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Texas Lynching Party Halted, Believe It or Not

Killingest State in the Union, Jack
Not as much fluff about America's Princess's "untimely" death as I figured there would be; Tina Brown got a book out of it but there wasn't even much hoopla about Tina "I Saved the New Yorker by Making It Britishy" Brown and her stupid story (Princess Di in case you have a short memory was the commoner who married old saggy Prince Hot-Cha Charlie and who old Scotch-drinking Queen Liz didn't much like, especially when she went into heat and started making it with her menservants and the stable boys and then a Muslim playboy--oh yeah, while Jolly Prince Charlie was diddling Camilla Parker Bowels out in the middle of a muddy field--boy, ain't it nice being in the privileged class! Yeehaw! Yahoos love royalty).

There still was more Princess Di remembering than there was even mention of THIS:

Thursday, August 30, 2007


August 30, 2007

Movement to Save Kenneth Foster Wins Historic Victory

Family members and supporters of Kenneth Foster, Jr. are jubilant in the reaction to Texas Governor Rick Perry's today's announcement today that he would commute the death sentence of Kenneth Foster, who was convicted under the controversial "Law of Parties" for a 1996 murder in which he had no actual involvement. The Board of Pardons and Paroles had recommened clemency by a vote of 6-1. Foster's execution had been scheduled for tonight.

In a statement announcing the commutation, Perry said, "I am concerned about Texas law that allowed capital murder defendants to be tried simultaneously and it is an issue I think the Legislature should examine."

Reaction among Foster's family and friends included both joy and disbelief. “We felt a bit of disbelief because Perry’s decision was so unprecedented.” said Dana Cloud of the Save Kenneth Foster campaign. “But everyone is so happy that Kenneth will be able to touch his wife and daughter and that we have a chance of seeing him free. Anything is possible when you are alive.”

Claire Dube, a close high-school friend of Kenneth’s and an active member of the Save Kenneth Foster Campaign, broke into tears when she heard the news. “We don’t even know what to say. It’s incredible.”

Keith Hampton, Foster’s attorney, also expressed relief and happiness at winning his client’s life. Hampton thanked the activists of the grassroots movement that started in Austin and spread around the world for putting the necessary pressure on the Board and the Governor to win. “Extra-legal means work,” he said.

“Governor Perry once said that there was no hue and cry against the death penalty in Texas,” commented Lily Hughes of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty. “Well, here was your hue and cry.”

Foster’s family and other supporters will continue to work to free him from prison. “It seems like ten years on death row under 23-hour lockdown could amount to time served for any crime that Kenneth ever committed,” Cloud said.

Perry’s decision is historic. Not only has the Board of Pardons and Paroles rarely recommended clemency (by one count, 3 times since 1982), but Rick Perry has overseen more executions than any Governor of the State of Texas, including George Bush.

“This case demonstrated to the world just how arbitrary and capricious capital punishment is,” Cloud said. “It gives people pause when someone who killed no one could come this close to being executed.”

“Public sentiment has been turning against capital punishment,” Hughes said. “We’ve seen a lot of states stop executing people. Winning Kenneth’s life might be a real turning point in the history of the death penalty in Texas.”

Of course, the week before Kenny was supposed to be "juiced" Texas did manage to execute a couple'a black guys--oh they were guilty as sin; both killed white people. Amen.

Will this end capital punishment in Texas?--don't count on it.

I watched a little of America's Most Wanted tonight. Mostly they were looking for Mexican nationals, one especially from Wichita, Kansas, who got drunk and ran over a White American woman in his brand new pick up down in New Orleans where he was doing Katrina construction work--a hotbed of illegal immigrant workers NOW, brought in by the big New York City developers in their effort to steal as much land as they can, blah, blah, blah, you know the "same" old story--anyway, this goofus then in his infinite dumbass stupidity picked the dead woman up, threw her in his new pick up, carried into his part of town, dumped her out behind a neighbor's house--but, of course, like the stupid dick this guy was, he had to have sex with her before he hitched up his britches and made a getaway to Wichita afore the cops found him out--but then we White folks all know Mexicans love death and they make love to death once a year--besides, a dead woman is pretty exciting sex for those of you who are inexperienced in such "machismo."

