Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hot Damn! Ode to Joy! Hail Holy Hell! Onward Christian Soldiers!
I just heard Randy, or is she a Randi?, Rhodes say that Georgie Porgie, our "little toy soldier" stumble-bum, shivering with the inability to reason, never-elected president, has just sent the Big Daddy aircraft carrier Eisenhower over to Eye-ran (that's how they pronounce it down in Iran, Texas)--how proud is old Ike he has a weapon of mass destruction made by the military industrial complex named after him, an old Army man, not a Navy man--a land lubber?

Yeehaw! I'm jumpin' wildly around with wolfish glee--you could call it a war dance. I mean, this white boy phony president we have is sufferin' from a full spell of power meltdown. It's not that everything he tries becomes a bankrupted failure; nope, he's used to that; that's his modus operandus...what scares me...

This enigmatic bullshit, that's what's makin' me throw growling-howling fits--growling from off the damn floor and growling as I leap in the air for some throat...I need people with big strong ears--like what Charles Ives said it took to understand his music--which to him with the biggest, strongest ears of all of us was pretty damn simple stuff. People with big strong ears just know the truth and they can hear it and interpret it from among the various dissonance of the myths that are the bases for everything human animals BE LieVE in. They've passed over the foundation of lies that holds up this phony country of great people who can see behind the curtain and look straight into the eyes of the Wizard of this Oz in which we're now living--you noticed I didn't say this was a great country, but I said it is a country of truly great people, which is what I meant, great people with big strong, strong ears who just easily hear the truth--that truth that boils out from the perpetual unfolding of lies, of both the present and historic tenses. Oh yes, there is tons of truth in lies; you just have to have those big strong ears to decipher it from the pure-dee hyperspun BS. There are honest melodies in dissonance; you just have to learn to blend both the sweet and the sour (the yin and the yang) of it into harmonious ears.

A lot of poetry comes out of wars--some of it blowhard that must be heard to be not what it is but what it's actually crying--like the war poetry of Rupert Brooke--who some said at that time was the prettiest man in the world and that both women and men swooned over thinking of having him as their lover. He was killed in France in WWI, then known as "the war to end all wars." Yeah, sure. One thing the Christian Good Book says, "there shall be wars and there shall be rumors of wars," is the truth--see what I mean about hearing out the truth among lies? And certainly that made-up Good Book is based on, you can call 'em "fables," but I call 'em "lies."

Most poets who survive wars, never quite get war out of their brains. The greatest of our past American writers were affected by either an actual participation in war or having their lives uprooted by war--like Henry Miller writing in Paris during the 30s and then suddenly having to pick up and get the hell out of there when Hitler was taking his form of "freedom on the march" straight and unopposed for the gates of Gay Paree. Hitler's comin'! Hitler's comin'! Hitler's comin'! HITLER'S HERE! He's going to spare the city; Praise the Lard. That's what the French conservatives said when Hitler pushed his bony ass in their faces.

Howard Stern's KKK character, Daniel Carver, used to holler (crow) "Wake up white people!" You see, Daniel's white people did wake up...and they gave us Georgie Porgie Bush, a "Christian"--what's he, if anything, an Episcopalian?...in other words, an Anglican, a Tory--Jesus, the Bushes definitely are Tories. New England Tories. Golf course on Sundays; certainly not in any kind of church. "Hey, I've got 18 holes with old Jerry Ford this Sunday...and, let's see, eh, Bob Hope next Sunday...What! Bob Hope's dead? I thought he played weird last time--only about a week ago, but, dead or not, he covered his losses to me--and, hell, that's all I care about."

So we're going to bomb Iran afterall. Some woman called in Randi Rhodes and suggested this Eisenhower may be a sacrificial lamb, a trick-bag hoax to get us into Iran--Freedom on the March bullshit being slung at us. BS like Roosevelt used to get us into WW2*(see footnote below); hell even the bullshit about the Luisitania being simply a cruise ship yet it was later shown to have been carrying tons of amunition in aid to England--to get us involved in WWI; and then Truman getting us into Korea calling it a "police action" and not really a war--another case of a president taking us to war without war being declared--oh, hell, I forgot, Harry was the only world power commander in chief to use weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, and he used 'em twice--"Give 'em Hell, Harry" was a common joke of the day in honor of Harry's fiestiness--he was a little fart, a haberdasher by trade and intelligence. Then in Korea, MacArthur had the hots to attack China (he did eventually cross the border into China against Harry Ass Truman's commander-in-chief orders not to cross that border--that's why Harry fired him)--Old "I Shall Return's" hots were so bad that he actually got China into the war, he got them coming by the hundreds of thousands in defense of North Korea--all due to the bullshit bragadocio threats of this crazy old haggard West Point general who arrogantly smoked a corncob pipe and wore very expensive Bausch & Lomb aviator sunglasses carrying a swagger stick--yep, that's what generals in the US Army get to carry--swagger sticks, horsewhip-looking things that in the early days they could use them to beat their troops into heartier action. "Old soldiers never die," the old general said, "they just fade away." The Repugnicans wanted old Dougie before they talked Dwight David into becoming a Repugnican and running as a Repugnican against poor old dumbass Adlei Stevenson of "Hell freezes over" fame on the UN floor--at the UN meeting where Nikita Khruschev (sic) (go ahead, you spell it correctly, dear reader--a growler of ale to those of you who can spell it right off the tips of your tongues) took his old peasant shoe off and beat it on the desk in front of him--big goofball KGB clown that he was; same as old Putin, another KGB clown in control of Old Mother Russia now.

