Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Ironies of 9/11

The 9/11 Bullshit Is Growing at a Faster Rate Than the God-Ugly Freedom Tower
The bullshit was piling up faster than they could shovel it out onto us this morning on teevee, radio, and all the ships at sea.

The first person interviewed this morning on one idiot channel was Vietnam vet nutjob and out-and-out psycho John McCain. McCain in all his glorious wisdom said that Iraq looked complicated and dead-ended but it wasn't, no, not at all; in fact, John said, our Commander and Thief's great military tactic he calls "the surge" is WORKING, miraculously WORKING ("the surge" meaning a surge in the number of poor old dumb Amurican boys and girls who have to die today and tomorrow and "forever" as far as the far-right schizophrenic blowhards and jive-ass flim-flammers are concerned--WAR FOREVER is the solution--the final solution in getting rid of these towelhead Muslim jihadists--these TERRERISTS [It was fun yesterday to read a report written by some progressive bullshit writer in which he used the word "terrarists"--The Daily Growler has been calling them TERRERISTS since George W. Bush started pronouncing it that way from the get-go]). "The surge appears to be working, but there still are arguments going on in Washington...." All bullshit. I mean an enormous dungheap of this shit, these rewritings of truth to the point where the big lie is now accepted as whole truth so help us Osama bin Laden.

One irony of all of this we noted is that this General Petraus clown, this guy defending "the surge" with the loudest trumpeting, is the same General Petraus who back in 2003 assured us there WERE Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Hell yes you can trust him; his original lie is now truth and his new lie is becoming truth as the media spins it out along with the rest of the total hooey. Why do we sucker Amuricans believe all the advertising that is flooded across our stupid, stunned, stressed, and beplagued asses?--like that the most fun any good cleancut, apple-pie-baking mom and hardworkin' Capitalist pig daddy family can have is going to Orlando, Florida, and Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Utopia--Fantasyland with stupid-dick high-school jerks walking around sweatin' inside Walt Disney character costumes and kids believing that these goofballs are the actual living characters, except some little atheist kids who boot old Mickey right in his high-school nuts sometimes or who might punch out Snow White or goose her in the ass--"That was a Mother of a Goose wasn't it Snow White, my dear?" Wasn't it Al "Jazzbo" Collins who invented "Beeping Slooty"? Or was it Steve Allen?

And then we heard this "administration" spokesman, no one had ever heard of him before today, and he was praising "the surge" and how effective it has been--why Amurican soldier deaths are down 80% is the way he proved it--that must make 20% of our dumb, stupid troops feel good--whoops, there goes another car bomb off--oh 2 Amuricans got it--but, that's A-OK and proves "the surge" is working because, you see, before the surge, 8 troopers would have gotten their asses blown to anonymity, this way, hell, we lose only two--but hell, in the same explosion 35 innocent (unless you believe all Iraqis are GUILTY) Iraqis, men, women, and children, got their asses sent straight to Mohammed's Heaven--we wonder, do Muslim women get ten-thousand virgin boys if they blow themselves up for jihad?--and nobody even counted their bodies.

So the big lie of the day made truth by the media is that "the surge," though controversial, is definitely working.

Here's another irony we heard babbled out by one of those teevee situation experts, another man in a suit who you'll never see again ever, unless it's while he's being arrested for writing suggestive emails to underage boys or playing footsie with a Gay come-on cop in a men's room in Minneapolis, saying that the insurgency forces in Iraq are now definitely (again, a lie given as truth) under Al Queda. Then this bureaucratic numbskull said something that amazed me, he said Osama bin Laden is NOT the head of Al Queda--nor has he ever been. The true head of Al Queda, says this guy; in fact, he blurts out, the TWO heads of Al Queda are both Egyptian!!! Bin Laden is simply their PhotoShopped-speaking apparition, now all fresh looking, sporting a new makeover beard--why old Osama looks healthy as a god-damn horse, but then, this guy says bin Laden's simply an Al Queda dickboy with no power at all. Now, wait a minute. We were told originally, weren't we, that Al Queda was the invention of Osama--weren't we? But then our fearless Commander and Thief said about a year after 9/11 that he wasn't concerned about Osama bin Laden--didn't know where he was nor did he give a shit where he was.

