Saturday, August 11, 2007

An August Saturday

Out of This World
I remember a very corny movie of the Brit-fop Broadway vehicle called Stop the World, I Want to Get Off, by Brit-fop playboy and songwriter, Anthony Newly. Newly wanted to get off the world because he was a Brit-fop; I want to get off the world because I refuse to become a Yahoo.

I'm sorry, folks, but I'm so sick of the Brits dominating MY F-ing culture--I know my younger friends don't think anything about it, growing up under the musical dominance in this country of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and all the Brit-fop bands that came roaring over to this country to sell our own music dipped in British church mode (Lydian mode) back to us--and we bought more of their records than we'd ever bought of our own musical geniuses--oops, I forgot the majority of them were black--and even in England that's Third World--and in this country to whites blacks are still savages--so white kids changed the American culture and gave it back to the boring Brits--our white fathers and mothers, see--that is if you're a WASP, a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant--and that's what Bush, Unka Dick, Cousin Karl (Achtung!), Token Messkin Alberto "My Daddy Was an Illegal Messkin Immigrant" Gonzales (not to be confused with Speedy Gonzales, please), and Sweet Lil' Sistah Condo-Leasing Rice are (oops, Condo, sorry about that; I mistook you for a WASP--I think it's them Ferragamos that threw me off).

I mean Brits are everywhere in our culture; all over Broadway; judging our future talent on those horrible amateur hours like Rupert "Aussie Fop" [F Australia, by the bye] Murdoch's (he owns the show himself, folks, and not his network) American Idiots's Idol; even the Geico gecko talks like an Aussie--come on, why does a gecko have an Aussie accent? Aren't they native to India or somewhere?--oh hell, Indians have British accents, too, don't they? And so many announcers, both men and women, on teevee and radio have Brit accents and this is especially true of the huckster-driven infomercials--they're full of Brit-fop-talking flim-flammers selling American Yahoos the cheapest of craps most of which you never use once you get them and see that they're pieces of total plastic crap; and, shit, every golf telecast has several Brits covering the action--no Asians, yet Asians are the up and coming golfers of the world; the women's professional golf tour is now dominated by Asian women--one of the leading women golfers from Korea is only 19 or so.

They tried putting German accents on our radio and teevee waves but that didn't work so well--like having the very Nazi-sounding German head honcho at Daimler (Hitler's favorite auto company)-Chrysler doing their commercials--it led to Daimler now desperately trying to throw Chrysler off their backs (ironic how Germans now make the very American Jeep); remember Volkswagen tried to introduce us to a German word a few years ago and that didn't work--only the introduction of Hitler's little People's Car, the Volkswagen, the bug, made them any money--and that was a time when Americans were going through one of their self-imposed guilt trips and started abandoning big Detroit steel cars ("gas guzzlers") for little foreign gas-savers like Volkswagen Bugs and then Le Car from Renault (like all Renault products a piece of junk) and Fiats from Italy and Datsuns and Toyotas from our new auto-giant friends of Imperial Japan fame. The Baby Boomers brought big F-ing expensive cars back into popularity--like their parents, cars became big symbols of different egotistical emotions--big instinctual legend symbols--penis symbols for the men, equality symbols for the women. I myself was guilty of driving Cadillacs and Jaguars when I had cars (and holy Nazi crap, too, I owned a Mercedes Diesel one time)--but in later life I was quite happy with a girlfriend's Gremlin--a true little piece of Detroit shit made by George Romney's old worthless American Motors (AMC), originally the Nash Motor Company who also owned the Nash-Kelvinator Company and made refrigerators in Grand Rapids, Michigan (the home of old Gerald "Duh" Ford, another of our never-elected presidents). Nash Motors gave us the infamous little car, the Rambler--Chevvy copied the Rambler except they put the motor in the back like Volkswagens and called it a Corvair (it wasn't quite a Corvette--dig?), and that's the worthless piece of shit car that made Ralph Nader famous--then along came the Ford Pinto and those gas tanks that exploded when you got tapped in the rear--or, hell, even if you hit a bad bump--blewy, and you were barbecued human.

Oh, our great and glorious automotive industry. How patriotic they always were; Henry Ford sold Japan scrap iron and steel during WWII, shipping it to them under our radars through Russia; you bet, even in those days, industries made money off war. Look at Krupp in Germany. Eberhard-Faber. Bayer Aspirin (yep, a Nazi company; they tested drugs on the Jews (I'm sorry, the Juden Schwein)). And oh yeah, Daimler. Or how about Mitsubishi in Japan (makers of the infamous Jap Zeros and Mitsubishi bombers in WWII)? I had a WWII Marine friend--he was on Guadalcanal and then on Iwo Jima, and he told me one time it pained him deeply to own Sony products, though everything he had in his house the last time I saw the dude carried a Japanese brand--Sony teevees and stereos, and yes he drove a Toyota, with Toshiba laptops, and Sanyo products--even his electric toothbrush was from Japan (how lazy are white Americans?)--I once dated a great-greatgranddaughter of Mark Twain's and her father was an inventor and she said he invented the electric toothbrush--I never saw need to check her story--she and her mother lived very damn well--the daughter and I once made love on the grounds of the most exclusive club in Dallas, Texas--"Sorry, No Cullards!"--after getting drunk on cafe royales with the mother in the club's bar and grill. I once wrote an ad proposal for Mitsubishi: "We killed your parents and grandparents in World War II, and now we kill you on your own highways! Be a part of THE revenge, drive a Mitsubishi--and drive it fast and hard, like the Imperial Japanese Army fought on Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Bonsai." The boys from Tokyo loved it, but the Politically Correct white bosses thought it didn't accept enough guilt for us winning over Japan in WWII--"We owe these little bastards, Wolf." Yeah, I guess we do after what we did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then Tokyo--you talk about firebombing Hamburg, we incinerated Tokyo--flattened it. That's why when Japan rebuilt, they bought up all our pine and redwood forests for lumber--no more paper houses in Japan--then they bought our steel industry--then they bought...blah, blah, blah, and I sound like a kneejerk rightwinger, but, nope, I was simply programmed to not like Japanese or Germans--not the real people, but the ruling classes--and from that WWII experience, I don't like ruling classes of any kind--especially those of my own people--the rottenest people alive at the moment. What a bunch of Yahoos we are. In case you don't know what a Yahoo is, here's Gulliver (Jonathan Swift's travelling Englishman) talking to Don Pedro, a YAHOO.

