Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is It Tonight, Texas?

The Texas Killing Team Prepping For a Big Night!
No, it's not Kenny Foster's turn tonight--Kenny's on a hunger strike--he's refusing to participate in his own lynching, not eating anymore, turning down the last supper, and when the time comes he will refuse to move and will force them to force him to die (remember Kenneth didn't do anything; he was simply sitting in the car 80 yards away from where, yes, a friend of his did shoot somebody rather coldbloodedly and, yes, this friend of his was a passenger in the car, and, yes, he had gotten out of the car and gone up a driveway 80 feet away from the car, and, then, yes, he did come back to the car and get in and say, "Drive like a bat out of hell, I just blew some MF-er away," though I don't know if the guy even said that. I've heard Kenneth say he heard the gunshot but had no idea it was this friend--he said he almost drove on off, but since it was a friend, he waited. Too bad. So Texas has one amongst its many goofball laws (it's still against the law in Texas to carry a pair of fence cutters in your pocket) is this crazy law they call the "parties" law that says that if you are party to a murder then you, too, are guilty of murder and that's what the tricky-ass white lawyers got together and came up with--a way to kill two N-worders with one stone. The murderer, by the bye, has already been lynched--he's dead and gone--anyway, it's not yet Kenny's time to be dragged to the layout table--Go, Kenny, Struggle, Dude, resist, make them drag you screaming and hollering, and they'll be meaner than you ever thought they could be and they'll literally like a predator killing its prey grab you by the throat and drag you to that horrid table and their Adrenalin will be flowing at full KILL and they will joke and curse as they finally get Kenny belted down to an immoveable position and then, "Hey, quick, man, needle this N-word son of a bitch; he's a strong MF-er." "Come on, Kenny boy, take it like a white man--you did the crime you gets the juice."

How cruel is that? Hell, it's American though. But no, it's not Kenny's time tonight, tonight its a fellow-death-row mate--I think he's joined Kenny in his nonparticipation stance, too, so it'll be interesting to see how they handle this dude tonight. Johnny Conner will be NUMBER 400 to executed in the Lone Star State--but here, read all about it:


Texas has executed far more death row inmates than any other state since the resumption of the death penalty in 1976, and will soon hit the grim total of 400.

On Wednesday August 22, 2007, the state of Texas is scheduled to execute Johnny Conner for the May 1998 murder of Kathyanna Nguyen. If the execution is carried out, he will be the 400th person executed and Texas will have outdistanced any other state in America in terms of executions carried out.

Texas regarded as the ‘capital' of capital punishment has carried out 20 executions this year the most of any state and is scheduled to executed nine other people this year besides Johnny Conner.

Four states with the death penalty have not carried out a single execution since 1976 when the U.S. Supreme Court approved newly revised death penalty statutes. Another 14 death penalty states have each executed less than 6 people in the past quarter century. This year, states as diverse as New Jersey, Montana, Maryland, and New Mexico considered doing away with the death penalty altogether.

While executions in Texas have continued at an alarming pace, new death sentences have decreased significantly both in this state and nationally in the past five years. Texas juries and prosecutors may be realizing that the pursuit of a death sentence is not worth the time, effort, financial investment, or the risk of executing the innocent, when society can be protected with the statutory provisions of either a mandatory 40-year-prison sentence or a sentence of life without parole.

Although death sentences may have declining popularity among the people in Texas, it hasn't stopped Texas from executing people and showing a total disregard for human life. It seems that when the death penalty was reinstated in Texas, it came back with a vengeance and the number of people put to death is proof of this.

It is against this backdrop that, I urge you to raise up your voices and take part in the Vigils throughout the state of Texas that have been planned to mark this somber occasion.

Help stop the execution of Johnny Conner and other death row inmates.

I'm goin' out drinking. This country is beginning to suck more and more, folks, and that's a cryin' shame.

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