This leads to another irony: we attacked Afghanistan and its Taliban leadership--who we put in power there, by the bye--the Taliban have actually been to Texas--check it out--they've actually had some barbecue and soda biscuits on G.W.'s faux ranch at Crawfull, er-ah, we mean Crawford--but anyway, we attacked Afghanistan (the lie that that war is the righteous war in this 9/11 bullshit is now the truth) because the Taliban were giving sanctuary to Osama bin Laden!! See how confusing the constant lie makes things appear? Now, conversely if that's the reason we attacked Afghanistan (the real reason we attacked Afghanistan is to get that oil pipeline from the Black Sea down to Europe (we are competing with Russia for Caspian and Black Sea oils)--the pipeline that is already in existence? Doe anyone know?) then why aren't we now attacking Pakistan? They're certainly giving sanctuary to Osama bin Laden--I mean Osama's private tiger hunting lodge is in Pakistan. And doesn't he live in a villa in Peshawar?

Well, ah shucks, folks, lies, lies, and more lies. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Most of us say, well, we're not all that religious, but we do believe in God now, don't get us wrong. Most people will say they believe in God. How big a lie made truth are all our gods? These fictitious beings (and our own thegrowlingwolf is currently in a long episodic ramble he's calling One Spring Morning Just Off Spring Street trying to show where rapidly writing out remembrances bring out so many recollections and times and places in times that sometimes it all becomes a blur, especially when thought out in words on blank Microsoft Word spaces, when typed and worded just the way it is spoken, so many words and memories made words flowing out that the writer has no time to cull out what may not be truth at all, except the writer keeps trying to say "What I'm writing has to do with my continuing presence in this world and its relation to other continuing presences, some who are now ghosts--some who may have never existed except as characters to sort of brick up the holes in the unfolding of those times and bringing the relevancy of those times into words that not only tell stories but depart meanings and arguments and suggestions and, yes, dammit, personal opinions based on living the experiences I'm putting into a world of words."

We lived through 9/11. We were all here in Manhattan at the time. We were, some of us, close enough downtown to the World Trade Center that day to almost feel like we were actually in the buildings when they came tumbling down--like this dancer friend who lives in Brooklyn Heights and who watched the whole thing happening in 3-D from his apartment balcony--and this drummer friend who lives on the Lower East Side--and they both said they watched 9/11 happening as if it were a drama, a play being acted out in real time--and both say they couldn't take their eyes off it even though they could easily see people leaping to their deaths for sure in order to escape being burned to death and some of them ironically jumping already in flames-- and nothing is more frightening to a human than death by fire. Fire to our aborigines was a thing to be respected or its flaming snakehead tongues could lap out and slurp you down whole and alive into the pits of their father fire's hungry stomach--symbolized in legend by the Pits of Holy Hell--death by fire! That's why the Christians burned the witches and heretics in flames--to see the demons leaping out of their dissolving bodies. The dancer said he watched literally hundreds of jumpers, first seeing them as dark specks among the tons of paper and trash and office supplies flying in huge tornado-like swirls all around the lower floors while the tops of the buildings were engulfed by fire and smoke, smoke chocked full of asbestos and mercury and formaldehyde and powdered human flesh mixed with powdered rat and mouse flesh--oh the filth people breathed in during and after 9/11--and then gradually those dark specks took on human form and then on closer look easily identifiable as certain individuals, men and women, some screaming with their mouths wide open and horrible fear in their wild, crying eyes--and one of our acquaintances took out his camera and zoomed in on some of those poor bastards--zooming once directly into a woman's face and damn, he said, if she wasn't smiling--a smile of total fear, though, and not one of peace--he said that smile is still embedded in his psyche--the dancer says he'll never get the picture of those hundreds of jumpers out of his mind, those jumpers he stood frozen still watching--watching them with one last desperate leap of faith and hope throwing themselves upon the mercy of the gods of their faiths--and not one got saved by any gods or by any live human gods either for that matter.

Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani will be crowing hard and long today as he devises his election to sainthood within his faith--the Catholic goombah faith--and claims the three miracles he performed as he valiantly went into 9/11 with his shirtsleeves rolled up and his asshole body Bernie Keric right by his pompous side--why Rudi's spirit went with all those firefighters and cops whose budgets he'd cut to the point they didn't have the proper equipment for this huge a catastrophe--their communications devices weren't connected and some of them weren't working anyway, nor did they didn't have the right breathing apparati--why Rudi Guiliani never gave either the firemen or the cops a contract while he was mayor! Such a lying rat bastard that Guiliani is; yet today in the media he'll be toasted and vaunted and held high on a pedestal and he'll be analyzed with grade-school precision and they'll predict whether he'll be elected our next president or not--"Does Adolph...er-ah, we mean Rudolph Guiliani have a chance in 9/11 hell of outspending Governor Mitt (I Want 5 Wives, Dammit) Romney and thereby buying the election?" No mention yet of the Dumbocrats and their lousy roles in all of this bullshit.

And that's what it is folks: BULLSHIT.

Are we safer now than before the War on Iraq and the occupation thereof? Hell no. We may be safer from another attack by 14 Saudis with boxcutters--and, yes, we may be safer from a bunch of Philadelphia pizza delivery boys blowing up one of our army bases, but we are not safer in terms of our rights, our Constitution, our right to habeau corpus, our right to sue these communications monolithic jive companies for prying for the government into our everyday affairs, our rights under the Bill of Rights ("The bill of what? What's that bill gonna cost us?" the Yahoos ask)...blah, blah, blah. We get more frightened looking into the eyes of G.W. or old gnarly Cheney than we do looking into the eyes of bin Laden and 14 more Saudis with boxcutters or blind clerics or Iranian atom bombs or this Islamic dude from which we buy our street fruit and who calls all of us, including thegrowingwolf, "my brother," though I don't think he refers to our females as his sisters, though maybe he does.

A Look at the Padilla Case
Jose Padilla was first arrested at O'Hare Airport in Chicago as a witness against an Al Queda cell they believed he belonged to, but that was dismissed; then they changed the charge to ringleader of a pact of Al Queda cellmembers in this country who were devising a way to build a dirty bomb (a nuclear bomb in a papersack or a briefcase (rumor was years ago that some Russian war supply dealers had smuggled briefcases full of dirty bombs into New Jersey and were putting them on the open black market)) in order to blow up other of our tallest edifices except this time with a nuclear device (it seems this nation's collective psyche can't wait for a nuclear holocaust). As a result, our fearless leader (did you see he thought he was in Austria in Australia the other day? He was heel-clicking and Siegheiling all over the place and an Aussie asked him, "Hey, bloke, why are you Siegheiling and all that Nazi shit around here?" "This is Austria, ain't it?" our "president" replied) declared him an enemy combatant and threw his ass into a Navy brig in South Carolina (God bless good ole South Carolina!) where Homeland Insecurity put him into a box cell with blacked out windows and only artificial light and only the steel plate bed to sleep on, no blankets or mattresses or pillows--with no contact with the outside world, no paper, no pens, no television, no telephone calls, and no visitors, not even his mother, for THREE YEARS. Isn't it ironic that the man who THEY say was the mastermind behind blowing down the World Trade Center towers (Buildings #5 and #7 fell on their own, we suppose), Osama bin Lauden, is a free man, living like a king in Peshawar--young boys or sheep around him, you think? Sorry, but we are parodying T.E. Lawrence and that scene from The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (what a great pompous wonderful book) where Law-renz is sitting on a hill watching his Arab troops making camp for the night with their Arab-boy servants and he wonders whether Arab men preferred their precious female sheep or their Arab-boy servant when they got randy in the desert? "Oh for a female sheep," they cry, "but, hell, you, young Ahmed will do in the meantime." So Osama bin Lauden is free while poor old mind-warped-now Jose awaits being sentenced probably to life in prison.

