Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fiddlin' While Baghdad Burns

What's the Fascination With Young Boys?
I have quite a few Gay friends. None of them seem interested in young boys, or at least if they are they've never intimated those desires to me. For young men, yes, but as an old Gay told me one time, when you're Gay you hook up with your own age--like old Gays very seldom get too many chances with the young Gay men, unless they troll the piers and the glory hole bars. One Gay friend of mine told me one time that heteros and bis were the biggest pedophiles.

Is it "the Forbidden"? Is that it? The root of Christian "sin" is "eating of the forbidden fruit." It carries a death sentence with it. Perhaps that's the challenge. But why would a Repugnican fool chase young boys right in the middle of the damn Congress and on his Congressional email?--how stupid is that--and with that other fellow administration hotshot that just got racked up on child porn charges? This double-sidedness is running rampant throughout this Congress. These maybe "in the closet" dudes are married, you dig, they have kids, all that, you know, they're respectable, Praising all the Lards, they are, you know, up praying like tomfool egomaniacs in the big money-grubbing churches they attend, Foley a Floridian with the boats, condos, privileges, all that Floridan bullshit--but this son of a bitch can't resist flirting with underage boy pages. [I'll admit, yesterday I thought these were underage girl pages, which made sense to me. But then I found out these were underage boy pages. And this poor bastard had been given a high-buck paying administration job studying child molestation or somesuch coincidental nonsense. How many of these kinds of charges does it take for Amuricans to face facts and kick all this scum out of the District of Corruption? I mean these bustards are using We the People's monies to jack-off to their sex fantasies while emailing underage boys while at home they have wives, kids, all that good ole boy crap. I assume Foley was a big Jeb and Georgie Porgie contributor in fun Florida. I'd give Florida back to the Seminoles if I were president, elected or not.

Another jack-off, Big Mike Chertoff, is over visiting the Amish today. He's gonna make sure they get some Homeland Security money over there in Nickel Mine. The milkman drove the goofy Amish boys and adults out of their backward-thinking one-room schoolhouse to keep the poor innocent girls hostage and to then blow their brains out in a Mafia-like numerical order, which the son of a bitch probably saw on a network cop show or killer show [one show they're trumpeting on teevee is going to be about a serial killer turned good and now helping the cops take serial killers--how perverted is the son of a bitch teevee producer that came up with that concept?]--or maybe it was in memory of that great Amurican Richard Speck who blew the 11 nurses away the same way--up in Chicago wasn't it several years ago now. I think good ole Dick Speck has died in prison already [anybody remember Red Peters's little diddy "Come, Stains"?]. Perhaps that's who the milkman had in mind (not Red Peters) when he blew those poor girls away, some of them elementary-school-age girls. Hell, he's probably a member of the same little boy-lover club as old Mark "Hi, Page Boy" Foley--the milkman sure must hate women though I'll bet he loved his mother. Where's Sigmund when you need him?

I can have pity for murderers and berserkers like that. I mean, I've said it over and over, killing is a part of our culture--look at how we love detective novels; murder mysteries; In Cold Blood-type books. We adore killing and killers. We adore the Mafia. We adore our cops who just kill with impunity; we make heroes out of cops who blow their assignments and get themselves blown away. I don't get our hero system in this country. The sleaziest sons of bitches and doxies are believed, taken advice from, joined in hoodoo ceremonies, by the celebrity worshipping Amurican commoners--the Yahoos, the dumbasses, the fools, the true believers.

All these administration perverts must be awful in bed with a woman. Probably can't get it up for their wives and mistresses anymore. No thrill there anymore. Like Georgie Porgie and Pickles--looks like a pretty cold marriage. We know old Pappy had a Chinese babe he had the thrill hots for and I can certainly understand that given the condition of Mammy Babs, George Washington with boobs (that's not original with me--maybe I can blame that on Howard Stern), after old Pappy had seeded her with the Noble Neal, Stealthful Marvin, Georgie Porgie, Jebbie the Confederate, and the hidden daughter, whose name I can't remember--hell, if I'd'a given birth to that set of geniuses I'd look like George Washington with boobs, too.

I can see Georgie Porgie, Pappy, Unka Dick, and Rummy (with Condo-Leasing Rice there, too, for mother comfort) enjoying an evening teasing underage page boys; hell, it's kind'a like the Caesars of old loved teasing their catamites--oh, the joys of pederasty. I mean you talk about forbidden fruit! That's much more evil than cheatin' on a wife with a Mexican whore or even maybe getting caught being incestuous. You don't hear about the incestuous much--I mean, that's really true forbidden fruit--especially if it were two brothers getting it on--or maybe a mother and her underage son. Fathers commit incest with amazing frequency--the Mormons's Gawd told them, hell, it's fine for Daddy to boff his daughters--the Lard approves it, see. That's why a Mormon Daddy needs so many wives, to keep that forbidden fruit coming.

