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Nobody Gives a Shit
We used to call it apathy. Now it's more like lethargy. The bumbling fool screwups, the grinning lying dog-types who cause the screwups, the pseudo-scientist cretins, and the ever-present asskissing hypocrites have managed to turn a full economy into an empty-debt-ridden debacle and to turn a clumsy but fairly stable Middle East peace initiative into a full-blown out-and-out war, not just one war, but now THREE wars going on: US vs. terrorists in Afghanistan (a total mess); US vs. terrorists and Saddam's nonexistent WMDs in Iraq (one of the greatest mistakes ever made by an Amurican administration); and now, with the full blessings of our Christ-lovin' two-faced richer-than-all-of-thou murderin' criminals in Washington, District of Corruption, NeoCon-backed Israel vs. the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Oh holy Jesus, what wonderful little actions.
So far in Israel's determination to "exterminate" the Hezzbollah, they have lost 33 civilians, 45 soldiers, and have about 300,000 people evacuated from areas under Hezbollah rocket attack. On the otherhand, in Lebanon, 489 civilians are dead, 28 Lebanese soldiers, and 50 Hezbollah guerillas have bought the farm, with estimates of from 800,000 to 1 million fleeing their homes for their lives. Here we go again. Israel doing a war dance in the name of Zion, oh Holy Zion, with full blaring trumpets from Amurican Christian numbskulls who really believe we have to have a bloodbath in the Middle East before the peace-loving Jesus Christ can come out of the clouds riding on a big white horse and rain holy terror down on us ATHEISTS and JEWS, we the nonbelievers--though the Christian fools will offer Jews a second chance at the Great WHITE Judgment. We all know God and Jesus are both white men. Yes, Jesus was a Jew originally, but, don't you see, when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by the insane desert rat John the Southern Baptist, a SNOW WHITE dove descended from heaven and entered into Jesus's holy body, thus, don't you folks get it, turned Jesus into a Christian, or a GENTILE, or a WHITE MAN. Praise the Lard.

People are dying for these absolutely lower than a rat's belly LIES, fables, fictions, fairy tales, whatever the hell you want to call 'em. Of course, people like Bush, Condo-leasing Rice, Rummy, Unka Dick don't believe in all that Christian bullshit; you know they don't; name Bush's religion. Name Pappy and Mammy Bush's religion. Name Neil Bush's religion--besides Asian prostitutes, he believes in them--they answer his prayers by knocking on his hotel room door in the middle of the night and offer him "flee fuckee, meesir Bush?" And you damn sure know Condo-leasing Rice doesn't give one shit who God or Jesus are; her goal is her own sanctification from her NeoCon brethren--those that named an oil tanker after her. That oil tanker to Condo-leasing Rice is more a religious icon than all the sacred heart plastic Jesus's and the stupid pure-dee white Mother Mary plaster statues and dime-a-dozen crucifixes in the world. It's more ridiculous than the remembrance of old Tricky Dick Nixion taking old lyin' scumbag Henry Kiss-ing-ass-ger and making him bend down and pray with him; and old stupid buggerboy Henry with his nose deep in this Gentile's old ruddy ass got right down there and prayed like a baby with old Gentile Dick. Can you believe that any god would listen to those two fools prayers?

This is all so ridiculous to me I find writing about it degrading; all I can do is whip these cheesy creeps; you know, beat 'em with two-by-fours Punch & Judy style--you gotta whack the ignorance out of their egotistical skulls before you can then whack some sense into them. We got a'lotta whacking to do, though I don't see all that many of the workingclass coming down the streets with pitchforks, shovels, sledge hammers, and axes in their hands. Hey, "The British are coming, the British are coming," all ye revolutionaries.

You have several hundred thousand Cuban refugees praying to God and Jesus right now around Miami and over in Union City, New Jersey, sincerely in their most tear-soaked pleading, to kill Fidel Castro, an 80-year-old dude who, don't worry, mi las Batistas, will die one day the same as you, and then, don't worry, as Madre Condogreasy Arroz assures you, you'll get to go back to Cuban and steal your land back from the peasants who are now using it, and the Mafia will come back with you, and the American sugar barons and the Bacardi rum folks, and, hey, back will come that great prosperity of the Batista glory days--don't worry, mis amigos Cubanos, the US gooberment will take over Cuban the minute Castro is dead and you can move back there and take up where you left off in 1959. Of course, you'll be a commonwealth of the U.S., same as Puerto Rico; and no more talk of revolution now or you'll be considered terrorists; hey, and Gitmo is right there at hand to take care of folks who like Cuban poor but at least free...oh, I'm sorry; Fidel was elected by democratic vote was he? Was Batista ever elected president of Cuba by the people? I don't think so. Has the president of the U.S. ever really been elected by the people? There's the company you keep when you are one of those unelected-type presidents.