Then a New York court decided Jose Padilla wasn't really into making a dirty bomb, so the Washington boys said then that he was renting up apartments all over with the intentions of blowing them up.

Finally, after threatening to take his case to the Supreme Court, Jose was taken out of the Navy brig and put in jail in Florida--hey, where he would be tried in a Florida court on charges of--WHAT you ask? No, not as an Al Queda agent. No, not as a dirty bomber. No, not as an enemy combatant. No, his charges: he visited an Al Queda training camp in Afghanistan once upon a time.

Osama bin Laden remains free while Jose rots in prison. How's that for an irony?

Wow. What a country, eh?

So on this 9/11 memorial day go with the survivors of 9/11; they are the true heroes of 9/11, not the cops, not the NYFD, not Rudi Guiliani, not Bernard Keric, not our Shanty Irish police chief and former crooked head of US Customs and certainly not our little-man billionaire mayor Mikey Bloomingidiotberg. And those survivors today are gathering in Foley Square just opposite City Hall--they are not allowed on Ground Zero by order of the mayor and the crooked investors building the god-awful eyesore-tacky Freedom Tower. The survivors will be there along with the families of those killed in 9/11 to silently remember the event, to shed some tears, and bring their cause to the attention of folks everywhere. No hooplah. They get interviewed by the media but if they start mentioning the fact that Rudi Guiliani stole millions of bucks from them--a billion dollar fund that most of these people have never seen a penny from--the media cuts short their interview! In fact, I have not seen one SURVIVOR of 9/11 interviewed. Maybe they're all still whacked out from the event; whatever, the SURVIVORS are the true heroes, most of them rescuing themselves, by the bye, some with the NYFD telling them to go back up to the higher floors saying hell no we're getting the hell out of here. Only two of four stairwells were usuable that day--they don't mention that at all in their reports. Also, they don't mention the people who have died from working on the rescue and clean-up teams down there after Christy Todd Whitman, a rich bitch, said the air was perfectly safe so gulp it down in big gulps. Such idiots rule us. They deserve to be locked up in a Navy brig with the windows blackened out, with only a steel plate bed chained to the wall or the concrete cell floor to sleep on--with no blankets, no sheets, no pillows--not allowed pens or paper; not allowed television or newspapers or magazines or even books to read or the Koran; not allowed phone calls; not allowed visitors, not even allowed to write or contact his mother--and FOR THREE YEARS they should have to endure this treatment.
A true 9/11 hero; he rescued himself. He's not a fireman or a cop paid to put out fires, protect, and rescue people; nope, he just knew he had to get the hell out of those buildings pronto in spite of firemen telling him to go up to higher floors. Nobody will interview these guys; yet, the NYFD, the fireman, are being flown all over the country getting praise for their heroics--a bunch of NYFD were in Toronto at the Yankee-Blue Jays game tonight--no survivors were there.

Humans are predators, carnivorous, even cannibalistic in some cultures. We love KILLING. We love risking death. We love torturing animals and later our own kind. We are nothing but chimpanzees pretending to be supernatural beings. What fools we mortals be.

9/11 was weird; it was eyeopening; it was tragic; but we here in New York City had to go on with our lives. Our bosses didn't give most of us any time off to get over the shock of the event--not even those of us who did lose friends and relatives in it got any special consideration--nor did our bosses seemed worried about 9/11--their pep talks after the event suggested that we all have to work harder for lower salaries and benefits, with less help and more duties piled on those of us who still have jobs in NYC due to 9/11. Makes sense to us.

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One Spring Morning Just Off Spring Street Will Hopefully Be Continued in Tomorrow's Post. Maybe. Nothing Is Ever Certain.

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