Monday, October 02, 2006

It's a Mean Old World

Especially When You're Livin' All By Yourself
Damn the world is corrupt. Listening to Brother Bill Moyers on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now this morning and Bill was tooting about his new PBS (Pro-British System) 3-parter which will focus on, first, Jack Abramoff; then on the media, I think; and then his last one on the very important issue of taking the Internet away from the people and giving it to the giant telecoms who will turn it into a toll road-type experience (which Bill warns is what Congress is going to do when it comes back in its lame duck session after the Nov. 2 coming elections). For your recall: the new corporate Internet with consist of the High Road, the one with no speed limit on it and which will cost you an arm and a leg to buy onto it--only big corporations will be able to afford the tolls for this High Road high-speed Internet use; then there's the Middle Road--a little cheaper, a little slower, meant for small businesses, dot-coms; then there's the DIRT Road--now why would the big telecoms call it the "dirt" road?-- 'cause it's gonna be cheap but it's gonna be so F-ing slow, you'll commit suicide before you ever get t0 your intended site, especially blogs--blogs will become lost in the dirt road wilderness. We the People will lose the Internet to the corporate profiteers. Here's one way it will work. Say you wanna go on the Dirt Road. OK, you click for passage on the Dirt Road. The first thing you must navigate through will be a deluge of popups, some that will just automatically keep popping up wasting sometimes hours before you can finally hit the Dirt Road. It'll be a mess; it won't work, we know that; just like the FCC has all but ruined free radio and now radio is a boring disaster. FM was supposed to be ad-free radio same as CABLE was supposed to be ad-free television, too; then they changed it to well there'll be Public Access channels that will be totally free, yeah, sure, ha-ha-ha. It's all because the telecoms are highly envious of eBay and Google and companies like that who have popped up in the merchandising business, merchandising products as well as management advice, etc., eBay even getting into the banking business with their purchase of PayPal, which also has its own credit card and credit system and electronic checking accounts.

So tune in old Uncle Bill Moyers. He's welcome back to PBS now that the Repugnican idiot former Reader's Digest editor in chief who took over PBS for the Neo-Cons is back on Bush Baby's doorstep and PBS is back in the arms of its rich patrons, who probably don't give a shit whether Bill Moyers is a terrerist aider or a bleeding heart Baptist liberal--as long as he's rich, and believe me, old Bill got rich as Hell working with Lyndon Baines Son of the John. Hell, Lyndon certainly got richer than hell, spending his crookedly gained political nest egg on radio and teevee stations and newspapers, investing practices LBJ passed on to Little Billy Moyers and all his East Texas buddies, who also invested heavily in newspapers and media businesses.

What Bothers the Numbskulls in Amurica
According to the voters in Indiana, their greatest concern in this coming Congressional election is illegal immigrants. There you go, folks. That's the Amurican people for you. Stupid as hell. Double stupid because they believe everything they were taught by their stupid parents, by their stupid religions, and then by an absolutely one-tracked stupid school system. Boy, when you are stupid as hell, you get duped constantly. Salesmen are liars. We face a barrage of salesmen daily. All commercial teevee is is one big long commercial. All commercials are duping you. Oprah (I call her Okra), Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, Eat the Press--hell, all teevee shows are duping you, too; coaxing you into "BUYING," no matter whether it's one of Oprah's constant weight-loss schemes or books by her "publisher's" favorite authors--all duping our asses right out of our savings, same as the Nigerian scammers keep on existing no matter how getting an email from a just deceased Nigerian military leader's widow is a laughable joke among the Internet wits yet you keep seeing dumbass Amuricans falling for these schemes in the news, all of them stupid, dumb as doorknobs, and so ill-educated that they end up believing a lie is truth rather than that it's a phony scam. I mean, afterall, these same people believe in a fictitious "GOD" who they believe "created" them in HIS image. What fools. What suckers.

Convincing the Yahoos you can get them rich quick and without paying out any money of their own is one of the easiest ways to dupe a stupid human being; most Amuricans are hypnotized by the lifestyles of the rich and famous; most Amuricans believe in luck more than they believe in those fictitious gods in whose image they are created. What an ugly, stupid, son of a goon God is.

