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Back in the Saddle Again

Keeping Up With the Bush Family
Check out an excerpt from this BusinessWeek Online article entitled "No Bush Left Behind." It explains what Georgie Porgie's true crooked brother, Neil, is up to. Yep, crafty Neil Bush--remember he was convicted of fraud during the big savings and loan scandal of a few years back (1988), which most Amuricans have totally forgotten by now. Yep, good ole Neil Bush was involved in that crooked mess that robbed hundreds of thousands of people of their savings--you know, old Neil was using Silverado savings monies to set up his own nest egg, he, too, proving himself a "love me, daddy" boy to his dear ole Pappy Bush's strict demands on his dumb sons and daughter. Pappy never knew being without money, and proved his Bush natural family dumbness by failing as an offshore driller--check out Zapata Offshore Drilling--that was Pappy Bush's folly right after he bailed out of the US Air Force and became a player in the Mexican oil game, using, of course, old Prescott Bush's illgotten Nazi monies to set himself up in this failing offshore oil drilling venture. Like father the sons.

Here's how Neil is now bilking millions out of fool Amuricans through his inside-the-White-House advantage in the "No Child Left Behind" joke of a educational program--you pass these tests or you're held back--unless you're a privileged white boy and then, don't worry, daddy will send you to a private school like Exeter where all the dumbass rich boys go to learn to be as crooked as their old snake-like pappies were when they were at Exeter. From BusinessWeek Online:

Now, after five years of development and backing by investors like Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and onetime junk-bond king Michael R. Milken, Neil Bush aims to roll his high-tech teacher's helpers into classrooms nationwide. He calls them "curriculum on wheels," or COWs. The $3,800 purple plug-and-play computer/projectors display lively videos and cartoons: the XYZ Affair of the late 1790s as operetta, the 1828 Tariff of Abominations as horror flick. The device plays songs that are supposed to aid the memorization of the 22 rivers of Texas or other facts that might crop up in state tests of "essential knowledge."

Bush's Ignite! Inc. has sold 1,700 COWs since 2005, mainly in Texas, where Bush lives and his brother was once governor. In August, Houston's school board authorized expenditures of up to $200,000 for COWs. The company expects 2006 revenue of $5 million. Says Bush about the impact of his name: "I'm not saying it hasn't opened any doors. It may have helped with some sales." (In September, the U.S. Education Dept.'s inspector general accused the agency of improperly favoring at least five publishers, including The McGraw-Hill Companies, which owns BusinessWeek. A company spokesman says: "Our reading programs have been successful in advancing student achievement for decades; that's why educators hold them in such high regard.")

The stars haven't always aligned for Bush, but at times financial support has. A foundation linked to the controversial Reverend Sun Myung Moon has donated $1 million for a COWs research project in Washington (D.C.)-area schools. In 2004 a Shanghai chip company agreed to give Bush stock then valued at $2 million for showing up at board meetings. (Bush says he received one-fifth of the shares.) In 1988 a Colorado savings and loan failed while he served on its board, making him a prominent symbol of the S&L scandal. Neil calls himself "the most politically damaged of the [Bush] brothers."

Yeah, sure, Neil; the most politically damaged Bush brother. Oh boo-hoo. How 'bout those Chinese whores that just knock on your hotel door and offer you free sex, Neil? That's the dude to be teaching your children, Amurica, don't you think? What a pack of lying thieves this whole family is. These boys are so rich and dumb they really think they're invincibly hot shit. Is that a dog collar I see around Neil's neck?--why look, the leash leads right to Houston, Texas, and the lap of old Pappy Bush himself. "He's a dog, ain't he?" Pappy says as he ruffles the hair on his politically damaged son's mangy mane.