Then all those lies, daily lies, that got us into Viet Nam after the stupid French got their asses whipped legitimately by Uncle Ho's VietNamese Congress troops at Din Bien Phu--and Uncle Ho was so proud of his victory, he called himself the George Washington of VietNam and decided to model his new VietNam (French-free) Constitution on the Constitution of the good ole US of A, especially that document's Bill of Rights--that was Uncle Ho's favorite part of our Constitution. Isn't it weird how our current politicians despise the Bill of Rights.

And then old Lyndon "B for Bullshit" Johnson created the Gulf of Tonkin incident where the US of A claimed a North VietNamese, we called 'em "Gook commies" in those days, cruiser had attacked one of our Navy's proudest ships under the command of old nutty Lloyd Buetcher (sic)(I am working from memory)--and that was all a hoax but it got us into war. A dandy war. Boy we sacrificed a hell of a ton of our young troops in that stupid, illogical, and probably illegal WAR. GLORIOUS WAR.

Remember the WWII joke: "Eleanor hates Wahrr! I hate Wahrr! Why even my little dog Fallow hates Wahrr! But, by God, we're gonna have Wahrr..." That was President Roosevelt; the man who couldn't stand up without help--and who lied to the American people about that. All of these guys are spoiled rich brat liars. Their only goal is to stay inherent in their governing wealthy families--inherited wealth--none of them worth a tinker's damn--not even old Mister Citizen Harry Ass Truman.

*[a Daily Growler footnote] Roosevelt sacrificed those troops and civilians and all of that naval fleet at Pearl Harbor to get us into WWII, which is truth as far as I've read; I've read where Roosevelt knew several days before it happened that the Japs (that's what we were taught to call Japanese--afterall they were our hated enemy) were planning an attack on Hawaii--and then on the morning of the attack--a Sunday morning--but Roosevelt couldn't play golf but he could have an affair with his secretary on any given Sunday morning--a trooper at a far-western Hawaii observation post--looking out across the Pacific with high-powered binoculars saw what looked to him like a training flight yet there was no training flight scheduled--and then, to his surprise, he saw they were Jap planes, Zeroes, flying in formation, heading on a course right toward Hickham Field and Pearl Harbor where the entire US Pacific fleet was anchored--all neatly bunched together where they were easy targets. This observer reported the strange planes headed their way, but Hickham Field ignored it. I've seen Japanese films--you know they love cameras and taking pictures--of that attack. It was as easy for the Japanese then as it was for those 14-t0-21 Saudis (not all of them but most of them) to fly those planes into the WTC and the Pentagon on 9/11 of NOW--and then straight down into that field in Pennsylvania (was the wreckage of that plane ever found?)(was the wreckage of the Pentagon jet ever found?)(what happened to the wreckage of the jets that hit the WTC? I think I remember seeing a motor maybe under the dust of one of those helpless and hapless towers).

North Korea has nuclear weapons now. Oh shit. Let's see, who's in the nuke elite as I type this:

1) the good ole USA, of course; we have hundreds of thousands of nukes--we could blow the world to smithereens before any of us would even know it--the red cloud, remember? We were almost there under old Alzheimer's poster boy Ronnie Raygun--remember the red phone? And the red button by the red phone? As a prank, did they used to ring the red phone on Ronnie? Is that true? I'm a liar; I admit; I'm a fiction writer; I'm a damn poet; I'm an outlaw musician--but I'm an honest liar--a good fiction writer turns the lies of our life experiences into truths of reality--culling through dreams and waking us up to the hard facts of being awake--why even rich bastards commit suicide.