Ironies Galore
Ironies rule us. Lies and truths all banging together to form so many ironies songwriters can keep writing on and on witty lyrics with double and triple meanings and writers can keep writing episode after episode of cliche-plotted routinely scripted teevee shows or they can keep on keeping on writing their awfully ironic novels chocked full of even more ironies between the covers of what goes on between the sheets and behind those corporate closed doors. Far, way far, ahead of Gay balderdash or perfect family rescripts on teevee are the MURDER shows. Killing and the ironies involved in killing rules the television screens. KILLING sells more than Gay frollics, Yahoo ethnic shitcoms, reality shows, celebrity promo talk shows--never have teevee shows seen ratings like those made, remade, and overremade by these many, many CSI shows (did you know crime investigation people on police forces carry weapons and end up having to shoot people and actually having the power to detain suspects with weapons, handcuff them, and then turn them over to the official police?) and now NBC is getting into CID-like shows by adding one to their popular tough lawyer series Law and Order--such jokey bullshit.

Now, not to be outdone, James Woods has seen television as a way for him to get his name back in lights so he's doing a tough lawyer show for Les Moonvese (lucky Les gobbled up top Asian teevee anchor babe, Julie Chen, as his teevee executive babe prize, and Julie's now the top muckity-muck on the CBS morning show; however, I gotta predict Les may divorce Shanghai Julie and get the hots for Katie Couric, who gives her CBS evening newscast sitting on the edge of her reporter's desk with her miniskirt hiked up to show those prize legs--though if you get up close to them you see signs of aging--Thank God for Makeup).

Yeah, James Woods playing a filthy rich defense attorney who at the request of his hometown's mayor, I assume his hometown is LA since the mayor is Hispanic, becomes a prosecutor in the LA District Attorney's office--who's the LA DA? Why it's 7 of 9, Jerri Ryan--she's kept her true asshole husband's crooked name--remember Congressman Ryan and how he made poor Jerri take her clothes off at parties--or did he make her go S and M--against her precious little will, she claimed?

Remember, I'm backin' Demi Moore for president in '08, that is if Chancellor Bush will allow elections in '08. Is Demi Jewish? I may have to rethink my choice here. Maybe Jerri Ryan would make a better president; afterall, she married a crooked congressman so she's already half-trained for the presidency. Besides, maybe as president she could be the first prez to ever do a Playboy layout (they are done in such good taste)--maybe Jerri would even do a spread-eagle shot (tasteful now, please) for her worthy constituents. It's something for us gladhand/oversexed males to consider next time we're deciding on who we're voting for in '08. I don't see any political babe, not even Jeanine Pirro, out showing off her stuff like Demi and Jerri can show their's off. The hot question of the moment is, how do Pirro's breasts stack up against Jerri Ryan's? Case closed; Jerri wins by 42D percentage points.

Please, I'm not being facetious.

The Bush Defenders (their noses were deep, rich, thick brown after being buried so deeply in the cracks of those Bush Family Asses) were thick as hops on commercial pro-Repugnican/Nazi television Sunday all day. All those crack reporters (read that "reporters on crack" if you want to, I don't care) were asking those TA questions: "Do you think Bob Bernstein is a Jew terrerist?" Andrew Card was on Fox. Andy's a crook, but he's got a good $150,000-a-year Bush administration job, plus he gets all the benefits the "president" gets: the best health insurance available; free mail; big lobbyist Xmas gifts and corporate bonus checks; plus a lot of junketts to his favorite recreational areas--I'm sure he's a golfer; he may even have a shotgun handy in his office in case Unka Dick wants to go a'huntin' for quail--San Quentin quail that is--at least that's what clean-cut, all-Amurican boy Mark Foley says about quail huntin' his way. Damn, those saucy little underage pages? Why is our Congress and Executive branch using underage kids as pages? Isn't that child labor?

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The Daily Growler Quote of the Day:

"Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so, whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose -- and you allow him to make war at pleasure. If today, he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada, to prevent the British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him, 'I see no probability of the British invading us' but he will say to you, 'Be silent; I see it, if you don't.'"

Hey, old Honest Abe Lincoln said that, honest to the God of honesty.

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