Friday, August 18, 2006

Repetitive Rant

The Biased Media Never Give Up
Everything done in the corporate world is done by repetition. There's only one way of doing anything when the main objective is to sell products and not inform. The only place in the corporate world where there is any kind of evolution is in the branding sessions in the advertising conglomerate head-banging war rooms (that's what they call them)--the current craze being a French form of advertising called disruptive advertising. That's when a commercial or ad disrupts your routine way of thinking about a product, you know, you see Tide you think of washing your clothes--in disruptive advertising you might see oil bubbling out of the ground--like a gusher and then the Tide logo comes spewing out of that oil well. One example given in the disruptive advertising textbook is a campaign by some European liquor company in which it simply displays a silky blue background showing a long pink slit down its middle. Yep, you guessed it; it's supposed to make you think "vagina." Suddenly looking up as you drive your overpriced, gas-guzzling Daimler-Nazi-Chrysler SUV way over the speed limit while tooling down a Hitler-like Autobahn and seeing something that looks disruptively like a vagina you are going to be puzzled until you get the "conception" here; the birth of thirst; the birth of class; the birth of socializing with this brand of liquor; the liquor becomes the vagina, dig.

There is of course male and female advertising. Most car commercials are aimed at males no matter the content of the ad because car companies know men buy more cars than women so women, like children, in most car ads are the persuaders; they also know that every one of our kids, especially the boy kids, crave their own cars for that special status among male peers and also as a sign of a lad's sexual prowess. Look at the white trash NASCAR races; there are no women NASCAR drivers that I can find; yeah, there's that hot babe that drives Formula 1 cars, but that's not the same as NASCAR--a lot of NASCAR's biggest stars are the sons and grandsons and great-grandsons of some of those original NASCAR racers, like the Pettys or the Earnhardts, families who gained their driving skills running bootleg whiskey throughout the Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia hills--see the movie Thunder Road with old pot-smoking Robert Mitchum as a whiskey runner. Check out NASCAR cars and drivers; they are plastered with advertisements (they call them sponsors). NASCAR may be white trash, but it has the automotive industry behind it so you know they're after your money through your sexual fantasies that's all; otherwise car racing is boring as hell until the big wreck comes and believe me that's why there are hundreds of thousands of good ole boys and girls at all those NASCAR events. Absolutely every race will have a horrible wreck of some kind. You can't put 30 souped-up hotrods racing at speeds up to 170 mph on a three-lane mile or two-mile long oval and not expect a huge pile up at some time or another during the several hours these monkies race those cars around and around those stupid tracks--"everything goes in circles" [Billy Preston]. Originally it was called "stock car racing" because the drivers were supposed to use just plain cars off the showroom floor or off the used car lot those early dirt track racing days. That was one of the big features of early stock car racing; they raced on dirt tracks; not paved tracks. The stock car racers were allowed certain modifications, like fuel injection systems or four-barrel carborators or disc brakes; thus was born the term "modified stock cars," which all NASCAR cars are--super modified.

Everything in the US of A now is for sale to the lowest bidder in terms of cheap labor and to the highest bidder in terms of the privileged class (the leisure class, into which I'd put all executives, junior grade on up, including our own "president," a guy who has never had to work a day of his life; just like this week when he was sitting down there on his faux ranch sipping bourbon, snorting coke, and avoiding Cindy Sheehan who's camped right outside his "ranch" gates--she has recovered from her heat exhaustion. I read where Bush Baby took a back road out of Crawford to avoid Cindy this vacation trip in order to get back to the White House, where he doesn't really work that hard at destroying our economy and killing off our sons and daughters in the name of democracy, freedom, and the Christian-Jewish god, Jehovah (or Elohim or Yahweh--the name Carl Jung said was the Christian god's actual name). [I saw a babbling idiot Christian salesman on teevee this morning and this pompous, pious ass said, "Hell, you know, Brother Bullshit, come the Rapture [isn't that a buzzard?], there'll be some people who ARE good Christians left behind. Amen, brother; God told me this, yes, there will be some Christians--and they think they are good Christians like me and you, Brother Bullshit, but they're gonna be found lacking by the God the Holy Father, praise the Lard and pass that ammunition overhere--this is war, Brother Bullshit, war, wonderful war. Let's us prey." Such inane idiocy; yet, millions of foolish Amuricans eat, sleep, and breathe this crap.]

Everything Is Commercials--Repetitious Commercials
That's why in yesterday's post I said Jill Carrol was now shopping for a book deal--she is hungry for a book deal--all journalists need a lot of attention--hell, she's already made a little killing with her serialized story of the kidnapping (which will of course become the book) that is running in newspapers all across the country. I'll bet ya, she gets a movie out of it, too. I suggest to that maybe Lynndie England deserves a book deal and a book tour and damn right, we'd like to see Lynndie's life story on the silver screen. Lynndie, however, now a proud mother--is her baby Iraqi since it was conceived in Abu Ghraib?--is in an Army prison (she must be having fun) serving a few months. Can you imagine this little short ass hillbilly girl and her dumbass boyfriend screwing in Abu Ghraib? But they did. That's why I asked if the baby was Iraqi? Or will it look like a "Muslim." Could Lynndie have gone all the way with one of the men she tortured. Or maybe the baby will look like one of those German shepherds she was sicking on her captives.

It all boils down to SEX and SEXUAL TEASING, folks. That's advertising for you.

Keeping Up With the Kurds
A lot of hot news from Kurdistan this morning:,,1852843,00.html

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B.A. said...

You need to stop going on and on about NASCAR white trash. I write about NASCAR and resent people who know nothing about motorsports yet feel the need to pontificate on it.
For example...
The babe I presume you are speaking of is not in F-1 because there are no women in F-1 and it is a European sport.
She would be in the IRL which is an American sport.
But don't let me stop you from writing about people and things you know nothing about.
Research, not opinion can make a great writer.