Hope Mark Foley doesn't go into a guilt trip and bring his quail-huntin' shotgun to work and do some blowin' away--like shootin' guys in the face--that's legal, isn't it, Unka Dick?

I feel filthy writing about these true perverts--and our government is chocked full of 'em.

Hey, a couple of our NYPD heroes screwed a poor son of a bitch with a mop handle--how thrilling is that? That's good sex now, man; and for real men, too.

Old T.E. Shaw ("Loreenz" of Arabia) observed in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom that Arab men had a problem--whether to do the sheep or the young boys; and that's a b00k I highly recommend as a background to what's going on presently in the Middle East. Lawrence tells you in an interesting way how all of this Middle East muddle stems from WWI and the asshole British F-ing up the Arab territories after the Arabs helped them rout the Turks and dissolve the Ottoman Empire. It all had to do with Britain gaining control over those oil-rich areas. It's how Saudi Arabia got so big in all of this; it's how the Feisals got such power in the Middle East. Thanks to Merry Ole England we have such a host of problems in the world today--over territory, over language, over cultures, over ideologies, over religions. The bloody damn British; and they're still being propped up by the USA as a major-playing country in the 21st Century. Just like the mess in Israel is due to Britain, too. Think about it. The USA props up Israel, too. Without USA help, Israel would have to negotiate with Arabs the way it did when Palestine was a British colony after WWI. Maybe it's because White Anglo-Amuricans just can't let go of the fact that the reason Anglos are in this country is because Britain rejected them, chastised them, threatened them with death by the yardarm, and enslaved some of them: check out "indentured servitude" and check out the "red Irish," those captured during the Potato Famine for debts, poverty, whatever is an anathema to Capitalist societies (poor people), and shipped them to the Caribbean colonies to work on the plantations down there. There was actually inbreeding between the red Irish and the African slaves on those plantations.

Sorry, folks, I'm such an anglophobe. I don't see England as my homeland. I don't worship a King. I think kings are idiotic human inventions; same as God and gods and Allah and allahs or Shiva and shivas.

I can't believe, for instance, that major USA rock radio stations begin their retrospects of rock with the Beatles; never even giving Elvis any credit for his "created" roll in the world of Rock & Roll, already in full swing with the musics of Ike Turner, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Miss Aretha Franklin, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, "Sugar Boy" Crawford, Clifton Chenier--that was all rock and roll, my friends--nothing British about it 'til Jimi Hendrix found his identity in England where he could dominate his Brit backup musicians and totally make the Jimi Hendrix Experience exactly that. No British guitar player ever mastered the guitar like the Americans; John Lee Hooker was a hell of a lot more imaginative even technical a guitar player than Eric Clapton, who at his best is a mimic; same as the Rolling Stones; the Beatles; MIMICKS, APERS--"Why, we're bloody better than the bloody colonists, though I'd sure rather live there and marry Yoko Ono than stay here and be taxed back to the Stone Age. Why Epstein tells us if we go to Amurica, all them white kids can dig us and not feel like they're bloody sinnin' by dancin' to and playin' jungle bunny music. We can put it in our church mode and hell we'll sound better than Jesus to those little racist white buggers overthere where we can make our fortunes and still be knighted, too. Where's Billy Preston? We need a token blackamoor."

I just listened to a CD of William Grant Stills's Symphony #1 (Afro-American) and an orchestral suite by Duke Ellington called The River. What wonderful AMERICAN music; what sweet flowing motifs, what arising like the sun chords, what soothing and heart-controlling music, as if it came right out of an American thought process, one washed clean of Euro-White influences, "or the German rule book," what Charles Ives protested against throughout his lifetime.

I've got nothing against good British art and writing and music. Earlier I mentioned T.E. Shaw and The Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I love Ralph Vaughn-Williams's Antarctica. Even William Walton's Facade. British rock, however, bores me to tears the same as the music I grew up falling asleep to in the Protestant church. Church music. Praise the Lard music. Which is another objection I have in an Amurican music sense--churches that are now copycatting hip-hop, rock, fusion, all the musics developed in the secular world; Christians are now claiming that music as sacred music. Hell, you Christian fools, it's just a way for poor musicians to get a foothold in the marketplace--get their names out there. Hypocrisy on the march. It's like Devil take the hindmost for a little while then you can have it all, brother.

