Monday, September 03, 2007

The Daily Growler Hits a Snag

We Don't Exist
We had good intentions today--we had a hell of a post sent in by thegrowlingwolf but by golly when we tried to publish it Google said our email wasn't verified and when we typed in the password it said the password didn't match the blog address or somesuch bullshit as that so we ask Google to send us a password test and they sent us an email at the email address they said was unverified and they said to please sign-in using that email address; we did, we typed in the password, BAM, no go, it said, no such blog exists.

We decided it was because we were trying to post using The Daily Growler house PC, a Toshiba laptop--so we came back to our Mac and sure enough, on the Mac our address and password are accepted and here we are.

We are confused. We know our password but the two won't compute on the PC so that's that until we go in and re-define the site and come up with a new password. God-damn we hate this technical bullshit, this password bullshit and different machines's infos differing also--such bullshit. Technocratic thinking, which comes from Max Weber, a German sociologist back during the first 50 years of the last century, who came up with 4 main social actions the first of which is "Zweckrational" that Weber defined as "rationally chosen means to goals" or "technocratic thinking." That was Weber's ideal.

Weber came to our attention through -- l hat had a post on Weber's use of the word "charisma," using it in terms of a Byzantine usage of the word which was applied to members of its military forces.

Error Corrected by L Hat
Yesterday, thegrowlingwolf in a "respect" for America's Princess, Princess Di, called her a commoner--holy shit--actually he really meant to say Old Queen Lizzie thought of Di as a commoner but l hat says Lady Di was not only "royalty" but perhaps an even higher form of royalty than old Queen Liz herself. l hat was pretty high-falutin' in his respect of Prince Charles by calling him Prince Horse-face--hey, the Prince is of the horsey set. Remember his sister, Princess Anne, was a horsey set horse jumper--she was on the Brit Equine Olympic team one year, and the possessor of a very fine royal ass, as shown in a great candid photo taken of horsey set Anne, she, too, looked rather like a horse in the face, where her horsey set ass is bared after the wind blew her dress up.

So, The Daily Growler apologizes posthumously to Lady Di. You're now a royal piece of ass in our sordid minds and thegrowlingwolf's effort to degrade you to a commoner level is pretty damn common of him.

As a rebuke to thegrowlingwolf on behalf of Lady Di's Spencer family and her two royal goofball sons, we note that the children of Richard Wagner's daughter Winifred called Adolf Hitler "Uncle Wolf." There, that should make Lady Di rest a little easier in her comfortable casket; though the worms have surely done their job by now, don't you think! Hey, ain't that something, a royal corpse rots the same as a commoner's corpse. Sobeit.

Tomorrow we promise you---NADA, which means nothing, because we are at best divided and at worse unable to fall.

Blessings on us all,

for The Daily Growler

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Marybeth said...

On the topic of the horsey royals: I once read that Prince Charlie said his mother wasn't the type of woman to notice you, unless you were a horse.