Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Play It Again, Sam"

Turned My Back on War
I'm sorry, I'm too evolved a human animal to care anymore if the Yahoos want to destroy this EVIL (spelled backwards is LIVE) planet.

I passed a mosque last night returning from some pub crawling down in the Alphabet City area of the Lower East Side of once-fantastic Manhattan Island, now becoming a playground for the filthy rich and common ordinary dumbass Yahoo tourists, and the top floor of the mosque was bordered with glaring signs all lit up with holy electricity, saying, "Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus X. Christ, and the Honorable Mr. Mohammed were all prophets of Allah, the one God, the Only God" "Allah is the God of All. Mohammed was simply a prophet of Allah." "Allah through Mohammed and Jesus offers Peace and Justice to the World." I thought, damn, these religious Yahoos love cheap signs, don't they. I'm so damn disrespectful. F all religions, I declare, even Atheism, the religion that left poor old Madelyn Murray O'Hare murdered out in the middle of a Mexican desert.

God, religions are the stupidest stuff human animals insist on believing in, putting their faith in, putting their money into--AMAZING--no proof whatsoever scientifically or logically that it all isn't cultural bullshit--an explanation of our instinctual fears given anthropomorphic identities. Only a troop of cowardly idiots could believe such bullshit; yet billions of people as I'm typing this heresy are on their knees babbling endlessly seeking assurances and security from a huge collection of figments of our scardest imaginations, imaginations that can't deal with the Godhood of the planet itself--this planet is our Mother and Father. We are but creatures out the sea. When we die, we turn back to dust and then we're sucked back into the slime of the sea from which we came. If any life survives it will survive in the sea, though just tonight I heard on Sixty Minutes all the underice tidbits the chinstrap penguins need to survive are nowhere to be found anymore because there is no longer any sheets of seaice for these tidbits (creel I think their called) of delight and salvation for these chinstraps to live---as a result the Antarctic chinstrap penguin population is depleted by 60% in the past decade.

Christians are rejoicing! We're destroying this EVIL world. Muslims are joining Christians in condemning earthly life--the idea is to wipe out the opposition so that only YOUR KIND remains in supernatural power (a nonexistent power). Hitler had the same idea--he called it the FINAL SOLUTION. DEATH is always the final solution, folks. YOU and I are going to DIE. You never know; another friend of mine this week discovered she has cancer.

So, go ahead, Yahoos, destroy the planet. I don't have that many more years to go--I think I'm gonna make it through life having a had damn good time--I avoided all the wars--even when I was in the army, I didn't have to work too hard, I married some truly wonderful women, made some even better love, published poetry, published books, was a lead singer with a cult band, have recorded several records, make my own homegrown CDs by the bales, and have some of the fewest but best damn friends in the world--I've glided through life in spite of the Yahoos--and they were around trying to destroy the earth when I was born and they're still active in more multitudinous proportions today--but, hell, I'm not scared of them--BRING 'EM ON!

My brother was dying and I asked him point-blank, "What's it like, bro?" and he said, "Hell, it's nothing, just something to fight like from the time you're born, just another thing to fight. Yeah, it's gonna nail my ass one day, but in the meantime, I'm still living." My brother the day before he died sent a month's worth of newspaper columns into his paper--and continued working at his computer right up to the moment he just about died with life-energy determination to continue. Completion was done; OK, let's die now.

What's it like in New Orleans? 'Bout the same as it was the day after Katrina.
Isn't that a crying shame?

What's it like in Baghdad? Worst than ever.
Ain't that a crying shame?

How about people who work at two jobs but are still poor?
Ain't that a crying shame?

I'm writing a blues here.

What's it like in the new Democracy of Afghanistan? Worst than ever. Less democracy; regression back to tribal controls of territory. Death on the increase. NATO (read: USA) wreckless with their airstrikes; killing men, women, but especially schoolchildren.
Isn't that a crying shame?

The miners died two weeks ago in that Utah mine collapse. Nothing will be done in terms of mine safety there and in other coal mines--that hasn't changed since before World War I, the war to end all wars don't you know. The mine owner will go on unabated using illegal mining methods and illegal immigrants to work in his atrociously dangerous mine--where he uses column chopping--and that's what happened, the miners were chopping down columns and sure enough, one side of the mine caved in on them as they chopped one column too many. They're dead; now three others have died trying to save them. This too shall pass in time.
Ain't that a cryin' shame?

Bush goes on getting to be "president."
Ain't that a cryin' shame?

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