Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Believe I'll Dust My Broom

Relaxin' Doubletime With thegrowlingwolf
I'm a little queasy; I ate a huge overfat barbecue beef sandwich from an NYC street vendor called Daisy Mae, yep, after the Little Abner character who I'd be willing to bet only a handful of New Yorkers know who the hell that is, old child molester Al Capp's very popular comic strip (a "funny") during WWII on into the 1950s when old Al kicked the bucket. Al gave us Daisy Mae, Lil' Abner's barefoot hillbilly cutie who wore little if any clothes--always the same clothes, same as Lil' Abner wore the same overalls all the time in every one of Al's Conservative-Right Wing comic strip. Al also gave us a weirdly cute little humanimal called the Schmoo.

Anyway, I had a big barbecue brisket sandwich. It was advertised as "Texas Style" but being from Texas I know that that kind of statement up here in New York City means "Look out--it's about as far from Texas as a style can get." In this instance, the barbecue tasted Texas smoky alright though the sauce was too sweet--Texans put their sauce after the meat is smoked--they don't even baste their barbecue with sauce--sauce is simply a sidedish. But, I must say, it's the best barbecue I've had in this damn town since a place called Smoky's existed way back in the early 80s over on Ninth Avenue. It reminded me of barbecue that used to come in a can in Texas--Wolf Brand Barbecued Beef. They made canned chili, too. Ah, when I was a little cub of a lad; the things I ate!

I washed the barbecue down with a cold beer, all brought to me by an old girlfriend of 25 years, a truly kind woman, and a beauty, too; she's gettin' better lookin' the older she gets, and she's a bit of a Daisy Mae-type dresser, too--she shows a lot of beautiful flesh that's for sure--and it's a joy to lewdly stare at it, too.

Anyway, there's a bit of a jaunty bounce in my words tonight because the wonderful happened this afternoon for us Yankees's fans--they SWEPT the BoSox, winning this afternoon 5-zip after Wang the starting pitcher pitched a no-hitter into the 7th inning, finally giving up his first hit in the 7th, relieved by Joba Chamberlain, the latest Yankees total "wunderkind" young pitcher who came in, struck out the first batter he faced, then threw two high hard fastballs at the next batter--"at his head" the homeplate umpire claimed and tossed his ass out of the game. From then on it was a breathholder until the unlikely Eduardo Ramirez, another unknown, came on and got the side to ground out in the top of the ninth--he struck out Big Poppy--and that was it, 5-zip, and the Yankees moved into first place in the American League Wild Card race and now only 5 games behind the Red Sox for the Division Championship.

Oh how sweet it is when you're winning in baseball.

Baseball a sport of great mathematical calculation--the most analyzed sport their is--batting averages, Earned Run Averages, Runs Batted In, pitching speeds, on-base percentages, past performance statistics--I mean, baseball is a game of mathematical strategy based on the dimensions of what's called a "ballpark"--starting from the facets of a diamond and ending in the glory of a well-played and accomplished victorious game.

So Chien-Ming Wang (the best Yankee pitcher for two years in a row now) beat Curt Schilling (Curt's 40 years old now; gonna be a free agent this year; ain't gonna be with the BoSox next year, and that's a sure thing).

Here ya go! Hoist one up for the Yankees--they were the best team in baseball for the past three games where they swept the best team percentagewise in baseball.

Mets vs. Yankees in this year's World Series!!!

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