Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baseball Is in New York Air

Mets' bats help secure Game 1 win
Delgado's four hits, Wright's two doubles back pitching
Off to Yankee Stadium
Wow, all us Growlers are jumping out of our sox with all this baseball happening. The Mets put it to the Dodgers and the old Bosox ragtimer Derrick Lowe (he was coming off 7 wins in a row) this afternoon at Shea, 6-5, though it looked shaky there for awhile when Mr. Mota came in in relief and gave up the tying runs to the Dodgers--4-4; and it looked bad when the Dodgers scored another run in the ninth; though the Mets kept it, with Billy Wagner doing his job and finally putting it away. Willie played Billy ball against them; Willie played the way he learned how to win under Joe Torre, baseball's greatest-ever manager. Willie's now the second greatest manager in baseball.

Now the Yankees try and make it 2-0 against the Tigers--so far, the Paper Tigers. Those Yankees's bats--so who cares their pitching sucks, so does Detroit's.

Man, it's good to be alive in New York City.
We'll see y'all manana, baby. It's too exciting around here to get anybody to even pitch a bitch Bush's way--to Hell with those sleazy scumbags in the District of Corruption--let 'em all eat cake tonight. Baseball's more American than even Bush and his phony War. So what 60 folks got blown to bits in Baghdad today. That's an everyday occurence there these days; in Afghanistan, too. More American troops died in September in Iraq than ever before. Bush says, "Hey, folks, that's what the hell they're in the Army for--to follow my orders, dammit, so hey though I got to go AWOL with impunity--Hell, my old Daddy was a keiko-muckity-muck in politics, baby, so F the Army and the Texas Air National Guard, and F those stupid ducks fighting my war in Iraq--they ain't got no privileged daddies back here, so F 'em, let 'em F-in' eat some good ole Iraqi oily sand, that's the gold in them thar hills."

Go Yankees.
The Mets done gone already.


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