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Saturday Night Debauchery

Saturday, Dull Day
Around The Daily Growler high-glam designer offices high atop Mount Scott, the highest mountain in Oklahoma, watch out for those beer cans and drunken soldiers, we're going out partying. thegrowlingwolf has once again flown the coop to recoop so he can continue his continuing palaver he calls One Spring Morning Off Spring Street Monday. He is smoking foul-smelling cigars and bragging about his new leather-tooled briefcase he's carrying around with him though there's nothing in it; he doesn't want to ruin it by carrying things in it. It's old see. From his precious Mexico, which he hasn't seen in what--40 years. Plus he's wearing his Mexican Jefe hat, his chic sombrero and his 100-dollar Medici trendy sneakers--they're made of kangaroo skin; that's why he likes them--they're blue leather with red trim.

Of Interest
The Mets won today--13-0; the Phillies got beat by the Washington Nats; so they're even-steven in the Nat League East. Tomorrow's game will decide if the Mets make it; they have to win and Philly has to lose--or San Diego has to lose, they lost tonight, so the Mets or Phillies are one game behind San Diego for the Wild Card--Colorado is also one game behind SD for the Wild Card--how's that for excitement coming in baseball tomorrow!!!'s hard to believe baseball regular season is almost over--one more game--and then the playoffs begin. A fast season; but a thrilling one. More people went to baseball games this year than ever in the history of baseball. The Yankees drew an average of 52,000 a game; over 4 million plus for the second year in a row; so let's don't hear any baseball owners bitching about not making any money. Bastards! Baseball is a very corrupt business, same as all sports that involve billions of bucks a year.

The President of Bolivia, the first indigenous Bolivian to become president, Evo Morales, is a cool dude; and man the cat thinks with a rational mind. He says the UN must respect the rights of indigenous people and their nation's natural resources, which in Bolivia includes oil, mining, and coca-leaf production--Bolivians chew coca-leaves as a matter of routine--it helps give you energy in high-altitude countries, and Bolivia is a high-altitude country, I mean, La Paz is like 7 or 8 thousand feet above sea level, maybe higher. He says the UN must defend the indigenous people of the world against the plundering of their natural resources by global corporations. He says since the UN is in the US and the US gives leaders like him visa bullshit and threatening to not let them in the country to attend the UN, why not move the UN to another country--it began in Switzerland, though it was founded in San Francisco during Hairy Ass Truman's mass destructive administration--Harry with a gleam in his eye ordered Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuked to the tune of 300,000 innocent "Japs" (that's what we called them in WWII--or there was the more courteous word "Nips" used a lot) being fried alive. Hey, Harry excused it, we'd a lost 2 million Amurican boys if we'd had to attack the Japs on their own soil--I mean these little buggers just wouldn't give up, you know, suicide being their most sacred way of avoiding losing. Never give up! When you hear that kind'a bullshit being spouted, you know we'll have wars for the rest of human existence--and there's not much of human existence left if we the predictors here at The Daily Growler are anywhere near correct.

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The National League Wild Card Race

National League
San Diego8972.553-

About Evo Morales

BOLIVIA: Who is Evo Morales?

24 July 2002


In April 2000, Aguas de Tanari, a large multinational corporation, was due to take over the privatised water works in Cochabamba. Water prices were to increase and laws were passed to make it illegal to catch and use rain water. Water would be out of the reach of the majority of residents, 65% of whom live below the poverty line. Mass demonstrations erupted, roads were blocked and running battles where fought with the police and the army until the government gave in. The sell-off was defeated.

Evo Morales, of the Movement to Socialism (MAS), was one of the leaders of this battle. Morales has also led the peasants' struggle against the US-sponsored forced eradication of coca and is a prominent leader of the indigenous Quechua people. Morales won a surprise second place in the June 30 presidential election.

Long before coca was used to make cocaine, the indigenous people of the Andean region, the Aymara and Quechua, chewed coca leaves as a dietary supplement. The consumption of coca leaves and tea is part of daily life for Bolivia's peasants, miners and workers. The US-led “Plan Dignidad” (dignity plan), which seeks to reduce coca production to zero, is seen by them as an attack on the peasant's livelihoods and the indigenous people's way of life.

This US-financed plan involves US military advisers on the ground ordering Bolivian soldiers to attack, kill and displace peasants with US-made weapons. This has led to resistance among the peasants, with several self-defence groups being formed. In 2001, for the first time since coca eradication began, more police and soldiers were killed than peasants.

Morales has publicly declared that he not only supports the peasants' right to self-defence but is participating in the organisation of these popular self-defence groups with the aim of forming a people's army.

Since early 2001, Morales and the MAS have campaigned across Bolivia for the June 30 presidential election. The MAS platform included: the nationalisation of strategic industries; price reductions and a price freeze on household goods; the provision of basic services for all; defence of free public health and education; increased taxes for the rich; an end to corruption; the redistribution of land to those that work it; a new political apparatus; an end to neo-liberal economic policies; and opposition to a “flexible” work force.

In early August, Bolivia's congress will choose either Morales or front-runner Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada of the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement to be the country's new president.

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