2) Russia--doesn't Russia still have tons of nukes sitting around in pools of water rotting--1000s of warheads--ready to blow? Russian planes crash easily. Russian nuclear subs sink and crash easily. Their nuclear plants are so shoddily built they are a constant threat of blowing skyhigh and filling our atmosphere with deadly nuclear fumes. So do you think their nuclear arsenal is safe?

3) Israel--200 nukes; isn't that the estimated number of nukes they have--Shalom! Sha-BOOM.

4) Hey, Ghandi's precious India has nukes.

Yikes, India's greatest enemy, that's because they were once one nation of one people, Pakistan has nukes.

And now, Jesus, 6) North Korea--joins the Supreme Circle of Fools With Weapons of Mass Destruction enough to blow this old world and all of us in it to Holy Smithereens. What a jolly little group of humane elites. And you know what's comforting--there's only 3 or 4 billion of them! Praise the Lard!

I can hear Rummy now, "Hey, Unka Dick, let's try a small nuke on those towelhead Eye-rainians--so we hit a children's hospital--we'll say they built their nuke facilities right by all children's hospitals--and Amish schoolhouses." Oh, what an F-ing silly unholy lying world this is.

Speaking of cartoons, Saddam was back in court in Baghdad today. I can't imagine anybody being in a court in Baghdad. Is Saddam being tried in his own private court or is there a public court in Iraq? I can't imagine life going on in Baghdad, though I know it is; Baghdad's a huge city, millions of folks, so it has to go on operating no matter the danger of it. You gotta go out there every morning looking for water and food...for survival needs...some women can't afford to leave their homes because of fear of being captured, raped, and killed--just like that.

Just watched a PBS show tonight on profiling Muslims and forcing them to admit they're Al Queda agents. All about the case of the ice cream-truck driver and his lazy son out in Lodi, California--and the fact they went to Pakistan for a wedding and the lazy son stayed in Pakistan with his new bride--they can't bring their brides back to this country right away anyway--I know in Bangladesh their wives aren't allow to join them in the US for 3 years--can you imagine that's how bad these people want to live in this country and raise their families here? Why would they want to destroy it? Can you imagine the difference of being an ice cream truck driver in this country as being one in Pakistan? Nor do the Mexican immigrants coming in droves to this country want to destroy it--they really don't really want to turn L.A. into Mexico City, though maybe they do--they did used to own all that country out there--I forget my history sometimes--a lot of white folks do that daily--year after year no matter their no matter how amalgamated their thoughts about it. Anyway, the ice cream-truck driver got a hung jury and was let go, though, Praise the Lard, he did lose his ice cream business, lost his house, and is now living one of his relative's garage. The lazy son, an all-Christian jury found him guilty of attending an Al Queda training camp and wanting to kill Amuricans--Christian Amuricans we assume--I don't think he would want to kill Muslim Amuricans--would he? Anyway, guilty or not, he claimed they forced him to confess to going to training camps and that he didn't really even know what a training camp was, the lazy son got 39 years in the Federal hoosegow for admitting he'd gone to a training camp while he was living in Pakistan with his wife--and that the training camp was run by Al Queda--all of this perpetrated by an FBI informant who had moved in on this family after two Imans in the Lodi Mosque were said to be the organizers of this never-existing Lodi Al Queda cell--whoooo boy; now instead of Commie Cells, it's Al Queda Cells. Well, they were both invented by the CIA and the FBI--"I Led Three Lives"--remember that movie?

WAR. PLEASE SEND US ANOTHER WAR, Herr Bush, so you can declare yourself Chancellor Bush and your new party's name will be the National Socialist Party of Amerika--Zig-hile, my feller white people.

So this woman on the Randi Rhodes show today, from Texas somewhere she was, said that the October Surprise Karl Rover Come Over will spring on us will be the Eisenhower being sacrificed like the boys on the Cole were in Yemen--remember that bunch of US sailors dying on that mess where the supposedly Al Queda motorboat blew a hell-size hole in the side of that ironclad Navy cruiser? Bush will claim Iran's airforce shot the missile that will sink the Eisenhower--we shoot down Iranian airliners, if you remember--and he's declaring himself Chancellor for Life and immediately sending the US Navy in to take over Tehran--watch out for all those flowers being thrown at them!--the Navy has had it pretty comfortable so far--they've got an airforce, too, but then, hell, Bush hasn't really used his little toy regular air force all that much in Iraq--oh yeah, they occasionally drop a 500-pounder on a hapless Baghdad neighborhood, but that's routine shit--they don't get shot down at all, so they're fighting fairly safely--which means they're realitively fresh--it's easy to get dumb kids into the air force and flying in these new computerized bombers and stealth planes--blow 'em away and all they are are blips on your camera image as your explosions give you goosebumps as they dot the Baghdad streets with their elipses-like explicitness.

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