Monday, August 13, 2007

Baseball Is Being Good to Me

It Doesn't Get Any Better
I have to say something about baseball! It's one of the most exciting seasons so far so far--and it just keeps getting more and more exciting. It's bad for your heart if you're a diehard, and I must add, baseball knowledgeable fan like me--on top of that I'm a diehard New York Yankees fan--and I don't apologize for it either--remember, I know baseball, and, I'm sorry, but in my eye the New York Yankees are the finest baseball team ever assembled and since July, since the All-Star game, they've proved it, moving from being behind the BoSox 14 1/2 games to tonight being 4 games behind them and if the Devil Rays beat Boston tonight, the Yanks will be 3 games out since they're right this second beating "Billy Ball" Baltimore--a good little team really--6 to 4.

I keep up with the Mets, too--most of my friends and neighbors are Mets fans, one of my best friends a diehard Mets fan like I'm a diehard Yankees fan except he hates the Yankees and would never watch one of their games and that's the way it is here in New York City, there's no love between the two fans, except me, I will watch the Mets--I mean, come on, Willie Randolph's a great ex-Yankee--he's turned the Mets into a Yankees-style team--and, heck fire, El Duque pitches for the Mets now--and the Mets have their 300 winner now, Glavine, and the Yankees have the Rocket--with 356 wins and still pitchin'--Amazing! I mean it's amazing to me and I'm a true baseball fan--I'm loyal and I'm savvy to what's happening in all corners of both leagues. Besides the original Mets were managed by Casey Stengel and then Yogi Berra managed the Mets after George "Asswipe" Steinbrenner had insulted him--and Yogi had led the Yankees to the World Series in 1964, too--can you imagine the nerve of that weakass moron Steinbrenner insulting so great a ballplayer and a Yankee truly great as Yogi? Most diehard Yankees fans hate George Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman and Billy Connor, an ex-Met, who doesn't know his pitching ass from a hole in the ground though he has privileges with Steinbrenner and his worthless son who now runs the team--at least the son seems to know baseball--I've heard him interviewed one time so take that with a big grain of salt.

Trouble with the Yankees! They have an erratic pitching staff, though lately they've been doing a pretty good job, though Wang gave up 8 runs his last outing and the Rocket gave up eight runs in one inning, too, but lately, I mean, the offense has become so awesome it doesn't matter if the lousy Yankees starting pitchers give up 6 or 7 runs, the offense has been scoring 8, 9, 10 runs a game--21 runs against K.C. earlier. Anyway, it's been a sweet group of series here lately for a Yankees fan. They are coming on. They're already tied with Seattle for the wild card. And if the Mets can just hold on and stave off the Phillies and Atlanta, New York baseball fans will get what they live for, a subway series--Go Mets! I'm not worried about the Yankees--and all Yankees fans know, Boston always folds at the end of the year, Manny and Big Poppy or no Manny and Big Poppy--wev.

There are two innings left in tonight's Yankees-Baltimore game out at the Stadium, so I'm going up in the crow's nest with Frannie and Zoe, our The Daily Growler two-headed girl reporter, and listen to the rest of the game--Frannie, Zoe, and I like listening to the games on the radio--it helps us exercise our imaginations--like we know Yankee Stadium well enough to close our eyes and see the game clearly in our imaginations--who knows, I may fool around with Zoe, too, I kind'a like her--only in my imagination. The great Dizzy Dean's famous faux pas: "Why lookie over thar in the stands--that couple over there--look he's kissin' her on the strikes and she's kissin' him on the balls."

for The Daily Growler

[The Yankees won a thriller after Mariano Rivera, the greatest game saver in baseball, blew a save and the Billy Ball Orioles tied the game. In the bottom of the ninth, though, thanks to an error and some fielding goofs by the Birds, the Yankees scored the winning run and there they go winning another game--no 9 out of their last 10. It's an amazing feat to watch if you're a diehard baseball fan. The Mets came from 13 back one year to win--and we all remember the Dodgers and the New York Giants--the shot heard 'round the world--and the Giants came up from out of nowhere to dethrone the Dodgers.]

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