After dinner, Don Pedro came to me, and desired to know my reason for so desperate an attempt; assured me, "he only meant to do me all the service he was able;" and spoke so very movingly, that at last I descended to treat him like an animal which had some little portion of reason. I gave him a very short relation of my voyage; of the conspiracy against me by my own men; of the country where they set me on shore, and of my five years residence there. All which he looked upon as if it were a dream or a vision; whereat I took great offence; for I had quite forgot the faculty of lying, so peculiar to YAHOOS, in all countries where they preside, and, consequently, their disposition of suspecting truth in others of their own species. I asked him, "whether it were the custom in his country to say the thing which was not?" I assured him, "I had almost forgot what he meant by falsehood, and if I had lived a thousand years in HOUYHNHNMLAND, I should never have heard a lie from the meanest servant; that I was altogether indifferent whether he believed me or not; but, however, in return for his favours, I would give so much allowance to the corruption of his nature, as to answer any objection he would please to make, and then he might easily discover the truth." [From Gulliver's Travels Website.]

Yes, Americans are Yahoos.

"Yikes zabies!" as Bugs Bunny used to say when he spotted a Yahoo!

for The Daily Growler

Another "Lynching" Going to Happen in Killin' Lovin' Texas
Yep, a young black man is gonna get the slow-death treatment in the Texas pen at Huntsville from those tasty lethal injections because--well, you see, Texas has a law that says if you're with some of your friends, out drinkin' and showin' off, dig? and one of the persons with you shoots and kills somebody, you gotta be KILLED, too, even though you had nothing whatsoever to do with the KILLING.

These four young black men were out doin' some macho pimpin' around town. Toolin' around in their nice car drinkin', boosting each other's machismo by hotty-ing, show-boating, even to the point of penis-bragging about robbing some convenience stores or pickin' up some hos or maybe just goin' home and sleepin' it off. Yes, four black dudes out and about in crusty old San Antonio, the Mexican Capital of Texas. And everything was going fine until they spotted a hot babe, a well-dressed chick who looked like she needed some macho help. She flagged the boys down--"Nice car!" "That ain't all that's nice about us, baby," one of the machos in the backseat said. Then he gets out of the car and starts walking with the hotty-babe up a driveway. Next thing the boys know is they hear a gunshot. There natural inclinations were to jam that nice car into superforward and get the hell out of there...but their buddy--he was still up the driveway--they couldn't see him, then they saw him and he was runnin' for the car and then he jumped in and he said, "Take off, motherfuckers, let's get the hell out of here." "What the hell happened? What was that gunshot!"

Turns out the macho from the backseat followed the chick up to this house and there was her lover there and he was pissed and one thing led to another and since it's legal to carry concealed weapons in Old West Texas this macho dude's weapon came out and somehow it ended up shootin' and killin' the boyfriend who just happened to be a big-time lawyer from a big-time San Antonio family--curtains for the backseat macho--who got DEATH--and Texas conveniently took his life already, months ago, but the other dudes in the car? Yep, they were all charged under this Texas law with capital murder, too. The other two boys out of the four--one's killed already--copped pleas with the cops and were separated from the driver and are in jail somewhere unknown in the Texas system--and it's the driver who ended up getting a murder charge around his neck and he's the dude Texas is gonna lynch in a few weeks unless Governor Rick "Praise the Lard and Let's Lynch an N-Worder Today" Perry (a true fundamentalist Christian goofball who was caught having a gay affair but was forgiven by God, his wife, and the great state of Texas because of his closeness to Georgie Porgie Bush Baby, our never-honestly-elected "president") pardons the dude.

Keep this in mind: this dude was simply driving the car. He sat in the car 80-feet down a driveway from where his backseat buddy shot the prominent lawyer. When he heard the gunshot he had no idea it was a trigger pulled by his friend.

Well, anyway, a white jury found the poor bastard guilty and sent him to Death Row--and now his time has come--he's gotta pay the supreme penalty of just being along for a ride...

Texas loves killing black people--and Texas while George W. Bush was governor executed 157 poor bastards, mostly black, one a woman, too--remember Bush bragging about how he was sending her to heaven and she should thank him--this after she became a jail-preachin' born-again babe (like Georgie Porgie claims he is born again) and appealed to him for clemency on the grounds of her great Christian change of heart--old Charles Colson, that old windbag of truly weird and perverted lies, turned Christian in prison and it got him a lighter sentence plus when he got out, he was immediately back at work making bucks enough to lose millions in Vegas--where the hell did a convicted and time-serving felon get his hands on millions of dollars?--oh, yes, he did write his bestselling book--they all make money off books. I see where John McCain, that true whacked out nutjob, has a new book out now explaining his flip-flopping and lying and promoting torture and WAR and more WAR and KILLING, KILLING, KILLING. God, we love KILLING. What a total crock of Yahoo shit all this is.

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