Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Global Warming Is a Myth; We're Winning in Iraq

Lies, Lies, and More and More Lies
There is such a thing as truth within a lie--you know, where you tell so many lies on top of so many other lies that some of those lies may become truths--naw--come on! I'm thinking like a person who eats white bread.

Liar paradox

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In philosophy and logic, the liar paradox encompasses paradoxical statements such as:

  • "I am lying now."
  • "This statement is false."


  • "The sentence below is false."
  • "The sentence above is true."

These statements are paradoxical because there is no way to assign them a consistent truth value. Consider that if "This statement is false" is true, then what it says is the case; but what it says is that it is false, hence it is false. On the other hand, if it is false, then what it says is not the case; thus, since it says that it is false, it must be true.

To avoid having a sentence directly refer to its own truth value, one can also construct the paradox as follows:

"The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence is false."

However, it is arguable that this reformulation is little more than a syntactic expansion. The idea is that neither sentence accomplishes the paradox without precisely its counterpart.

You see what I mean. Truths, too, can be lies. And we know lies are all lies. Suppose I say, the following sentence is a lie except for the last part of it; if the first part is a lie then how do we know the last part of it isn't a lie.

Can everything be a lie; even existence? That's pretty deep but it could be true; we could be living under a huge illusion. It's possible. Multidimensional mirrors. The mirror effect; we are a reflection of the past. Perhaps only death is not a lie.

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