What About Governor Jeb ("Confederate General") Bush? What's He Been Up To?
From Democracy Now's Website, Amy Goodman let's you know what good ole Jeb Bush is up to--Why look, he's campaigning for Rick Santorum in Pittsburgh! What a piece of crap Santorum is. Remember, this is the freak that keeps the fetus of his unborn precious like Ricky Boy in a fruit jar on his desk--the fetus also gets photographed every year for the Santorum Family Xmas card. This freaky piece of crap should be in the loony bin and certainly not lining his own pockets stealing from the Amurican people in Washington, District of Corruption. But, hey, good ole Jeb Bush thinks Ridiculous Rick is a great Amurican. Check out what Pittsburgh labor dudes think of Jeb:

Florida governor Jeb Bush was confronted by protesters on the streets of Pittsburgh on Friday. Police responded by ushering Bush into a closet and tasering two of the protesters. The Florida governor was in Pittsburgh to attend a fundraiser for Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. [includes rush transcript]

A crowd of demonstrators made up of United Steelworkers and members of Uprise Counter Recruitment were there to greet him.

They followed Governor Bush as he was making his way to the Duquesne Club in Downtown Pittsburgh. He was accompanied by a security guard and an aide. As the protesters came closer, Bush retreated toward a nearby subway station. The crowd followed him inside chanting "We don’t want you here" and "Jeb, go home."

Port Authority spokesman Bob Grove told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that six or seven officers responded to the scene. He said the crowd was asked repeatedly to disperse. Two officers used their tasers on two of the protesters. The police ushered Jeb Bush into a supply closet where he stayed until the crowd left. No arrests were made and no citations issued.

Jeb's in the closet all right; that's where you hide these creatures, in your supply closets--or flush them down the old shithole in the old water closet. What a bunch of trick-jive idiots. There rosinin' up their bows gettin' ready to fiddle while the good ole US of A goes up in corrupt smoke. Yeehaw! Let's dance with the squares at the square dance.

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Extra Added Attraction: The Death of Michael Mosey, the World's Most Unlucky Man

From the great Blog of Death, here's Mosey's obituary:

Michael Mosey

Michael Mosey's life was so full of misfortune that the local media dubbed him "Scotland's Unluckiest Man."

The former engineer fell out of bed, into a pond, off a horse and through a glass coffee table. He fractured his ankle and his back, and once broke his right leg by tripping over a puppy. He even ended up partially blinded after drinking a shot of black market vodka.

Michael was married to an equally unlucky woman. Frances Mosey once broke both of her legs when she tumbled into a 6-foot hole in the road that lacked any warning signs. She purchased a motorcycle and fell off of it on her first ride, breaking her shoulder blade. While recovering from a hernia operation, the former telephone operator suffered a fractured skull when a ceiling tile fell on her head. She allegedly died on the operating table during routine procedures in 1963 and 1996, yet was revived both times. Her most unfortunate experience, however, occurred when she accidentally cut her finger off while making dinner. Doctors were unable to reattach it because her dog ate the digit.

The Moseys of Forth, Lanarkshire, experienced approximately 50 accidents and were hospitalized more than 20 times. Ironically, Mr. and Mrs. Nae Luck met while volunteering as motorcycle couriers, transporting blood to area hospitals. The couple wed on Valentine's Day in 1974 and was enjoying a honeymoon in Spain when their hotel room collapsed. Years later, Michael was out riding a newly-purchased motorcycle; Frances accidentally hit him with her car.

Their unlucky state of affairs was so pronounced, and caused so many health problems, that they became unable to work and officially registered as disabled. When asked why their luck was so bad, Michael blamed his wife.

"Since I met Frances, I have broken my ankle and my back. I have fallen from a horse, out of bed, down stairs, into ponds ... you name it. The telephone table has been rebuilt three times after me falling on it. And I have somehow managed to fall through the greenhouse three times," Michael once said.

In 2003, the couple separated. An attempted reconciliation turned violent and Michael was charged with allegedly assaulting Frances with a rolling pin, violently shaking her and resisting arrest. During the trial, he was also charged with driving in the court parking lot during a lunch recess without insurance and without a valid driver's license. The judge refused to grant him bail. Then, while awaiting transport to Barlinnie Prison, Michael collapsed and had a stroke. The domestic violence charge was eventually dropped. Three months later, after receiving probation for the other charges, Michael was again hopsitalized for severe chest pains.

Michael Mosey, 57, died on Aug. 22 when his life support was switched off. He'd been hospitalized for several days after suffering serious injuries during a disturbance at his home.

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