Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to Siegheil the Proper, Respectful Way

And Then They Came for Me
The frightening thing about the world today? What’s not frightening
about the world today? I’ll tell ya one thing, people as people don’t seem
to matter much in either the political or the economic shennanigans that
go on day-in day-out just like corporate profit making. And I think it’s
correct to compare the neglect of the people’s needs with the pampering
of corporate global goals, which is day-in day-out profit making. The
global marketplace, an invention of the World Corporate Oligarchy, is
the battleground and the natural resources of all the world’s people, which
includes their labor, are the spoils of winning a battle. The World Corporate
Oligarchy respects no people’s governments--never! They respect no
current governments, capitalist or communist or Islamic or Hindu--they
have headquarters in every country in the world no matter its political
or economic state. The World Corporate Oligarchy can make a profit off
Darfu; they are making billions off Georgie Porgie’s War on Terrerism--
billions in Afghanistan (whose president is an oil executive in his spare
time), billions in Iraq (whose president is fixing to be booted out of office
by the ruling invasion force of the US of A--Iraq, by the bye, has been
given permission by the US military (the armed forces of the World
Corporate Oligarchy) to execute a US citizen as a terrerist), billions
in Iran--who do you think is building Iran’s nuclear facilities?--you know,
doing the designs, the engineering, the processing procedures? If you said
a World Corporate Oligarchy corporation, hey, you guessed it. Iran has
a lot of bucks; that makes them A-OK with the World Corporate Oligarchy.
So Bush starts a war there; even better for this bunch of corporate rich
boy ghouls, which includes a lot of the Bush family interests--more interest
in that than in anything based in the US of A. The Bush family investments
is a World Corporate Oligarchy entity; these birds respect no national
boundary, law, blah, blah, blah. You catch my drift? It is painful to keep
growling so heartily and profoundly. Others growl but their growls are
as insincere as the wild moaning of an X-rated movie actress--like our own
Ginger Bread once was before she became an intellectual--I wonder, you
think she’s fakin’ that? Maybe everything’s a fake. I’m certainly a fake.

Remember the old saw about the Good Germans in Naziland saying when they
came for the Jews?--And they said, "Ah, who gives a damn about the damn Jews? Damn,
my landlord’s a Jew, he deserves a little trip to the gas chamber.” And
then they came for the Gays, and the Good Germans said, “Damn, Gays,
they’re upsetting--even I feel squeamish around them, so, well, as long
as the economy is booming, siegheil, who’s gonna miss a few Gays.” And
then they came for the Gypsies. And the Good Germans said, “Oh, those
rascally Gypsies--good riddance I say.” And then they came for the Good
Germans.... I think our “president,” with this military commission shit he
signed into law yesterday now has the power to come after us Good
Germans. Am I ready to siegheil GWB? Am I ready to stand by my Jewish
friends, you know, like go to Gitmo with them? Am I ready to stand by my
Gay friends and like go to Gitmo with them? Am I ready to walk away from my
black friends as they're rounded up and hauled off to some distant World Corporate
Oligarchy plantation? Am I ready to stand by my Korean, Chinese, and VietNam
friends in the building in which I live when they round them up for their paid
trip to Gitmo?

As a white male, do I have to worry? I'm too old for the SS. I'm too old for the Youth Corp.
But at least I'm a free, white, and 21 male. I'm ashamed I am that, especially after yesterday as
this death-wish Congress gave despotic powers to this self-consumed egomaniac, GWB, with Napoleonic intentions of controlling the world. Remember Charlie Chaplin's great mimic vignette of the Little Tramp dressed up like Hitler and playing with a rubber ball globe of the world? Wouldn't our current unelected and only one ever appointed by the Supreme Court president look just like you know who dressed up like the Little Tramp in that film? Guess
who just might, like Prince Harry, have an appropriate Nazi uniform in his closet?

Yet, no one I talked to today seems to give a shit. They were all Good Germans. Even the Jewish guy who runs the lottery store across the street; even the black dude, the retired chef, who stands out there and wiles his days away bullshitting with his friends--he could care less that Georgie Porgie has despotic powers--power enough that he could be driving by in his limo, decide we looked like terrerists, or terrerists protectors, stop his limo, have his Secret Service goons bust our asses, haul us into the Manhattan Federal Prison, book us, throw us in a cell, read us no rights, tell us absolutely nothing about why we are busted, deny us our requests to use the phone, deny us a chance to get an attorney--and then, the next day, march us out, put us in a van, carry us to Kennedy Airport, and next stop: Gitmo. Son of a bitch. Nice day on the Cuban coast. Wow. Nice facilities. Wait a minute, is that Lynndie England?

Well that's too damn simple for most Amuricans. They're too busy helping the World Corporate Oligarchy outfit they work for steal another billion or two and rake in more profits while lowering their salaries or perhaps just deciding they don't need them anymore--You're Fired! They are scared shitless!

The Amurican people are scared shitless of the cops, the military, the landlords, the "terrerists" (now meaning anybody who looks suspicious of something--anything--IT DOESN'T MATTER), the IRS, the Pentagon, Condo-Leasing Rice, Rummy, Unka Dick, and certainly Little Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie--nobody can call his Pappy a wimp. "Love me, Daddy," and he gets no love, so he gives none back. He executed over 150 human beings while he was goobernor of Texas. His old Pappy blew away 450 innocent Panamanians in order to call in the tabs on his old coke-dealing buddy, General Noriega. Oh my God. This is too scary for an ordinary wolfman. Larry Talbott and I are heading for the hills to be with our uncivilized relatives.

There is a certain way to siegheil, by the way. It's the same as saluting in the US Army, except its a straight-arm out salute--a Roman salute while the US Army salute is a bent-arm-at-the-elbow salute, which is a modified version of the way you give a salute when you are called to attention while carrying your rifle. It's also a form of removing your hat in respect for like the King and his cadre. So, unbend those arms. The straight-arm salute will be coming back with goose-stepping precision especially on the day our "president" announces he's now our Chancellor for Life.

Fascism will be fun, folks. Come on, Mussolini made the trains run on time.

A very depressed:

for The Daily Growler

How About Some Headlines to Cheer You Up?

DNC: Today in Iraq: The Latest News From the President's War of Choice
Coalition death toll in Iraq reaches 3,000

Washington, DC - Today, CNN reports that the coalition military death toll hit 3,000 in Iraq on Monday, including 2,759 Americans. The coalition forces reach this tragic landmark just days after a top British Army chief called on Britain to withdraw its troops, citing the foreign military presence as a factor aggravating violence in Iraq. Democrats reject President Bush's failed stay-the-course strategy in Iraq and want a new direction there that is both tough and smart.

There, feel better now?

So You Think You Have It Bad--read this:

DNC: Today in Iraq: The Latest News From the President's War of Choice

9 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Bombings, Driving American October Death Toll to 67

Washington, DC - Today, the Associated Press reports the deaths of nine American soldiers bringing the U.S. death toll to 67 for the month of October. If U.S. casualties continue at this pace, the death toll will be the deadliest month for coalition forces since January 2005. Democrats reject President Bush's failed stay-the-course strategy in Iraq and believe we need a new direction that is both tough and smart.

Siegheil, Everyone.

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