Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Dance of the Infidels

Lethargy Castle (With Our Knight in Shining Armor, Gore Vidal, as Your Guide)
Hey, come on in, the water is tepidly fine; the castle that surrounds us has had its front door blown down and all cars are loaded with their built-in car bombs and all drivers are car bombers and hey, peace is a quick half a cigarette butt smoked either prior to death or salvation, depending on the mood of the Fate of the moment and where you happen to be catching that quick smoke.

This castle is luxurious; everything has to be luxurious these days. Luxury has arisen as the way you tell who is who, you know, luxury is the basis of the Joneses's rise to class supremity, so keeping up with them is now a sport of the collecting of luxuries. "I own that very rare object overthere that I have no idea what the hell it is." That's the reasoning behind the Joneses and what they put before us as luxuries. If it is rare, even though you don't know why it's rare, it becomes a success marker on the long, old, crooked Jonesian luxury highway. Watch out for that Mercedes-Benz SUV; it may be a car bomb car being driven by a frustrated Jones intent upon making a colorful (blood color) splash upon the local scene (and I hope you are not having that smoke on a Baghdad street corner). [29 people were blown to smithereens today in Baghdad--but hang in there, as Joel Lieberman says, "We've won there already; what's all the furor about?"]

Gore Vidal
There is a true original American thinker out there spewing out the raggedity truth every day he's given the chance. He's eighty now, living in the Hollywood Hills, with bad knees, on a cane, but still his quipping self, his amazing political-analyist skills still flaming with burn, still "I told you so-ing," you misguided Amuricans, you intelligent but totally misinformed creatures, mostly of peace, but as Vidal explains, unable to ever have peace due to the British hypocrisy we learned from those old Great White Imperialist Fathers of us white folks and which we refuse to "refine" from our national characteristics. I mean, there is no sense in me writing my ass off when Gore Vidal in this one interview here with The Progressive says it all in strictly American common sense and in a rich strictly American sense of opinionated wisdom. READ THIS INTERVIEW. As Vidal says [yes, we are paraphrasing], I grew up in Washington, District of Corruption, which is like growing up in a zoo; you know there's always bullshit going on in the Monkey House because monkeys on the loose are trouble and that's what we've got going on in the Washington Zoo at the moment--the monkies are out of the Monkey House and their monkeying around ["Hey, they call us the Monkies, but we don't monkey around...."] is getting us into a whole barrelful of troubles--the worst of which is WE AM BROKE, folks....READ ON:


Only a great American original writer can think so splendidly--well, of course, we here at The Daily Growler have been thinking this way for over 113 posts now. Is American waking up? It's hard to tell, since as Vidal says, the media will make sure we don't get the correct information. The media is going to give you the views of their owners; that's it pure and simple.

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