Friday, September 14, 2007

Capital Airlines

Flying Capital
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Here's a Capital Airlines plane flying over the District of Corruption.

thegrowlingwolf did not show up at The Daily Growler offices high atop a bunch of pigeon coops on a roof somewhere in Brooklyn; and remember, only the dead know Brooklyn.

The boys in the serial One Spring Morning Off Spring Street were left flying from Midway Airport in Chicago toward East Lansing, Michigan, aboard a Capital Airline plane like the one shown above flying low over the Capitol in the District of Corruption--flying airliners low over the Capitol is still possible, especially if you've never flown an airliner before. Remember the plane that almost crashed into the White House when Billy Jeff Clinton was president?

By the bye, in case you may be saying, "I don't think Capital Airlines flew to East Lansing," you must note that thegrowlingwolf's first wife was a Capital stewardess--thus Capital Airlines is dear to his lobo heart.
A Capital Constellation, made by Lockheed. These were beautiful airliners whose interiors showed the constellations in their ceilings and wallpaper. One of the legends concerning thegrowlingwolf's checkered past was that one time Wolfie was going to buy two Constellations that were for sale out at the Mexico City Airport and go into the oilfield flying service business between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago with a Mexican Air Force captain and flying ace who was in love with the Wolf Man's second wife, the 20-year-old Choctaw-Mexican-Welsh beauty who was named for Jesus's mother. The deal never went through though the Mexican Air Force captain flew Mr. and Mrs. Wolfie in his personal plane down through Central America to Venezuela, Lake Maracaibo, the Lake of Oil in Venezuela, then to Trinidad and a meeting with Eric Williams, then president of Trinidad & Tobago--Tobago has oil and asphalt--an asphalt lake as a matter of fact. Flying back from Venezuela, the threesome flew down to Letitia, Colombia, on the Amazon River, the town where William Burroughs discovered the drug Yage.
The Amazon at Letitia, Colombia

So as they used to say on radio, "Stay tuned for the continuing story of One Spring Morning Off Spring Street--who knows when it will run again?"


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A The Daily Growler Sports Bulletin:

Last night (Friday night) up in Boston there happened one of the greatest Yankee games of this season. Yanks were up in the top of the eighth trailing the Sox 2-7. Giambi (who made 3 errors at first during the game) hit a home run to lead off the inning. Then Cano hit a home run and the score was 4-7 and then the BoSox bring in their star Japanese reliever--Okajima--or Okinawa--I'm sorry, but when I grew up the Japanese were our mortal enemies like Al Queda is now, except the Japanese Imperial Forces were for F-ing real--anyway, this hot Japanese reliever came in and cablooey, the Yanks started a hitting spree--and the inning ends up with a 3-run triple by Bobby Abreu to tie it--and then, A-Rod came up--he'd looked silly as hell striking out a couple'a times before coming to bat this time--and the BoSox now have Appelbaum, their Mariano Rivera, EXCEPT...

A-Rod hit a most beautiful single off Appelbaum and Abreu scored with the 6th run of the inning and giving the Yankees an 8-7 lead going into the bottom of the ninth.

Vizcayano pitched a kind of scary eighth after Cano made an error--but he got out of it.

The Yanks didn't score in the top of the ninth and then in came Mo.

And Mo mowed them down. Two strike outs and then a ground ball--Jeter to first--and the Yankees won the game. Their greatest win of the season. Pettite started the game and he sucked bad--gave up 6 runs and 8 hits--Jesus, come on, Andy, you're a millionaire...oh why do I bitch so, but anyway...the Yankees did it. Amazin', amazin', amazin'--and the Mets are wiping out their division this year again--here we go again, rooting for a Subway World Series--how about Pedro versus the Rocket in a battle of the oldtimers?

So the Yanks stay 4 up in the loss column over Detroit for the Wild Card in the AL and with this win over the BoSox last night, they are now on 4 1/2 out of first--if they sweep the Sox, they'll only be 1 1/2 games out of first in the AL East.

I'm out from under my rock; the Yankees are tunneling toward the surprise finish and rocketing on by the falling BoSox. Come on, Babe, get your curse goin' again.

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