Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You Dig P.C.

Jung Ho
Again we have to beg off posting thegrowlingwolf's effort. Again Google says there is no such email account with them when we try to get into the blog from The Daily Growler Toshiba PC. We now assume this PC was never registered with the new Blogspot when Google went G mail yeah a few long months ago. So no thegrowlingwolf tonight. Besides, we saw him and Marvelous Marv Backbiter out at Yankee Stadium-- and, aha, Yankee fans are beginning to see the light on the new Yankee Stadium the citizens of the City of New York are building for George Steinbrenner just back of the current perfectly swell stadium, the House that Ruth Built that Michael Burke of the CBS-Yankees refurbished back in the low-life days of the Yankees just before George Steinbrenner was able to come in a buy the franchise for a sweet little off-key song back in the mid-seventies. The new stadium will only hold 45,000 regular fans because of the number of luxury boxes that will now block off the best sections of all parts of the stadium for the keiko-muckity muck rich--like Japanese banks and corporations--like corporate box owners--why not sell the name of the stadium to some crooked-as-a-snake-at-night corporation, or hell, we suggest they call it "U.S. Army Stadium"--how 'bout that? Or how about the Saudi-Arabian Royal Family Stadium! Hey, we like that. So the luxury box is now gobbling up thousands and thousands of square feet of space that in the old days was offered to the public. The original House That Ruth Built held 75,000. Trouble with 75,000-seat baseball stadiums is television, you see. Say only 60,000 people show up for a game--why on teevee, it looks like the stadium is half-empty. So they cut the present stadium down to 55,000 to get that "full house" effect. For the past two years the Yankees are averaging about 53,000 a game--the best in baseball. But all new stadiums are favoring the rich executive baseball fans, the corporate fans. Oh shit, why complain; it doesn't do any good, the new Shea Stadium, too, the same applies--and for sure it won't be called Shea Stadium anymore--the Mets will sell their stadium name to the highest bidder, even though I wonder if the City owns Shea Stadium, too--I think it does. What a ripoff Major League Baseball is in terms of ownership and the cahoots that go on behind the scenes--it's like an old plantation system where players are slaves, trading on auction blocks 3 or so times a year while the rich in the sport get richer and richer and richer. Don't worry, George Steinbrenner makes more money as a Yankee per year than A-Rod--way more; George's worthless son makes more per year than A-Rod--that we guarantee you.

Ah, but we sucker Yahoos are suckers for sports, all sports, even the numbskull followers of, to us, the very boring NASCAR hillbilly car racing--a sweet nearly all-white sport. "Hey, folks, N-worders just don't no how to drive white-designed cars at pure stupid speeds of up to over 200 mph--it skeers 'em white. Er-ah, hah-hah, just a little NASCAR joke, folks." The Formula One races, not as popular as the Hillbilly stock car circuit--the true Yahoo race circuit, are dominated by spoiled little rich brats from South America not as popular as the backwoods boys of the NASCAR circuit. Idiots looking for losses in crashes of heroes--the dead ones are immortalized.

We apologize for not being able to post these days what we want to post.

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The original House that Ruth Built in 1921. What a ballpark!

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