Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Plane Easily Hits a New York City Building

From The Daily Growler bulletin board: A plane has just hit a New York City hi-rise apartment building over on the East Side in a neighborhood of millionaires and I'm sure several billionaires. It's over on 71st and York Avenue, right on the East River. No problem--the Fox folks are saying it happened because of poor visibility over NYC at the time. I'm looking out my window just twenty or so blocks south of where this plane just hit and yes it's overcast, but you can see the 50-story hi-rises all around me--they are standing out like black cut-outs against the sky. Aviation guy is saying on one Lying News channel that there's no visibility problem over NYC today. Now, here's another quaint little problem here--this plane hit this building on its twentieth floor. I'm on the eleventh floor of a building in Mid-town NYC and brother you'd have to be flying suicide low to hit a building on its twentieth floor. Holy Christ! Amazing!

So, hell, it looks like it's pretty god-damn easy to fly a plane into a building in New York City, no matter if the only building left standing here is only twenty stories.

I hear sirens rushing all about me. It's pretty bad up there. A lot of smoke. Several floors of this building on fire. It's a F-ing mess. Another god-damn attack on New York City. They are hemming and hawing about what has happened here. The news people are so pretty but so dumb you can't depend on anything they're reporting. Their cameras are several blocks away using zooms to get in close enough to where in one, the NBC channel, they got close enough to see how wipe-out it looks around that building. They don't know whether it was a plane or a helicopter that hit it--it looks to me like a very small plane--I see on one channel the hole it made on the side of this huge building--like a plane a poorer executive or rich playboy might fly around in. The newshounds are playing it down--I'm looking at a picture of the building and at least one floor's on fire, but he's saying the NYFD is saying this is a routine fire and it's under control. One guy said he saw a body on the street below--so the news is wrapping it up--OK, that means it's simply a police helicopter or a politician's plane or something gone wild and crashed into a building right on the East River. WAIT--they are now saying they've found a body strapped in a seat down on the street--still the newshounds are playing it down--since they lie, I assume it's more serious than we're being told--as usual.

So this plane was big enough to have passengers--strapped in seats--whoops, now they're saying it hit the building on the 49th floor---whew, yep, this is big--the real estate industry has to be calling the mayor telling him to hush this up, play it down--you know, they're banking on getting millionaires and billionaires to take this old island over--the little billionaire mayor is building up the NYC tax base, don't ya see. Plane crashing into one of their prime show towers on the East River--holy shit, what young duke, earl, princess, or sheik would want to spend their daddy's money on some prime NYC real estate that can easily be slammed into by wildeyed pilots.

Eyewitnesses are saying it was a helicopter that slammed into the building--then there was an explosion a fire and then she saw the copter falling down onto the street. I'm thinking tourists.

Damn. Everyday a new hurdle for us poor ole New York City strivers.

Holy shit, I suppose it'll turn into a police-controlled city for sure now; the little short billionaire mayor probably has his fireman's cap on trying to photo-opt his ass off in an attempt to show how brave he is and on-the-spot when we're attacked by whatever kind of "terrerist" act they spin this incident into.

The question for me, a citizen of this constantly attacked great American city, the greatest American city, under attack from all sides, from the real estate moguls, from foreign investors, from wildeyed terrorists (whatever their jihad), and now from rich dudes flying their private planes at my ass--what happened to those billions of dollars we had for Homeland Security--and remember, Homeland Security cut New York City's HS money--remember, NYC had no more important terrorist targets. God-damn, why aren't all of my fellow citizens as mad as I am? Now they are saying this plane originated in New Jersey out of Teterboro Airport on their way to White Plains--so hell, no problem that they ended up crashed into a hi-rise building in the middle of Manhattan several miles out of the way to White Plains from Teterboro.

One inane teevee expert boob is explaining to us now how experts from Washington, District of Corruption, are on their way and they will analyze every piece of this wreckage and they know what they're doing and we should all just sit back, you know, light up a cig, watch some old "I Love Lucy" shows. I'm going out and have a drink. I don't believe a word I'm hearing.

A Johns Hopkins study released today says that 655,000 Iraqis have been killed since we invaded their country 3 years ago now. This same report says 25% of our troops are coming back disabled and applying for disability. "President" Dumbass said it showed him how much the Iraqi people wanted their freedom--it took courage for that many of them to die...OH, PLEASE, why am I trapped among these fools, these dumbass little spoiled brat "love me, daddy" sons and daughters who are leading us straight into the pits of all kinds of social hells--and we stand wide-eyed by like precious little children totally awed by all this shit raining down on us.

for The Daily Growler

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was the sole person aboard the plane that crashed Wednesday into a high-rise apartment building in New York, FBI officials told CNN.

Emergency responders found his passport in the street below, the officials said.

The small airplane was a Cirrus SR-20 registered to Lidle, 34, said Yankees manager Joe Torre.(Watch witness accounts of cascading fireballs and a plane split in half -- 1:58 Video)

There was a mayday, FAA reports, from the pilot involving a problem with fuel before the aircraft crashed into the 50-story high-rise on Manhattan's East Side.

One other person was reportedly killed, according to the New York City Fire Department and New York City Police Department.

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