Thursday, August 02, 2007

Terrorism Within Our Own System

Bridge Collapse
We got twenty or so hours of constant reporting on the bridge collapse in Minneapolis--is that the bridge John Berryman committed suicide off of? A death bridge? So far the death toll in this tragedy is from 4 to unknown. One survivor said the bridge just suddenly wasn't under them and when they came to a rest there was so much dust they couldn't see where they were; one woman said she wondered if she were dead already.

While this tragedy was bleated out all over the country by our Rupert Murdock news services--the Murdock news is always the news you can count on--RIGHT (WING)?--50 people died in one car bombing in Baghdad, where Georgie Porgie Bush, our phony president (he put a epileptic on the Supreme Court--naw seizures don't affect his decisions), soon to be our Supreme Court-appointed dictator ("I'm a war president"), says the surge is winning and there are less Saudi-Arabian insurgency deaths these days than there were at this time ____fill in the blank______; Condo-Leasing Rice is also trumpeting about the Middle East offering the Arabs nothing and the Israelis billions of more dollars in aid, mostly military aid, one of our friendliest forms of aid to countries--WE are the Military Industrial Empire now--a lot of our jobs are in that industry--we make death and destruction our national image--the progress we represent to the world. WAR is good. WAR is profitable.

The stock market slammed down 400 points and the Yahoos started wondering--is this 1929 all over again--NOPE! Sweet and simple, folks, it's just the already filthy rich cashing in their chips and getting richer. Don't worry, the stock market will rebound; it'll be back over 14,000 soon--don't worry. And you don't trust The Daily Growler stock tips--keep on buying Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton of Dubai (record profits coming soon), the Carlyle Group (the Saudis aren't going to let one of their favorite companies go under), Wal-Mart (more union troubles--they're using bag boys in Mexico and aren't paying them dick-shit--they are working for tips--the Mexican poor are used to begging for subsistance, so everything's hunky-dory down in the New Democracy of Mexico)--in fact, you should probably look into investing in the Mexican-monopoly telephone company run by now new world's richest man, Senor Slim.

Hey, and a hey nonnie-nonnie, we're also generously giving the Saudi Royals billions of dollars worth of weapons, too; good, the Saudi insurgents in Iraq need some new equipment, man.

I say blame everything on Iran.

Since the Iranians are Persians, Arabs don't give a shit if we annihilate that country--I mean we've pretty much screwed Iran up since WWI--every time they would almost go totally Western we overthrow their democratically elected leaders and turn the whole country into a Chaos that eventually leads to the extremist government currently in power.

It's all bullshit, folks; total bullshit.

Our bridges are collapsing while we're out collapsing the whole damn world.

for The Daily Growler

Here's a Charming Possibility That The Daily Growler Has Been Trumpeting for
Six Months Now--the Others Soon See the Light, Too, Eventually

There is presently a serious possibility that America will come under martial law before the 2008 presidential election and be irretrievably turned into a totalitarian state. If this happens there won't even be a free election in 2008. We can and should eliminate this ominous threat to national security by impeaching Bush and Cheney now. But the man in charge, John Conyers, is afraid of what Fox News might say about him.

In my recent article, This Summer, will America Officially Become a Totalitarian State?" I presented the following facts:

    In May 2007, Bush posted a national continuity policy to the White House Web site that bypasses Congress and puts him in charge of all three branches of the federal government if there is a "catastrophic emergency" -- vaguely defined to include anything from a destructive hurricane to a terrorist attack. This leaves democracy in America dangling on a thin thread of chance that such a "catastrophe" doesn't happen.

    On Wednesday [July 11], Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said he has a "gut" feeling that Al Qaeda will launch another terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland sometime this summer. Chertoff's "gut feeling" comes on the heels of the latest National Intelligence Estimate [NIE], which maintains that in the past year, Al Qaeda has reconstituted its core structure and has grown stronger along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

Curiously, the story about Bush's national continuity policy received (virtually) no mainstream media coverage, and its significance in light of the recent NIE report was not broached. Yet, these facts point to a serious and disturbing possibility that a "catastrophic emergency" in the form of a terrorist attack on the homeland will occur before the next presidential election, giving the Bush administration the green light to turn the United States into a totalitarian state. Notice that this is not based on speculation or groundless conspiracy theory. It is based only on the facts: With the posting of the current national continuity policy, Bush has ipso facto announced his intention to take over all three branches of the federal government in the event of another serious terrorist attack. And the NIE does "judge that the United States is currently in a heightened threat environment."

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