I once had a friend in high school who worked in a funeral home as the night man and he said he'd been tempted a couple'a times, once especially when he picked up a dead woman from a car wreck and when he got her back to the funeral home and opened up the body bag, he found a gorgeous young woman, totally nude, not a scratch on her, and he was there alone with her, and she was still sort of warm--he said sometimes in the winter the dead were steaming when he'd open the body bags in the coldness of the room in which the home kept their corpses.

He told me once, "You know it goes on when you're in this business where most of the funeral home morticians and helpers are men, dig?"

Varieties of Necrophilia
Necrophilia is an erotic attraction to corpses, with the most common motive cited by psychologists as the attempt to gain possession of an unresisting or nonrejecting partner. The activity fits the DSM-IV psychiatric diagnosis of "Paraphilia, Not Otherwise Specified," although many self-professed necrophiles reject such a shallow approach to what they feel and do.

Read all about necrophilia here:

And to my old friend from yo many days ago, keep respecting the dead, though as Sam Kinison used to scream, "It never ends!" as the mortician turned Sam's body over right after he died and started buggering him--"OH NO, IT NEVER ENDS!"

So good news for Kenneth Foster Jr. Tonight there's celebration in his home and sobeit. Governor Rick Perry does have logic somewhere inside his contaminated politician's body. Just think, Kenny would be dead tonight if G.W. Bush had still been governor of Texas. Though, ironically, 600,000 Iraqis would still be alive were G.W. still governor of Texas.

By the bye, on America's Most Wanted's "most wanted" list, I did not see Karl Rove's name; I did not see Alberto "My Papa Was an Illegal Immigrant" Gonzales's name; nor did I see the nation's number one killer, George W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush's name on there either.

1,500 Iraqis died under orders from the Supreme Executioner Commander in Chief G.W. Bush in August of this year. Just this past month, folks. Texas killed 2; G.W. and the US Army killed 1,500. "Damn, I'm doin' a heck of a job," Bush was heard congratulating himself in front of Richard M. Nixon's oil painting in the White House Hall of Shame.

WE LOVE KILLING! Watch teevee; any old teevee, CABLE, network, don't matter, I guarantee you'll see more people killed than you'll see people loved.

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Note: The Yankees won today behind the pitching of an out-and-out minor-league-starter, his first-ever Major League start--and he won the game; went 7 innings and gave up 3 runs--one home run--while the mighty Yankees's offense scored 9 runs--they won 9-6 over the TB Devil Rays (I know, in God-fearing Tampa they've taken the Devil out of their name).

Yankees are now only 4 1/2 behind Boston and are leading by one game in the loss column, where it counts, over Seattle in the American League Wild Card struggle.

Mets won today--they're now a squeaky 2 1/2 games ahead of the Phillies (bluntly speaking, they won't catch the Mets).

It's all about pitching; so sayeth the soothsayer.

And a belated Happy Birthday to the REAL Prez:


Language said...

I hate the royals as much as you do, but just for the record, Di was no commoner, she was a Spencer, and the Spencers are much older aristocracy than the johnny-come-lately Saxe-Coburg-Gothas -- excuse me, I mean "Windsors." She was a descendent of Charles II, and before him of Robert the Bruce and Mary, Queen of Scots; her family (I read somewhere, probably slanderous gossip) felt she was marrying beneath herself when she agreed to get hitched to horse-face Charlie.

Marybeth said...

Hey, do you know Frank O'Hara's "Ode On Necrophilia"?


"Isn't there any body you want back from the grave? We were less generous in our time."
-Palinurus (not Cyril Connolly)

it is better

S love them E

and we
so seldom look on love
that it seems heinous

Marybeth said...

Back in my Stanford days (a couple of decades ago) there was an article in the newspaper about a 16 year old girl, dead, and her, perhaps, steaming hot naked body on the ice cold slab being too much for the poor undertaker, so he mounted her, and in the moment of orgasming inside of her, he apparently, miraculously, stirred her back to life. Her parents refused to press charges because they felt that they owed their daughter's life to him.