Thursday, October 26, 2006

"In Managua, Nicaragua...."

Memories of CONTRA Days in Nicaragua
Let me start with a question: What do Nicaragua and Nicaraguan presidential candidate Daniel Ortega and Rummy Rumsfeld, Unka Dick, John Negroponte, Good Old Pappy GWH Bush, the Neo-Cons (especially Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby), cocaine, and the cry of "Communists!" have in common?

It's a cryin' shame I have to ask such a question, but I do. We just aren't historians by instinct. Understand? As survivalists, in the Darwinian sense, yes, we live day-to-day; the only thing of the past we keep with us are those things that happened in the past that made hard impressions upon our psyches, our characters, our gut (solar plexus) feelings, like first of all how to solve the problems of thirst and hunger--both coming from the solar plexus into the brain, our calculator, our statistician in residence, which gets our characters to movin' and huntin' and prayin' and lyin' and stealin' and swindlin' and representin'...

[Interruption: I'm hearin' this rapper dude on Amy Goodman's mornin' show and he's grabbin' my attention, my wolf ears are perked up. This guy is talkin' about the Grass Roots Music Movement--oh yeah, and this dude, I didn't get his moniker nor his group's name--but he's cool and sayin' things like musicians from my innovational past were sayin', being very political as well as poetic, using our natural wit to scream at the freaks who force us into their conformity--they hate NONCONFORMISTS and the musicians of my day were total nonconformists--check out Charles Parker, Jr.; check out Charles Mingus; check out Thelonious Monk--can you imagine Monk conforming?]

...and legalizin' and rulin' and warin'--the evolution of our egos. So, the way it began to work is we took the easiest paths, you see, to survive, throwing the most traumatic horrors into the pits of our subconsciouses--the huge databanks maintained by our brains. History became fabulous to us; history became whatever the storyteller told around those night fires after big meals--the storyteller...evolving, finding music, finding a reed flute to accompany his narration or finding he could stretch a goat or lamb skin tightly over a hollow log or a ceramic jug and start getting music out of it by hitting it with his hands. Or finding by pursing his lips and blowing hard through them he could make sounds, making those sounds while searching the ground, looking then spotting some old ramshorns, seeing how at the tip of those horns was a mouthpiece and at the other ends of those horns, where they once attached to the ram's head, were bells, meaning sound exaggeraters--and one of us musicians reached down, picked up one of those horns, clipped off the horn tip, put it to his pursed lips, and blew hard through those lips into that horn. The resulting sound must have scared the hell out of this dude--and it probably was a man, though ancient potteries and wall murals show women playing harps and dancing. Women invented dance. I can see it--an invitation for the male to join in--all for pleasure after a huge meal after a hard day of surviving--the meal, then the storytelling, then the dancing, then the sex--all happy things, easily remembered things, things surpassing the horrors of the survival hours, the hours of work, the hours of toil, the hours of conformity.

Any history that has to do with the Bush Family is meant to be forgotten. Old Pappy Bush's father taught him well how to play both ends against the middle. Prescott Bush was a very successful aristocratic Connecticut swashbuckler--remember, Bob Hope used to brag about playing golf with "ole Prescott Bush"--with bales of Bush and Walker money behind him, a lot of that money made by playing both ends against the middle.

What I'm driving at is what all these clowns have in common with Daniel Ortega and the nation of Nicaragua--they were there when Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista Party (Communistas! Communistas! Fidelistas! Fidelistas!) overthrew Our Boy Somosa, formed a junta, then held an election and became president of Nicaragua in 1985, a title he held until 1990 when--a whole lotta shakin' was goin' on and I don't just mean an earthquake that almost destroyed Managua, either. Our involvement with Nicaraguan politics goes back to Ronnie Raygun's administration, right after star-struck Hinckley shot Perpetual Redhead Ronnie and hit him, too--and Ronnie was never the same after that--not the affable old Grade B actor anymore--not the Great Communicator anymore (can you believe dumbass Ronbo Raygun was called "The Great Communicator"? Not by me he wasn't--he talked like his mouth was full of jelly beans--and it probably was--this second banana to a chimp in his best movie (Ronnie's that is; the chimp may have had an Academy Award already): Bedtime for Bonzo --it's still hard for me to believe that fool got himself made president of the US of A (again Ronnie Raygun and not Bonzo). Holy Christ! That fool is the champion of all Amurican fools, the majority of us, I'm sorry to say. It has to be that maybe way over 50% of US, Amuricans, Amerikans, Americans, Americanos-as, are fools--my wolfself included, folks--I'm guilty of being lazy ass tired after working hard all day making some already-rich asshole richer--in my case: my landlord, my government, my ISP provider, the god-damn phone company, and computer companies (I just bought a Toshiba laptop to replace the one I kicked off my loftbed and Humpty-Dumpty-cracked to irreparable smithereens)--all of us fools working for piddling earnings, a third of which the IRS grabs right straight out of our checks. Companies used to have to pay their workers in cash--but then one of those creative accountants came up with the payroll check idea and no more pay window open and cash on the palm of the workingman's hand. Payroll checks must have come about for real during WWII, when another aristocrato president once again because of war screwed up our money system and printed bales of war dollars, same as Georgie Porgie's Treasury dude bragged about when he said if we ran out of money, not to worry, he'd just print some more--and old Roosevelt and his Keynesian Krew printed tons of war money and pushed us into deficit-spending economics.