Batista, by the way, was a mulatto from a small village in the Cuban sticks. At first, he was supported by the Communist Party and was a big labor union backer and land reformist; but then he realized, there is no money in being for the poor. If you want to get rich and powerful and gain the backing of the US of A, then you've got to become totally corrupt (a Capitalist deluxe) and give all to the Mafia and the big corporations and they will make you rich and keep your peasants poor so somebody can do the shit work it takes to wipe the asses of las turistas who will be flooding back into Habana, or grooming the horses at the Habana Jockey Club, or keeping the bankers's cigar ashes from hitting the new marble floors of a Trump Hotel and Casino where a free hospital used to be. Yep, don't you all worry, you won't have to live in this country too much longer. This time, you can go back into Habana in your cigarette boats; to hell with those innertubes and boats made out of old pieces of the USS Maine. Cuba will once again be a Capitalist heaven on earth where you can see a "donkey" act twenty-four/seven and maybe the man with the biggest penis in the world has relatives still alive down there who can relaunch his very successful club act that happened back in old Habana, under that sweet old Habana moon. Thank God, Habana will be a pirate city again.

And all of this to say, "Nobody really gives much of a shit about any of this."


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A Daily Growler Sports Extra With Marvelous Marv Backbiter
I watched the Yankees play two games at Baltimore--in tiny bandbox Camden Yard. They lost yesterday when the got thrown a 1-hit shut out by a pitcher no one in Baltimore or New York had ever heard of. Then today they came back and won 6-1 behind the hinky-dinky scary pitching of Jared Wright but also the brilliant end-game pitching of Mariano Rivera, who shut out 4 straight Orioles with about 9 pitches to save the Yanks a win.

I was just thinking what a team the Yankees are. Even with most of their last-year stars out with injuries, Matsui, Sheffield, Cano, Pavano, most of this year and now new star Miquel Cairo (actually old Yankee, old Met) out with a hamstring (baseball players overdevelop in the weight rooms; you don't really have to be pumped up to be a great baseball player; look at Willie Mays one of the greatest; Jackie Robinson, one of the greatest; hell, even Brooks Robinson--they were limber guys, wirey, not Schwarzenegger girly looking--check out his breasts now that he's getting older; I'm sure old iron pumpers have to have breast reductions surgery when those steroidal titties start sagging down toward the gym floor--time to head for the boob doc for some cosmo surgery), and with some of the most unreliable pitching in baseball-- millionaire Grandpa Randy Johnson and a bunch of glorified Double A bums as relievers--and still the Yankees are the second best team in the majors right now, second behind the Detroit Tigers, which is a fluke ready to sink to the bottom, mark my reliable word. The Yankees are also a half game ahead of the Red Sox in their division. I know folks hate to hear the Yankees praised, especially Mets fans, though I tell my Mets fan friends, and I got a lot of 'em, that Willie Randolph is a great manager who can turn the Mets into a Yankees-type team, which he's done; they've got great hitting and fielding and they, too, have an unreliable pitching staff with Viejo Pedro Martinez their millionaire grandpa. Boy, what a subway World Series this year would be--come on, anybody who loves baseball would wanna see the Mets and the Yankees in the World Series this year. What I'm trying to say is, baseball fans, the Yankees just have a great team from all angles and even from a pitching point of view, if you look at it like, surely these guys have wins in them and as soon as their bumbling mellows out and their pitching talents gel like they should and then the cripples come back on line at the right time--they could become unbeatable in September. Luckily, the Yanks and the Red Sox have another series, so Katie bar the bloody door--if they sack the Red Sox, then they're gonna be in the World Series. I kinda am not worried about the Mets being in the World Series. There's really no team I can see in the National League that can beat the Mets in a 4 out of 7 playoff series. Not the Cardinals; who, by the way, are the only team to ever, I think I'm correct on this, lose 8 games in a row twice in a season and still be in first place after both losing streaks. But the Cardinals can't beat the Mets.

Baseball is beautiful and I think this year, at least for a Yankee fan, is one of the best damn seasons I've seen in a long, long time. I'm excited...and you should be, too.

By the way, golfing fans, I have just put together a fifty-year-old set of Golfcraft glassshaft Lloyd Mangrum signed golf clubs; I have a #1 wood I can't wait to hit some balls with; I have a #2 iron, a 3 iron, a 4 iron, a 5 iron, a 6 iron, a 7 iron, and an 8 iron; I have a sand wedge; and I have a famous Golfcraft Lloyd Mangrum combo putter. Then I found Lloyd's famous golf teaching book using photos of Lloyd making shots on some of the then famous golf courses in the USA. Lloyd taught out of the Apple Valley, California, Resort, and I once attended a golf clinic with Lloyd, Ben Hogan, and Dr. Cary Middlecoft, and Lloyd was Hollywood all the way, dapper in dress, dapper in look, and overdrawn at the bank for several grand--I mean, being a golf pro in those glorious days meant you depended on club calcutta pools for your biggest income. Anyway, I got a thrill out of putting this set together; yeah, I still need 3 more woods and a 9 iron for a complete set, but hell, I'll have it 'fore the year's out.


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Huzzahs to Ned Lamont in Connecticut; he's driving old Joel Lie-berman into the Repugnican fold.

It's weird to read about how the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, was the progressive party in them days of old and especially during Reconstruction in the Old South. Did you know Garfield put a black man, an ex-slave, the first black senator from Mississippi, Blanche Kelso Bruce to a high Treasury Department position and that his signature appeared on the nation's Treasury notes from those years up to McKinley's presidency?

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