I have always been fascinated by the British writer Malcolm Lowry whose Under the Volcano is one of the best novels ever written by a drunk or sober writer. As I've already admitted, for light reading there's nothing better than the detective writer John Dickson Carr. I'm also a very big fan of the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, a Brit who ended up coming to America and teaching at Harvard in the final decades of his life.

How about D.H. Lawrence? He has also fascinated me since I read Aaron's Rod first and then the wonderful novel The Rainbow.

And what about the splendid intellectual wit of Tom Carlyle? I picked up on him through reading Ralph Waldo Emerson.

See, I'm not all anti-British, though I mostly am. I don't call myself a British-American. I go way back in my family and I can't find England there until way back in the 1600s and that old'a history isn't anywhere in my memory and if it's in my instincts, I don't feel it. I don't rebel against everything British just what's British and what's shit. The Queen is shit. Princess Di was shit. Churchill was a big pompous piece of shit. The Beatles ain't dick shit, though, and ain't that ironic? How two-faced our language can be. I respect the "Fab Four" as great amateur musicians; I don't, however, respect them as innovators or think of their music as "classic rock"--F that; I got a CD of John Lee Williamson rocking harder than the Beatles ever managed to even begin to rock; why to hear John Lee doing "Good Mornin', Little Schoolgirl" just rocks my old soul like that old gospel song used to "Rock'a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham"--"Oh, rock'a my soul."

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And Now: a Daily Growler Sports Extra With Marvelous Marv Backbiter

Tonight's the night I've been waiting for with held breath since after the All-Star Game, for tonight the Major League playoffs begin. The Yankees are meeting the poor old beat up Tigers in about 4 hours out at the House that Ruth Built and which George Steinbrenner is gonna tear down. Do you think it will be the same being a Yankee and playing in the House the Taxpayers of New York City Built?--wouldn't ya rather be on that sacred ground where all the old great Yankees played. Last time they F-ed with Yankee Stadium the Yanks fell flat on their asses after 1965, during the Major Houk days when the best Yankees were Roy White and Hector Lopez; remember them?

Yankees vs. Detroit. I have to predict the Yankees will win this one--maybe in four. Detroit had a fabulous season this year; they led their American League division, at one time by 13 games, right up until the last game of the season against the lowly Kansas City Royals--and the stupid dicks lost their last 6 games in a row and that last game--and they had a 6-0 lead in it and the Royals came back and nailed their asses to the barndoor allowing the Minnesota Twins to beat them out of first place by a half a game.

So the Yankees get Detroit. With the Yankees's current offense, I don't see Detroit stopping them--especially with Kenny "Loser" Rogers pitching for them in the third game. Yep, the Yankees's pitching is totally unreliable except for Wang, but all they have to do is hold Detroit to about 5 runs a game and the Yankees's bats should take care of the rest. I mean you've got Johnny Damon leading off--he ended up around .300 and around 80 RBIs; then you get Jeter, hitting .344, 2nd in the American League batting race, with 95 RBIs; then you get Bobby Abreu who hit .340 as a Yankee, also with about 90 RBIs; then you get Giambi--the Giambambino--who only hit .250, but he had 37 HRs and drove in 115 runs; then you get Alex Rodriquez, who in spite of a lousy year for so expensive a player still hit .275 with 37 HRs and 117 RBIs--you want more? How about after A-Rod Jorge Posada? He hit .270, hit 22 HRs, and drove in 80 or so RBIs. Then comes Sheffield, Matsui, and finally, batting ninth, Robbie Cano. He only came in third in American League batting, .342, with 65 or so RBIs and this kid's a rookie! So unless the Yankees get caught teasing young underage boys through the Yankee email system, they should easily bombard Detroit.

The Mets open tomorrow night at Shea against the LA Dodgers. Tough competition, but, come on, same thing with the Mets as with the Yankees--yeah, they've got so-so pitching, but they've got the offense to carry their pitchers. OK, so old Pedro is finally in a wheelchair where he belongs, unless Willie is using an old Joe Torre trick of saying a pitcher is injured and then springing him on you and he pitches a no hitter, though like I don't think the Mets fans are gonna get to see an amazing comeback by Pedro, and I don't see Randy Johnson getting out of his wheelchair to pitch in the Yankee playoffs either--though one never knows about Randy, do one?

Mets in five I'm hearing from the Jimmy-the-Greek types, but I don't know. San Diego is the much better threat in the National League to give the Mets hell and it doesn't look like the Padres are gonna have much trouble from recently hapless St. Louis.

So, hell, why not let's get it over with--Mets in four over LA; Yankees in four over the Tigers.


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