An Economics prof of mine used to say that deficit spending was fine as long as we had the production and capital assets to eventually get back on even keel--you know, through selling shares in the country, which bonds are and T-bills and T-notes are. That's this nation's real economic security, in its own shares, the profits of which go to pay off its deficit spending, which is all old Georgie Porgie is doing except he's selling our souls to the wealthiest bastards in the world, no matter their headquarters--"Hell, here Commie China, take a billion or so shares in the good ole US of A; it'll give you the right to force us to buy your cheap-ass Wal-Mart-quality goods made by the worst slave labor in the world--especially around in the squalid slums of Shanghai and Hong-Kong and it'll give you the right to come to our country and buy up our land or development rights"--Lardy Mercy, folks--We've done sold our collective soul to the true Devil, that big red-tailed, horned Capitalist devil called the Plutocrat.

And on November 5, once again Nicaragua is having an election and once again Daniel Ortega is leading in the polls--he ran in 2001 but was defeated--suspiciously, yeah, but he didn't cause any trouble--he's still head of the FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional)--that's the revolutionary front that overthrew Somosa. Again, the Bush Family is sticking its nose in the elections--why, they even sent Ollie ("Hey, Ollie, what's that that refuses to get hard between your legs and keeps rising up limp between your shoulders?") North down there to rekindle good feelings. There's not much mention of this in the local-yokel press, those dimwits--like Katie Couric--do you really buy that she's one of our top journalists? Get outta heah. She'd be running a cheerleader school in Marion, Ohio, if it hadn't a been she was cute and attracted the attention of a network exec. Ask Julie Chen about how to succeed as a teevee news anchor by going beyond the call of duty.

No mention either of the Contras. Pappy Bush was involved in it. Rummy Rumhead was involved in it. John Negroponte (not a native American, a native of Greece whose father was a Greek shipping magnate--let's see you climb that high in American politics being a naturalized citizen--like Rupert Murdoch--and John Boy's now head of our entire security forces, including Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, you name it, old Johnny Boy is head of it, 'cause you see, undercover shennanigans are his speciality--he made his name and left his bootheel mark down in the democratic jungles of Honduras and Guatemala, you know those national epitomes of True Democracy down there in Central America? Old Smedley Butler, the most decorated soldier ever, wrote a whole book about our armed forces's involvement in Central America and being the army of the corporate hold on the resources of those countries--bananas, coffee, nuts, pineapples, grapes, hay, hay, hay! And Johnny Boy was in Nicaragua and Johnny Boy is already warning the Nicaraguans not to get uppity with their padres del norte by putting this "terrerist" Daniel Ortega in power--hell no; Bushy Baby says we ain't gonna let it happen--on the other hand, Georgie Porgie has his head up his Iraq-mistake-making ass--you know, the ass that does all his thinking for him.

Same show; same characters.

for The Daily Growler

A Daily Growler Moment of Reality (Read It and Weep)

Fighting continued Thursday with fresh clashes between Iraqi security forces and militia groups linked to major Shiite political parties, part of an ominous new trend adding to the violence wrought by the Sunni-led insurgency against U.S. coalition forces and their Iraqi allies.

At least 12 policemen were killed in fighting near Baqouba pitting Iraqi security forces against gunmen of the Mahdi Army militia, who are loyal to fiery anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. At least 18 militants also were killed, said Ghassan al-Bawi, police chief of surrounding Diyala province.

Mahdi militiamen have flooded into the area 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, forcing large numbers of residents belonging to Iraq's Sunni Arab minority to flee their homes. Mahdi fighters killed scores of Sunnis in massacres last week in the nearby city of Balad, forcing U.S. troops to return to the area after Iraqi security forces were unable to stem the bloodshed.

The U.S. military said the five service members killed in volatile Anbar province included a sailor assigned to the 3rd Naval Construction Regiment. Two of the Marines were attached to Regimental Combat Team 5, and two others to Regimental Combat Team 7. All died from wounds suffered in attacks Wednesday in Anbar province, a hotbed of the Sunni insurgency.

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