Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fools One Night/Geniuses the Next; That's Baseball

Yankees Lost to Detroit Last Night 16-0; Beat the Boston Red Sox 5-3 Tonight
I'm still not recovered from the Yankees's game tonight; they played the Division-leading Red Sox tonight--the Sox are actually the best team in baseball right now (percentagewise)--and what a game, folks. Baseball at its best (unless you're a National League fan). The Yankees at their best. And, dammit, Boston was at their best, too. Manny Ramirez hit a ball so hard, a huge home run over the right field porch, he threw his back out and had to leave the game. But Pettite, Handy Andy, outlasted the BoSox big Japanese wunderkin--I can't think of his name and even if I could I couldn't spell it--and then Mariano came in in the ninth and that was it--there was no fire left in Boston to put out so it was one-two-three for Mo and now the Yankees--listen to this--are only 7 games back of Boston--their only hope, it looks like, is to overtake Seattle for the Wild Card. I would have sworn Boston would have folded by now, but, no, they're hanging in there tough--they had won 4 in a row until the Yankees beat them tonight.

And I have to suffer through this for two more nights--unless Thursday is a day game. The Yankees have beaten Boston this year so far--and it's the Rocket pitching tomorrow night--all Yankees fans are on their knees in some religious fervor asking that Rocket be full of fuel tomorrow night and not a fizzled-out old man like he can be sometimes--he gave up 8 runs in one inning one time this year--scary!

And let's lift a glass of ale to old El Duque with the Mets--he's actually pitching his ass off for the Amazin's, who it looks like are going to dominate their Division again this year. And the rest of the league--what a mess--6 teams are choked in a tie for the Wild Card in the National League--and even the Division leaders aren't that far ahead that they can wile away any time losing. How about Sweet Lou and the Cubbies?--they were up 2 games in their Division as tonight started.

Yankees and Mets in the World Series!!!

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Note: We have not heard from Marvelous Marv Backbiter in a long time. God knows where he is, though someone swears they saw him sitting atop the right field foul pole at Yankee Stadium tonight. One guy said Marv looked a little squirrely sitting up there.
Johnny Damon was tonight's Yankee hero--he homered in the winning runs.
And how about Mrs. Johnny Damon--shows you what a 50 million dollar a year ballplayer can get for his money!!

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Yanker Hater said...

Damon makes 50 million a year? It must be in rupies or francs, because it sure ain't in dollars!