Story?
We couldn't believe this when we first read it. Have you ever heard of "Gen Y"--Generation Y? They are also called "Millenials." First we have ever heard of these Gen Y-ers. Evidently these recently discovered generational brats believe that looking sexy is more important than looking intelligent--and, as far as getting a job in Washington, District of Corruption, they are absolutely right. Be like the Bush babes; the Bush twins. Are the twins considered belonging to these Millenials? Such bullshit, eh?

In the Meantime...
The plot thickens on the big terrorist threat uncovered by Scotland Yard. Seems one of the major culprits is the white son of a British conservative Yahoo father and one of his several wives. The dipstick rich brat's half-sister is a leading Brit model (making 2.5 million a year, they claim--F-ing models making that kind of money is absurd, isn't it?). He's a recent convert to Islam. It's all leading back to Afghanistan. Well, we'll be damned. It's leading back to Afghanistan. Well, son of a bitch. We thought the CIA had put Bin Ladin on a back burner. Well, lookie, lookie, it's all heading back to Afghanistan, the place the CIA started Al Queda in the first place--to help the Mujihideen fight back against the Soviet Union forces there on behalf of the Afghan Marxist Party. Consevatives claim that Bin Ladin told a London reporter back in 1993 that the US was not involved in the Mujihideen insurgency in Afghanistan, that it was all financed by Arabs through a Pakistan intelligence agency. Yes, we've heard that before, though we don't see how that proves the CIA had nothing to do with inventing Bin Ladin and the Mujihideen--and, yes, too, this Bin Ladin is right to say that Saudi Arabia was the biggest backer of the Mujihideen movement there. Of course if asked if he were a creation of the CIA Bin Ladin would deny it.

Now Amuricans are falling right into line with what has to be believed in order for this huge oil-conquest hoax to work. An NYC Yahoo interviewed just a second ago on teevee was flippy and hair-tossy excited as she bemoans the fact that she has to go through all of this fuss at the airports now--I mean, she has to fly--come on, whatever way of traveling is there to these Generation Y-ers? "Do SUV's fly? If they did, that'd be cool. Wow, flying SUVs and Hummers would solve the airline terrorist threats, wouldn't it?" But this young woman on the go says she guesses she'll just go along with whatever they say--she'll let 'em do a rectal search if that's what's necessary. She firmly believes OUR airlines are under the threat of an AL QUEDA attack. Such bullshit.

There's not enough evidence out there yet to convince us here at the heretical Daily Growler that this isn't all an election year hunk of total bullshit in order to scare the hell out of all us Amurican cowards. I'm no coward; especially when facing a fictional terrorist character who has to be hooked up to a dialysis machine to survive. A guy who makes grainy videos and never shows but the same old clips of himself, you know the ones where he's firing an automatic weapon like a girly man--when 15 years ago? Hasn't this guy aged in all that time? Such bullshit. It's floating in to deep flood depths, folks. Beware.

The Dumbocrats have a chance, the chance of their F-ing lifetimes; a chance perhaps to save the whole damn world. Let's see if they're cowards. That's the way our "president" figures it while he's on yet another vacation down at his faux ranch in Crawfull-of-it, Texas [Cindy Sheehan's down there, folks, at Camp Crawford--she was hospitalized this afternoon from heat exhaustion. She's in Hell, man; it's hot as Hell in Hell. There used to be a big sign out in the middle of a Texas nowhere that said, "Where the Devil Vacations"]. Let's face it, the "president" should be on permanent vacation. How come like the good people of Spain after the stupid Yahoo Islamics blew up 200 plus Spanish commuters we don't march out en masse and force Bush out of office? The Spainards did it; got a whole new government that immediately pulled their troops out of Iraq and rejected Georgie Porgie's New World Order War on Tear-rists.

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