Wednesday, August 01, 2007


It is hotter than the holiest of Dante's hells today in New York City. I'm fixin' to hop on my horse and boogie down the street to meet thedailygrowlerhousepianist&choirdirector to do some chortling and some just plain ole BY GOD drinking. We do this once ever so many months, just eat a big meal, then come back to Chez Wolf and drink beer and listen to CDs. The old housepianist likes to give me blindfold tests--I amaze myself sometimes, though he recently got me on a Jimmi Hendrix CD, the one where Jimmi's with--is it Buddy Miles--God, I can't recall those good old days of yesteryear, and though I do feel Jimmi was the damndest guitar player and showman of my lifetime--sure I've known cooler guitarists who could play circles around Jimmi, but nobody could use the guitar as an extension of their selves like Jimmi could--Jimmi like Lester Young only new how to play their instruments and the music that came out of their instruments otherwise they were doped up or liquored up--and even on stage they were high both on drugs and liquor but on their virtuosic ruling powers mostly--the drugs and booze were sometimes used to level them off--to keep them from blowing their tops.

So, The Daily Growler is shutting down for the afternoon--shuttering and locking up our lovely back-deep back of the building-dark and lonely and lost and hidden offices--and there goes crack editor Rob Treasures now--he's working on a headline story about how our criminal politicians are robbing us blind.

I shudder thinking about the world, the "normal" world.

I'm goin' drinkin'.

I might even get up the nerve to call Pastor Melissa Scott tonight and ask her for a date--how 'bout Cabo for a tryst, Melissa?

for The Daily Growler

Do you hear the "Sailor's Hornpipe" playing gayly in the backend of the building?

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